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  3. Tiffany Loh Michael Zhang Lauren Fane Perry Jaing Rhea Singh Neha Kishore

  4. Advisors Mrs. Jean Calabrese Ms. Kelly DeWitt Ms. Kathryn Bellows Ms. Karen Besek

  5. DECA DECA is a competitive business organization. Students display their knowledge of business, solutions to business dilemmas, and create innovative ideas for new products and expansion of successful product lines.

  6. GOAL It’s goal is to give students the opportunity to bring the theoretical constructs ….

  7. Taught in class…..

  8. Into the context of the business world!

  9. HOW TO BE A PART OF DECA Membership Drive JOIN NOW! September 8 – 29, 2014


  11. HOW DO I JOIN? • Complete the application form • Decide on the area of competition you would like to focus • Submit your application by September 29, 2014 • Submit your membership fee by September 29, 2014

  12. MEETINGS • Every Monday in the Forum unless otherwise specified • 2:30 -3:30 initially* • Two days of on-line testing 2:30 – 4:00 *As the team gets closer to the actual competition, the meetings may last longer

  13. EXPECTATIONS Each member of the team is expected to: →Participate in team fundraisers and events →Attend meetings →Prepare for competition →Submit all paperwork and payments in the specified timeframe →Treat each other with respect →Meet the DECA dress code requirements

  14. Membership Dues $75 per student DUE DATE: September 29

  15. HOW DO I KNOW IN WHAT EVENT I SHOULD COMPETE? Individual? Team? Written? Chapter? Decide the type of event you would like to compete in?

  16. HOW DO I KNOW IN WHAT EVENT I SHOULD COMPETE? Look at the topics and categories DECA has available

  17. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Individual • Accounting Applications • Apparel and Accessories Marketing • Automotive Services Marketing • Business Finance • Business Services Marketing • Food Marketing • Hotel and Lodging Management • Human Resource Management • Marketing Management • Quick Serve Restaurant Management • Restaurant and Food Service Management • Retail Merchandising • Sports and Entertainment Marketing

  18. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Principles • Principles of Marketing • Principles of Business Administration • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism • Principles of Finance

  19. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Team Decision Making • Business Law and Ethics • Buying and Merchandising • Financial Services • Hospitality Services • Marketing Communications • Sports and Entertainment Marketing • Travel and Tourism Marketing

  20. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Written • Entrepreneurship-Innovation Plan • Entrepreneurship-Participating • Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business • Entrepreneurship Written • International Business Plan

  21. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Marketing Representative Events • Advertising Campaign • Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan • Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan

  22. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Professional Selling and Consulting Events • Financial Consulting • Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling • Professional Selling

  23. ONLINE EVENTS • Stock Market Game • Virtual Business Challenge Personal Finance • Virtual Business Challenge Restaurant • Virtual Business Challenge Retail • Virtual Business Challenge Sports

  24. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Personal Financial Literacy Event • Personal Financial Literacy

  25. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Chapter Team Events • Community Service Project • Creative Marketing Project • Entrepreneurship Promotion Project • Financial Literacy Promotion Project • Learn & Earn Project • Public Relations Project

  26. COMPETITIVE EVENTS-Business Operations Research • Business Services Operations Research • Buying & Merchandising Operations Research • Financial Operations Research • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research

  27. HOW DO I KNOW IN WHAT EVENT I SHOULD COMPETE? What is your area of interest? Marketing Travel Entertainment Sports Hospitality Restaurant Human Resources Business Administration Automotive Marketing Sales Entrepreneurship

  28. HOW DO I KNOW IN WHAT EVENT I SHOULD COMPETE? Look at the materials on the Northville High School DECA website

  29. COMPETITION PREP Meetings Practice Role Plays Enrolled & Engaged in Classes Guest Speakers Interaction with Area Coordinators Review Material on Website

  30. LINK TO CURRICULUM • Marketing • Entrepreneurship • Internship • Business Tech • Consumer Math • Economics • AP Economics • Accounting • Workplace Fundamentals • Computer Tech I & II • Co-Op

  31. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • Performance indicators are the subject sub-categories • Performance indicators are different for each competitive category although some overlap does exist

  32. WHAT DOES COMPETITION LOOK LIKE? At the District level, the first step is to complete the on-line exam in your competitive area. Date: TBD Location: NHS, Rm. 205 December 1 – 11, 2014

  33. MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAM • 100 Multiple Choice Questions • 85 Minutes • Taken on-line • Date and Time TBD

  34. WHAT DOES COMPETITION LOOK LIKE? The day of the event, students will arrive at Lakeland High School. After initial instructions, students will be dispersed to their competitive holding area. Students will be given instructions by the event manager. Students will be called into the prep area, given the problem to solve, and read and devise their solution to the case study. Students will be escorted to the competition room to meet with their judge. Once they have completed their presentation, students will exit the room and return to the general meeting area for lunch. At the announced time, students will be told to take a seat in the auditorium for entertainment and the start of the awards ceremony.

  35. ROLE PLAY • Students are given a business situation to evaluate • Preparation Time: 10 minutes for individuals, 30 minutes for teams • Presentation of Solution: approximately 10 minutes


  37. SCORING • DECA scores the multiple choice exam • Judges interview and score student performance • Scores are combined to determine who moves to the next level of competition • Tie-breaker: multiple choice exam

  38. Economics & Mathematics All students competing at the State Career Development Conference take an exam in economics and in mathematics. Last year, Aillen You and Tiffany Loh finished in the top 10 students in the state on the economics exam! Aillen You, Tiffany Loh and Keishiro Iwasaki finished in the top 10 in the state on the mathematics exam!


  40. How do I present myself?

  41. What should I wear?

  42. DECA DRESS CODE! • DECA blazer required for ICDC but may be worn for other competitions • Any color of dress skirt or slacks that matches the blazer Typically the skirt and slacks are grey, khaki, greyish blue • For men, a dress shirt and tie • For women, a dress blouse or sweater • Keep make-up and jewelry to a minimum • If you wear glasses, make sure they are clean! • Hair must be combed and styled (NO BEDHEAD!) • Nylons are to be worn for women • Dress socks are to be worn for men (NO GYM SOCKS!)

  43. Competition Dates and Locations District Career Conference Lakeland High School January 10, 2014

  44. Competition Dates and Locations State Career Development Conference Grand Rapids, Michigan March 15-17, 2014

  45. Competition Dates and Locations International Career Development Conference Orlando, Florida April 23-27, 2014

  46. FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES • Miracle Minutes • The Haircut • Trivia Night-High School • Trivia Night-Middle School • Silent Auction • Second Annual Knowledge Bee • The Rally • MSU – U of M Rivalry Week • Sponsorships • McDonald’s Nights • Cash for Education Program at Busch’s

  47. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP • Participate in NHS DECA Event • Videographer • Website Design and Management • Sales • Chair a DECA Event ie: Miracle Minutes, Trivia Night, Cash for Education, Raffle, Knowledge Bee • Work at Community Events • Public Relations • Display/Showcases

  48. PARENT VOLUNTEERISM • Sponsorships • Judges • Drivers • Role Play Trainers/Judges • Guest Speakers • Sign up for Cash for Education with Busch’s

  49. OPPORTUNITIES • Leadership • Scholarships • Travel • Education • Preparation for college and business world • Meet competitors from other schools in Michigan and the world • Interact with college representative