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Clayton perlman why hike PowerPoint Presentation
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Clayton perlman why hike

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Clayton perlman why hike
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Clayton perlman why hike

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  1. Clayton Perlman Why Hike?

  2. Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman, a New Jersey business owner and family man, keeps a busy schedule and has struggled to survive the ups and downs of the real estate industry. Still, though, he makes time to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with life. One of his favorite ways of relaxing is hiking around local parks, often with his dogs by his side.

  3. Clayton Perlman The benefits touched on below are just some of the many that Clayton Perlman reaps because of his love for hiking: Weight Loss/Management Hiking burns calories and can help you lose or manage your weight. For example, a 150- pound man burns over 400 calories on a 60-minute hike, which isn’t long by most parks’ standards! If you’re trying to lose weight or ensure you don’t put on pounds, burning an extra 400 to 800 calories every week will certainly help! This, in turn, lowers your risk numerous weight-related diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

  4. Clayton Perlman Connect with Nature Most of us don’t spend enough time in nature. Hiking immerses you in the beauty of the natural world around you, helping you find or rediscover a reverence for the planet you live on. Time in nature offers its own benefits, including lower rates of depression and even expedited healing! Plus, inviting a loved one to hike with you means you’ll have excellent bonding time. Remember, even seasoned hikers like Clayton Perlman tell someone where they’re going and take precautions to stay safe on the trail. Research hiking safety before your first trip to be sure you’re prepared.

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