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Clayton Perlman-Why Adopt a Dog PowerPoint Presentation
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Clayton Perlman-Why Adopt a Dog

Clayton Perlman-Why Adopt a Dog

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Clayton Perlman-Why Adopt a Dog

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  1. Clayton Perlman Why Adopt a Dog

  2. Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman is a business owner in New Jersey who loves unwinding with his canine companions. Whether they’re walking through parks or relaxing by a lake, fishing, Mr. Perlman and his dogs have an unbreakable bond.

  3. Clayton Perlman Dog lovers like Clayton Perlman reap rewards such as improved mood, lower stress levels and healthier lives. Instead of buying a dog, consider the benefits of adopting a new family member from your local shelter like those touched on below: Save a Life Every dog adopted is a life saved. With pet overpopulation at an all time high, shelters across the country (and world) are overflowing with trusting, loyal companions waiting for a family. What better way to do good in the world than to save a life? As a bonus, you’ll free up another space in a shelter, so another dog can have a second chance at a good life.

  4. Clayton Perlman Save Money An adopted dog generally comes fixed and up-to-date on shots for less than the cost of a single vet visit. This is much more cost-effective than buying an expensive dog, leaving an adoptable dog in the shelter, and taking your new puppy for a series of pricey vet visits. Plus, most adoptable dogs are house-broken, which means you won’t have to clean up messes around the house.

  5. Clayton Perlman Fight Animal Abuse Adopting a dog is one way to fight puppy mills and animal abuse. You’re also benefitting animals everywhere by aiding your local shelter, giving it a chance to grow and save even more lives. If you’re not sure you’re ready to join dog owners like Clayton Perlman, consider fostering a dog to see how a canine companion fits in your household before you adopt.

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