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System Development 1

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System Development 1. Lecture 3. In this lecture…and in the next. Describe the system development process List the steps Discuss activities performed at each step Describe who is involved in the process Discuss the importance of project management and documentation

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in this lecture and in the next
In this lecture…and in the next
  • Describe the system development process
    • List the steps
    • Discuss activities performed at each step
    • Describe who is involved in the process
    • Discuss the importance of project management and documentation
    • Describe the role and qualities of a system analyst
    • Recognise that programming is a part of the system development cycle
a system
A system
  • A collection of elements and activities organised to achieve a goal
  • The solar system
  • Air conditioning
  • Home theatre
  • A computerinformationsystem
computerised information system
Computerised information system
  • Elements
    • People, procedures, hardware, software, data, connectivity
  • Goal
    • To provide complete, accurate, relevant and timely information
systems development cycle
Systems Development Cycle
  • Software development is a complex process.
  • A system (software) may have a number of errors if not developed with proper planning
  • To minimize errors and improve quality, an organised approach is followed that is called System Development Cycle.
  • System Development cycle is consists of phases, and in the each phase a particular task is performed
  • There are many SDC models with slight differences
the five phases of the sdc
The five phases of the SDC:
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation, support and security
what starts the sdc
What starts the SDC?
  • SDC is used for new information systems and for modifying existing systems
  • Different reasons
    • Organisation development and growth
    • Correct errors
    • New hardware/software e.g. incorporate wireless
    • Security threats
    • Remain competitive
what is systems analysis
What is systems analysis?
  • A field of knowledge concerned with developing information systems
  • Develops strategies for improved planning, organization, control and execution of information system projects
  • Implements the systems development cycle
    • An organized procedure for planning and building information systems
a system analyst
A system analyst
  • A computer and problem solving professional
    • Works with the organisation to steer the system development cycle
    • Works with all stakeholders
    • Has IT and business expertise
    • Is often a contractor
skills required by systems analysts
Skills required by systems analysts
  • Working knowledge of information technology
  • Computer programming experience and expertise
  • General business knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Interpersonal relations skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Character and ethics
  • Systems analysis and design skills
communication is important
Communication is important
  • The system analyst works with:
    • All levels of management
    • System users
    • Customers and suppliers
    • Government agencies
    • Hardware and software suppliers
where systems analysts work
Where Systems Analysts Work
  • In traditional businesses
    • project teams
  • In outsourcing businesses
    • contracted to businesses
  • In consulting businesses
    • contracted to businesses
  • In application software businesses
    • building software products for businesses