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Q-tick Overview

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Q-tick Overview
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Q-tick Overview

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  1. Q-tick Overview Outline of the motivation for and introduction of a streamlined quality assurance program for Asia Pacific. Henry Wiebell - 16 September 2002 Updated by Joseph Lin - 30 September 2002

  2. Long cycle time Time consuming and expensive Lengthy and Complex Parent Academy Assessment Child Academy Limited formal training Need for Q-tick

  3. Identify best practices in managing quality at each level in the tree Ensuring that communication flow up and down the tree is efficient and effective Ensure that records systems are simple, efficient and accurate Objectives of the Q-tick program

  4. Stage 1: Partial Pilot superCATC CATCs RAs LAs Q1 – Aug/Sep/Oct Information gathering and analysis Review of processes Trial action plans QAP and Q-tick training Stage 2: Full Pilot superCATC CATCs RAs LAs Q2 – Nov/Dec/Jan Refined information gathering All level information analysis All level review of processes LA QAP and Q-tick training Stage 3: Deployment superCATC CATCs RAs LAs Q3 – Feb/Mar/Apr First cycle of on-going Q-tick processes Stages of Q-tick “roll-out”

  5. Partial Pilot Process 1: Q-fact-down(Downward evaluation of systems) Asia Pacific QAP team Analysis CATShare website Manager:Henry Wiebell superCATC Evaluation CATCs RAs Forms

  6. NCTU NTU RA of NTU IIIT No rights Upload rights Download rights No rights RA of BUPT No download rights pwd1 RA2 RA1 BUPT pwd2 RA4 RA3 CATShare access NTU Box Hill BUPT IIIT NCTU CATShare

  7. Partial Pilot Process 1: Q-fact-up(Upward evaluation of systems) Asia Pacific QAP team Analysis CATShare website Manager:Henry Wiebell superCATC Evaluation CATCs RAs Forms

  8. Action Plans Parent Each Academy Action Plans Children Partial Pilot: Action plans Partial Pilot Q-facts Gathered Q1 (ending Oct 2002) Analysis of returns. Beginning in Q1 and overlapping into Q2 Action Plans

  9. Q-tick roll-out details for Partial Pilot Who Activity Completion date Training of superCATC and CATCs 18th Henry Wiebell September September Q-facts forms available on APCOT 27th CATCs October CATCs train RAs 18th Completed Q-facts forms loaded onto CATShare October All non-LAs sCATC & CATCs 1st November Review of returns 15th November Action Plans discussed with parent and children sCATC, CATCs & RAs Other details for Stage 2: Full Pilot will be released in next quarter

  10. Henry Wiebell Manager Q-tick development project h.wiebell@bhtafe.edu.au +61-401-890-204 Joseph Lin Technology Manager (Asiapac) joe-lin@cisco.com +852-9652-0301 Or q-tick@external.cisco.com Bob Sloane Manager – superCATC b.sloane@bhtafe.edu.au +61-3-9826-9830 and Your parent academy !! Key contact people: