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Clayton Perlman-Why Play an Instrument PowerPoint Presentation
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Clayton Perlman-Why Play an Instrument

Clayton Perlman-Why Play an Instrument

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Clayton Perlman-Why Play an Instrument

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  1. Clayton Perlman Why Play an Instrument

  2. Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman is a business owner who loves nothing more than to come home after a long dog to play his guitar. He has loved listening to music for as long as he can remember, and playing guitar is his favorite way to connect to the stress-relieving, mood-enhancing benefits that a good song can offer.

  3. Clayton Perlman Hobby musicians like Clayton Perlman reap many benefits from playing their instruments, some of which are highlighted below: Stress Relief Playing an instrument can lower your stress levels. This happens because the act of regularly playing can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which will decrease the among of cortisol – the stress hormone – in your system. Though listening to music offers similar benefits, the act of playing music yields better results.

  4. Clayton Perlman Become Smarter Though you might not be studying financial management or leadership as you play an instrument, it might make you smarter nonetheless. Playing music increases your mental capacity, which extends to all things that you’re learning – this means that a nightly guitar session could make your daily Spanish lessons more effective, for example.

  5. Clayton Perlman Improve Your Social Life When you play an instrument, you can engage in a social circle that isn’t otherwise available to you. Whether you take lessons or join a local musician’s group, you’re more likely to meet new people and make new friends as a musician than you would be otherwise. Ready to join hobby musicians like Clayton Perlman? Head to your local music store to get a feel of which instrument you might like to rent/learn to play.

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