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Inanimate alice. By Claire & Diandra. You have to play the game in this story if you want to continue. Don’t worry, it’s easy. All you have to do is click on the tiny pink heart. Good Luck!. Sydney-NSW-Australia. My name is Alice I am 15 year old. My name is Alice I am 15 years old.

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Inanimate alice

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inanimate alice


By Claire & Diandra

You have to play the game in this story if you want to continue. Don’t worry, it’s easy. All you have to do is click on the tiny pink heart.

Good Luck!


My name is Alice

I am 15 year old

My name is Alice

I am 15 years old


My family and I are in Sydney, Australia now. This is because my parents found a job here.


Ming is an artist and she gets lots of money for her paintings, and John found a place where he can find lots of oil.


My House

We are at our new beach house. My new room is spacious and has a nice balcony.


I’m still so excited! We have a dog now. Its name is Cinnamon and it’s a boy. My parents got it as a present for my birthday.



My family and I are on our way to my new High School. The college is called Alicey Field Secondary College or A.F.S.C for short. It’s a boarding school. I guess I won’t see Cinnamon and my room much anymore.


I’m at my High School now. It is so big! I hope I don’t get lost. I’ve already made 2 new friends. Their names are Samantha or Sammy/Sam for short, and Xavier. They are so nice.


Samantha is 15 years old. She came from Queensland and moved here because of the floods and cyclone.

Xavier is also 15 years old. He came from Melbourne and moved here because his parents wanted a better lifestyle.




I was showing my 2 new friends Brad on my player when everyone started to crowd around me. I felt my player slip out of my hands! I looked around but I saw no one with it. I asked Samantha and Xavier if they had it, but they didn’t.


Luckily this is a boarding school because if my parents found out that I lost my player, they would kill me!


OH NO! So many days have past and I still can’t find my player! I remind Samantha and all she can say is, “There, there you’ll find it one day.”

In my head I thought, “Yeah...One day...”


Then suddenly, I heard a voice... It was BRAD! He started to talk to me. He said,

“ ALICE HELP ME!!!!!!!!” Someone with the name of Ian and Kyle stole me!”

I quickly asked Xavier if he knew anyone named Ian or Kyle, but he didn't know anyone with that name.


I was in a class when I thought of Brad, but I had a plan.

I was going to search for the thieves after class. But how???


One hour later…

Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!


I was in the library looking at some year books because I’m sure that Ian and Kyle were older than me.


Yay I found a year book with their names in it. It was the year 2008 yearbook when they were in Year 7, so now they’d be in Year 10, and I’m in Year 9.


I’m in detention and I see two familiar faces! It’s Ian and Kyle! I shout, “GIVE ME MY BA-XI BACK!!!”


Then I see the teacher… She shouts, “Holiday detention Miss Field!!!!” Ian and Kyle are laughing at me but the teacher doesn't tell them off.


I tell the teacher that they stole my phone (because if I said Ba Xi she would be wondering what it is?).


Then Ian and Kyle farted...

It was so loud and smelly that I felt like throwing up.

Instead of me throwing up, the teacher did.

So I ran out side and bumped into the Principal Mr Bongabong.

He said, “Miss Field! We need to talk!”


I’m in big trouble…

Then he started talking, “Is this your phone Miss Field?”

I was so happy!! I squealed with pleasure . “Thank you Mr Bongabong!”



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Creators: Claire & Diandra

Teacher: Cathie

And thanks to everyone who watched this!