albumin analysis by potentiometric method n.
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Albumin Analysis by Potentiometric Method PowerPoint Presentation
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Albumin Analysis by Potentiometric Method

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Albumin Analysis by Potentiometric Method - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Albumin Analysis by Potentiometric Method. Procedure. Cleaning of Al 2 O 3 substrate. Acetone ultrasonification for 5 mins. Ethanol ultrasonification for 5 mins. Drying in oven. Deionizied water ultrasonification for 3 mins. Preparation of Au electrode. Annealing Au thick film

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Presentation Transcript

Cleaning of Al2O3 substrate

Acetone ultrasonification

for 5 mins

Ethanol ultrasonification

for 5 mins

Drying in oven

Deionizied water

ultrasonification for

3 mins


Preparation of Au electrode

Annealing Au thick film

by programming

Imprinting Au gel on

substrate by halftone

Drying Au electrode

by N2 gas at room


Etching by 1.00 N NaOH and HCl

solutions for 10 mins, respectively,

then, washing by H2O thoroughly


Modification of Au electrode

Modification of Au electrode

in thiol solution 12 hrs at least

under room temperature

Preparation of 1.00 mM

thiol ethanol/ water

(4/1 v/v ) solution

Washing electrode by

deionizied water and

ethanol thoroughly

Drying modified electrode

by N2 at room temperature


Preparation of Au MIP sensing film

Photo-polymerization by

365 nm UV lightening for

36 hrs under N2 circumstance

Spin-coating albumin

containing reactive

solution on Au electrode

Washing out albumin molecule

by 20 wt % methanol aqueous

solution and detected by UV/Vis

No albumin was detected

in the eluted solution by

the UV/Vis


Stabilization of electrode potential in open circuit

Preparation of electrode

Determine V of electrode after albumin addition

Linear regression of V and albumin concn.

Experimental Sequence of Potentiometric Method