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Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing

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Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing. Mktg 600 Dr. Carter Sarayut Trakulroong (JUI) Cheng-Hsien Tsai (Vincent) Silver Arias Neeraj Rama Zachary Blackhurst. A little history…. 1978: Ben & Jerry open their first homemade ice cream shop

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Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing

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ben jerry s eco green marketing
Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing

Mktg 600 Dr. Carter

Sarayut Trakulroong (JUI)

Cheng-Hsien Tsai (Vincent)

Silver Arias

Neeraj Rama

Zachary Blackhurst

a little history
A little history…
  • 1978: Ben & Jerry open their first homemade ice cream shop
  • 1983: Contribute ice cream used in the “world largest ice cream sundae” 27,102lbs!!!
  • 1985: Ben & Jerry foundation is established
  • 1988: Receive Corp. giving Award from Council on Economic Priorities / establish 1% for peace non-profit
  • 1991: Ben & Jerry’s Circus bus hits the streets
  • 1994: Search for a new CEO
  • 1998: Un-bleached “Eco-pint” released
  • 2000: Acquired by Unilever
Ben & Jerry’s: Eco-Green Marketing

Mktg 600 Dr. Carter

Sarayut Trakulroong (JUI)

Cheng-Hsien Tsai (Vincent)

Silver Arias

Neeraj Rama

Zachary Blackhurst

ben jerry s eco green value
Ben & Jerry’s eco/green value
  • CERES Principles
  • Green Team
  • Eco/ green Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops
  • Values-Led Sourcing
values led sourcing
Values-Led Sourcing

Criteria for Ben & Jerry’s suppliers

  • Environmental commitments
  • Social vision
  • Third party certifications
eco green advantage
Eco/green advantage
  • Good for environment
  • Create a better reputation
  • Build loyalty relationship with customers
relationship marketing
Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing concept will fit with Ben & Jerry

  • Long-term focus
  • Quality of interactions
  • Importance of internal marketing to marketing plan success
ben and jerry s market segmentation broad to narrow
Ben and Jerry’s Market Segmentation: Broad to Narrow

* Segment 1 – Education

* Segment 2 – Loyalty Status

* Segment 3 – Life Style

target market lohas consumers lifestyles of health and sustainability
Target Market – LOHAS consumersLifestyles of Health and Sustainability
  • Based on the new segmentation, the LOHAS consumer comprises 16 percent of all U.S. adults in 2006 (nearly 35 million people)
  • LOHAS consumers are interested in products covering a range of market sectors and sub-sectors, including:
  • Green building supplies,
    • socially responsible investing and "green stocks",
    • alternative healthcare,
    • organic clothing and food,
    • personal development media,
    • yoga and other fitness products,
    • eco-tourism and more.
lohas characteristics
LOHAS Characteristics
  • Show tremendous leadership in their attitudes towards the environment, society and socially responsible businesses
  • Less price sensitive
  • More brand loyalty
  • Have influence over friends and family
  • More educated
  • More Socially Conscious

Assessing the LOHAS Segment AttractivenessScoring Key: 5 = Highly Attractive, 4 = moderately attractive, 3 = Average, 2 = Moderately Unattractive, 1 = Highly Unattractive

differentiated marketing strategy
Differentiated Marketing Strategy
  • We will target an immensely diverse group of segments with individual marketing mixes of people:
    • People who want to give to charitable causes
    • People who want to be socially responsible
    • People who want organic foods
    • People who enjoy quality ice cream
differentiated marketing strategy1
Differentiated Marketing Strategy
  • Use DMS by:
    • Collaborating with charitable organizations
    • Online marketing with socially responsible organizations
    • Promote “Points for Pints” on packaging
    • Promote “Green Clean Ice Cream”
Ben and Jerry’s Competitive Advantage% of LOHAS consumers stating the following are very important in product purchase decisions*
competitive advantage
Competitive Advantage
  • Use meaningful differentiation by promoting:
  • “Green Clean Ice Cream”
    • recyclable packaging
    • give to charitable causes, socially responsible
    • all ingredients are locally grown
    • our new ice cream flavors are organically grown ingredients
mission statement
Mission Statement

Striving to achieve social responsibility by collaborating our products, practices, and values to create the best ice cream and earth.

“Green Clean Ice Cream”

market direction
Market Direction


  • Sustain our current revenue and market share
  • Wring short-term profits from the products and markets
  • Prepare for future growth
marketing objectives
Marketing Objectives
  • Introducing the “pints for points program”
  • Introduce three new ice cream flavors
  • Increase renewable energy use in plants to 50%
  • Increasing traffic to website by 10% in the next year
  • Maintain unit sales within 2 % of the last year’s amount
marketing support
Marketing support

Customer service

  • Maintain our high reputation
  • Customers come first
  • Sharing opinions through our website
  • Building the customer relation
  • Customer service before the sale
marketing performance implementation control
Marketing Performance & Implementation Control
  • Schedules:

Gantt Charts

  • Strategic Controls:

Quarterly Marketing Audits

Net Promoter Score

the p s
The P’s
  • Great Taste
  • Strong Values
  • Above and beyond services
  • Total Eco-Green Sustainable operation
the p s1
The P’s
  • Green from the inner most shell to the outside layers for our product
  • Perfect Correlation for the LOHAS Community.
  • Target to get the members of the Lohas community aware of our product and our practices.
  • Use Google to search out the websites where socially conscience consumers visit.
  • Label each container with a eco green symbol
  • Symbol will be focused on

healing the world

a new motto
A new Motto
  • Nike has “Just Do It”
  • McDonalds has “I am Lovin It”
  • American Express has “Don’t leave home with out it”
  • Kay Jewelers- Every kiss begins with Kay

Ben and Jerry’s……