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Colloidally templated polymer patterns

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Colloidally templated polymer patterns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Templated & Patterned Conducting Polymers and Brushes Rigoberto C. Advincula, University of Houston, DMR 1006776.

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Templated & Patterned Conducting Polymers and BrushesRigoberto C. Advincula, University of Houston, DMR 1006776
  • Polymer materials as ultrathin films and patterned assemblies can be used for a variety of devices ranging from photovoltaic devices to miniaturized sensors. A key step is the development of new chemistries and patterning methodologies. We have investigated the preparation of binary patterned polymer brushes and conducting polymers with the goal of obtaining horizontal and vertical integration in materials systems. Highlights of our work include:
  • Macroinitiators for electro-patterned ATRP and RAFT polymerization of polymer brushes.
  • Combined surface initiated polymerization (SIP) and layer-by-layer (LBL) films as free-standing films.
  • Templated patterning of conducting polymers and nano-object formation.
  • An important goal is to eventually prepare particles that have stimuli-responsiveness for nano-object formation and high-throughput synthesis.

Colloidally templated polymer patterns

Electropolymerized initiators for ultrathin films

integrated polymer materials training rigoberto c advincula university of houston dmr 1006776
Integrated Polymer Materials TrainingRigoberto C. Advincula, University of Houston, DMR 1006776
  • An integrated polymer materials training involves utilizing interdisciplinary approaches in research and multi-level mentoring. In the Advincula Research Group, students are exposed to a host of methods: synthesis, materials fabrication, and characterization techniques. Thus students are trained to learn polymer synthesis, film and nanomaterial fabrication, and surface analysis, all in one laboratory. The students range from high school to Post-doctoral Researchers.
  • The highlights for this year in mentoring and outreach include:
  • Two high school students
  • Three undergraduate students
  • Ten Ph.D. Students (3 participated with this project)
  • Three new Ph.D. students (Al de Leon, Brylee Tiu, Kat Pangilinan), recently started working on the project. The group has recently moved to Case Western Reserve University.

Steven Addison (undergrad student) who recently went to graduate school

Advincula Research Group