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General Constitution. Review for Multiple Choice Final. The current U.S. President. Barack Obama. Name John Locke’s natural rights. Life, Liberty & Property. The term for the government forcing citizens to house soldiers. Quartering.

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General constitution l.jpg

General Constitution

Review for Multiple Choice Final

Barack obama l.jpg
Barack Obama

  • Name John Locke’s natural rights

Life liberty property l.jpg
Life, Liberty & Property

  • The term for the government forcing citizens to house soldiers

Quartering l.jpg

  • This political theory emphasized civic virtue, moral education, and small, uniform communities

Classical republicanism l.jpg
Classical Republicanism

  • The British raised these to pay for defending the colonists in the Seven Years War

Taxes l.jpg

  • This term is used to describe something that cannot be taken away

Unalienable l.jpg

  • This theory says there is an agreement, written or understood, between the government and the governed

Social contract theory l.jpg
Social Contract Theory

  • Locke said we had these from the very beginning, even if there was no government

Natural rights l.jpg
Natural Rights

  • He wrote the Declaration of Independence

Thomas jefferson l.jpg
Thomas Jefferson

  • This term referred to the American colonists paying revenue to the British Crown without any Members of Parliament being from the colonies

Taxation without representation l.jpg
Taxation without Representation

  • Locke said natural rights came from?

Slide13 l.jpg

  • Where was the battle that included the “shot heard ‘round the world?”

Lexington concord l.jpg

  • In classical republicanism, this term referred to what was in the best interest of the community as a whole

Common good l.jpg
Common Good

  • The city that “hosted” a Massacre and a Tea Party

Boston l.jpg

  • The term for a document that gave the British the ability to search and seize a colonist’s property without restrictions

Writ of assistance l.jpg
Writ of assistance

  • The father of the U.S. Constitution

James madison l.jpg
James Madison

  • This legislation under the Articles of Confederation created new states

Northwest ordinance l.jpg
Northwest Ordinance

  • What was the name of the first American constitution?

Articles of confederation l.jpg
Articles of Confederation

  • Which provided a stronger central government, the Articles of Confederation or the U.S. Constitution?

U s constitution l.jpg
U.S. Constitution

  • Which states benefitted from the 3/5 Compromise?

Southern slave states l.jpg
Southern slave states

  • Who is the current U.S. Speaker of the House?

John boehner l.jpg
John Boehner

  • Who are the two current U.S. Senators from Illinois?

Dick durbin and mark kirk l.jpg
Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk

  • What term refers to the head of a U.S. Cabinet Department?

Secretary l.jpg

  • Who is the current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court?

John roberts l.jpg
John Roberts

  • Who is the U.S. Representative for this congressional district (16th Dist., McHenry County)?

Don manzullo l.jpg
Don Manzullo

  • Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution about Congressional pay increases was ratified more than 200 years after it was first proposed by James Madison?

27 th amendment l.jpg
27th Amendment

  • Who is the current U.S. Vice-President?

Joe biden l.jpg
Joe Biden

  • Who is the current President Pro-Tempore of the U.S. Senate?

Daniel inouye l.jpg
Daniel Inouye

  • Who is the current Illinois governor?

Pat quinn l.jpg
Pat Quinn

  • What year was the current Illinois Constitution ratified?

Slide32 l.jpg

  • Who is the State Senator for McHenry County (32nd Legislative District)?

Pam althoff l.jpg
Pam Althoff

  • Who is the Illinois Secretary of State?

Jesse white l.jpg
Jesse White

  • Who chooses the Illinois Supreme Court Justices?

The people by voting l.jpg
The People, by voting

  • Which Illinois legislative district is Huntley High School in?

Slide36 l.jpg

  • Which Illinois Representative District is Huntley High School in?

Slide37 l.jpg

  • How long is the term for an Illinois Supreme Court Justice?

10 years l.jpg
10 years

  • What U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District is Huntley High School in?

The 16 th congressional district of illinois l.jpg
The 16th Congressional District of Illinois

  • What is the power to declare laws or government acts unconstitutional called?

Judicial review l.jpg
Judicial Review

  • What is the Illinois state motto?

State sovereignty national union l.jpg
State Sovereignty, National Union

  • How many legislators are in the Illinois General Assembly?

59 senators 118 representatives l.jpg
59 Senators & 118 Representatives

  • The Illinois Constitution provides for what 3 levels of local government?

County township municipality l.jpg
County, Township & Municipality

  • Which Massachusetts Founding Father was instrumental in our Declaration of Independence and our second President?

John adams l.jpg
John Adams

  • Which branch of government appropriates and spends money?

Legislative l.jpg

The term of a U.S. Representative is how long?

2 years l.jpg
2 years

  • Who led the Colonial Army in the American Revolution?

George washington l.jpg
George Washington

  • This Virginian first proposed declaring independence from Britain in the 2nd Continental Congress

Richard henry lee l.jpg
Richard Henry Lee

  • This Pennsylvanian was a politician, inventor, scientist and publisher

Ben franklin l.jpg
Ben Franklin

  • This Virginian wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Thomas jefferson50 l.jpg
Thomas Jefferson

  • This meeting of our Founding Fathers was in Philadelphia from May to September of 1787

Constitutional convention l.jpg
Constitutional Convention

  • This proposal for the new U.S. government suggested one legislative house with equal representation

New jersey plan l.jpg
New Jersey Plan

  • This highest U.S. court hears only cases it selects

U s supreme court l.jpg
U.S. Supreme Court

  • This branch of U.S. government controls relations with other countries

Executive president l.jpg
Executive (President)

  • This branch has the power of judicial review

Judicial u s supreme court l.jpg
Judicial (U.S. Supreme Court)

  • This branch coins money and admits new states into the Union

Legislative congress l.jpg
Legislative (Congress)

  • This branch executes laws and vetoes bills

Executive president57 l.jpg
Executive (President)

  • This state proposed the Great Compromise in the Constitutional Convention

Connecticut l.jpg

  • This proposal at the Constitutional Convention for proportional representation in two legislative houses would have benefitted the large states

Virginia plan l.jpg
Virginia Plan

  • This branch declares war, and can override a veto or remove (impeach) federal officials

Congress l.jpg

  • This branch can ask for a declaration of war, appoints federal officials, makes treaties, and grants pardons

President l.jpg

  • This branch judges laws and can declare them unconstitutional

Supreme court l.jpg
Supreme Court

  • This branch passes bills and raises the army and navy

Congress63 l.jpg

  • This branch commands the army and navy

President64 l.jpg

  • The amendment that gives you the right to criticize the government

Slide65 l.jpg

  • The amendment that ended Prohibition

Slide66 l.jpg

  • The amendment that gave former slaves the right to vote

Slide67 l.jpg

  • The amendment that ended slavery

Slide68 l.jpg

  • The Amendment that forbids cruel and unusual punishment

Slide69 l.jpg

  • The amendment that limits a President to two terms, or if the President served more than 2 years of another President’s term, one term

Slide70 l.jpg

  • The amendment that permitted income tax

Slide71 l.jpg

  • This amendment clarified the presidential line of succession (who takes over)

Slide72 l.jpg

  • This amendment gave electoral votes to the District of Columbia

Slide73 l.jpg

  • This amendment allows you to refuse to testify against yourself

Slide74 l.jpg

  • The number of U.S. Representatives

Slide75 l.jpg

  • The number of years a U.S. Representative must be a U.S. citizen

Slide76 l.jpg

  • The length of term for a U.S. Senator

6 years l.jpg
6 years

  • The number of years a U.S. Senator must be a citizen

9 years l.jpg
9 years

  • The total number of electoral votes

Slide79 l.jpg

  • The number of electoral votes needed to become U.S. President

Slide80 l.jpg

  • The number of U.S. Senators

Slide81 l.jpg

  • This amendment allows 18 year olds to vote

Slide82 l.jpg

  • From which ancient empire did our Founding Fathers get the principles of direct democracy?