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ompetitiveness of the nations is an economic development framework based on the integration of macro and micro economy. It is a way by which firms and government should undertaken in order to be able compete with globalization in the new economy. Impacted Information, Productivity and Innovation of the cluster are the main success criteria.


problem and justification statement
Problem and Justification Statement
  • Competitiveness Theories defined that clusters is the solution to sustain with globalization.
  • Cluster Framework facilitate collaboration process.
  • Since the success criteria are sustainable productivity and innovation, each success case is unique and difficult to repeat due to near-infinite contributing factors.
idea statement hypothesis
Idea Statement (Hypothesis)
  • A model focus on the learning improvement process of the interaction of near-infinite factors to reduce the skeptic of the uncertainty of cluster initiative which usually run over a number of years.
methods and methodology statement
Methods and Methodology Statement
  • Competitiveness and Competitiveness Frameworks
  • Other economic domain ie. Social Economy
  • KM & Modeling Technique and Tools
  • 4 methods
    • 1st Method: Knowledge Acquisition
    • 2nd Method: Knowledge Model Creation
    • 3rd Method: Analysis
    • 4th Method: Testing
  • Sampling Size: 4 Clusters
results and analysis statement project thesis
Results and Analysis Statement (Project/Thesis)
  • Cyafin with Common KADS frameworks and Nanaka Bipolar Learning Method with Ontology for Modeling and Analysis
    • Knowledge Network Ontology for Competitiveness (KNOC).
  • Create Dynamic Knowledge Model for Cluster Development
discussion and conclusion statement
Discussion and Conclusion Statement
  • KNOC is a model can used as a platforms for other social and economic development i.e. Poverty Reduction, Chronic Supply Chain and etc.
  • Knowledge Management for Chronic Situations