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This package must be signed and returned PowerPoint Presentation
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This package must be signed and returned

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This package must be signed and returned
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This package must be signed and returned

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Presentation Transcript

  1. This package must be signed and returned to DCA within 30 days after receiving grant award – What am I?

  2. Award Package

  3. What type of bank account must be used for CDBG funds?

  4. A Separate Non-interest Bearing Bank Account

  5. This form notifies DCA of the only signatures that can be used on a draw down request form – What am I?

  6. An Authorized Signature Card

  7. This form tells us where to deposit funds – What am I?

  8. The Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH)

  9. The restrictions that are placed on a grant and need clearance from DCA – What are these called?

  10. Special Conditions

  11. Requests for funds are processed by DCA every Tuesday and Thursday of each week – what are they called?

  12. Draw Downs

  13. On a draw request form we need at least one of the signatures to be a local _______ representative in order to process the draw down (fill in the blank)

  14. A Local Government Representative Signature

  15. What is the time period between a draw down and funds being automatically deposited into your bank account after a draw request has been processed by DCA?

  16. Seven Days

  17. The activity that funds cannot be drawn from – what am I?

  18. Contingencies

  19. The percentage of CDBGadministration funds that must be remaining until the final draw is processed- what am I?

  20. 10%

  21. A report that is sent to DCA online 4 times a year- what am I?

  22. The Quarterly Expenditure and Progress Report

  23. After new award acceptance, when is the first quarterly report due?

  24. 30 days after the first full calendar quarter (January 31, 2010)

  25. If a quarterly report is delinquent what process cannot take place?

  26. Draw Down of Funds

  27. Any financial information and expenditure of funds must be shown on what page of the quarterly report?

  28. Page One

  29. *Use quarterly report sample in handout to answer the question: A new contract has been entered into, where on page 1 of the Quarterly Report is the information to be documented?

  30. Section III Contract/Subcontract Column

  31. If no funds were expended from the contract that quarter, in what column in Section I will the CDBG portion of the contract amount be entered?

  32. Section I – Column F Obligated End of Quarter

  33. The final quarterly report is due after what has been reported?

  34. After Activities and all Expenditures have been completed

  35. A request to move funds between activities but not to exceed 10% - What am I?

  36. A Budget Revision

  37. If there is an addition or deletion of an activity a request for this must be sent to DCA – What am I?

  38. A Program Amendment

  39. DCA will use thisform to notify a local government of changes to the grant –What am I?

  40. A Grant Adjustment Notice

  41. Funds generated by a DCA grant that must be returned to DCA – this is called what?

  42. Program Income

  43. If a substantive amendment is proposed, what must take place to notify the area residents?

  44. A Public Hearing

  45. Within 30 days of project completion, DCA should be notified what action is ready to take place – what is this action?

  46. The Closeout Process

  47. A visit where a DCA representative will conduct a review of all grant information at the end of the grant – what kind of visit is this?

  48. A Closeout Site Visit

  49. The latest due date that an audit should be sent to DCA- is when?

  50. 13 Months after the end of the Audit Period (City or County dates)