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Literature. There are 2 main types of literature:. FICTION. NONFICTION. Within the fiction and nonfiction there are lots of books that we can group together because they have something in common. FICTION. NONFICTION. These groups have a name. GENRE.

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    1. Literature

    2. There are 2 main types of literature: FICTION NONFICTION

    3. Within the fiction and nonfiction there are lots of books that we can group together because they have something in common. FICTION NONFICTION

    4. These groups have a name. GENRE

    5. According to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, genre means… • “1 a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content 2 kind. sort.”

    6. What are some genres in nonfiction? NONFICTION

    7. What are some genres in fiction? FICTION

    8. biographies adventure stories mystery fantasy Picture books Fairy tales horror Did we miss any genres? myths poetry romance Science fiction Realistic fiction fables Historical fiction



    11. Most science fiction books have characters with strange names. Try reading some of the names in this book: • Selima Khan • Snout • Elspeth • Madam Pong • Grakker • Ah-Rit

    12. Science fiction books are based on science theories that could be partly true. Why?

    13. If you like science fiction, you’ll probably like FANTASY

    14. FANTASY • Talking animals • Magical powers • Time travel • Imaginary beings from other planets A fantasy book is not true; therefore it is ___________. The plot will usually involve a big struggle between good and evil.

    15. Harry Potter books by • Many fantasy books are very long. Have you ever read an entire Harry Potter book?

    16. What’s the advantage to a book having so many pages?

    17. What do you see in this picture?

    18. Can you imagine being shipwrecked and waking up in a land of Lilliputians?

    19. The country was ruled by horses!! • Lilliputians were only about 6” tall! Gulliver in Lilliput / retold by Margaret Hodges from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

    20. While there, Gulliver got caught up in a war between 2 nations. • The war started because the 2 nations couldn’t agree over which end of a boiled egg one should open.

    21. What would you do if you were Gulliver?

    22. JON SCIESZKA • You might know Jon Scieszka as the author of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. • But have you read the fantasy…

    23. The Not-So-Jolly Roger • Through magic, 3 boys end up in a coconut tree in a desert.

    24. The Not-So-Jolly Roger • The pirate Blackbeard comes to the desert to bury his treasure. He sees the boys and captures them! He takes them to his pirate ship.

    25. More Fantasy Books! • Alice in Wonderland • Bunnicula • The Giver • Wrinkle in Time FANTASY: Time travel - talking animals - imaginary beings - magical powers

    26. Genre: MYSTERY What is a mystery book?


    28. CLUE “Clue: Something that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem or mystery.”

    29. HOUSE OF DIES DREARby Virginia Hamilton A family is excited to move into this big old house because the house used to be part of the underground railroad.

    30. HOUSE OF DIES DREARby Virginia Hamilton But what’s happening? Is someone trying to scare them away? What motivewould the person have?

    31. MOTIVE “Motive: an idea, need, desire, or impulse that causes a person to act in a particular way or do a particular thing; reason. His motive for robbing the bank was not clear.”

    32. SUSPECTS “Suspect: one who is suspected of doing something wrong or of a crime. She is a suspect in the robbery.”

    33. DEDUCTION “Deduction: the process of finding an answer by using what is already known to be true. If you see footprints in the snow, and you know that the snow started falling after dark, deduction will tell you that somebody was here last night.”

    34. DEAD LETTERby Betsy Byars • Herculeah Jones buys a coat at a 2nd hand store. Inside the lining, she finds a letter written by a woman who is dead. In the letter, the woman says that she thinks someone is trying to kill her! She even says she’s being held prisoner!

    35. DEAD LETTERby Betsy Byars • What kind of evidence will Herculeah find to prove that the woman really was murdered? • Worse yet, will Herculeah herself be murdered?

    36. EVIDENCE “Evidence: something that gives proof or a reason to believe. Scientists have not yet found evidence of life on Mars.”

    37. RUDE ROWDY RUMORS • Brian feels awful! Someone on his soccer team is spreading awful rumors about him! • He needs a witness to help him solve the mystery. by Elizabeth Levy

    38. WITNESS “Witness: to watch or be present at. He witnessed the accident.”

    39. Let’s check your memory! • Clue • Motive • Suspects • Deduction • Evidence • Witness


    41. Can you explain this? 2 entries found for folktale. “Folktale or folk tale n. A story or legend forming part of an oral tradition. Folktale n : a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk”

    42. In folktales, • animals that talk • monsters • tricks

    43. Folktales were told all over the world. • Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm were born in the late 1700’s in Germany. When they grew up, they traveled a lot. Wherever they traveled, they listened to people tell stories. They published many of these stories. Today they are very famous and are known as the Brothers Grimm.

    44. They published these stories. • Cinderella • Sleeping Beauty • Snow White • Little Red Riding Hood • Rapunzel • Rumpelstiltskin • Hansel and Gretel • The Frog King

    45. The Bearskinner : a story by the brothers Grimm; with pictures by Felix Hoffmann • Today we’re taught not to talk to strangers. But this story took place a long time ago so the soldier in this story not only met, but also made a deal with a stranger.

    46. The Bearskinner : a story by the brothers Grimm; with pictures by Felix Hoffmann • The 2 agreed that if the soldier could go 7 years without shaving, washing, combing his hair, cutting his nails, or praying, then he would become very rich.

    47. The Bearskinner • He didn’t look too bad at first, so a woman he met fell in love with him. She agreed to wait for him for 7 years. • What do you think happens when she sees him after 7 years?

    48. another Grimm story • Know where the devil lives? • The hero in this story has to go there to get 3 hairs from the devil’s head!

    49. Remember, folktales were told all over the world. • Many of the Grimm tales we know are also found in other parts of the world. The characters and setting might be different, but the plot is basically the same.

    50. Remember, folktales were told all over the world. • In this book, Judy Sierra collected 15 stories from all around the world. You have to read each one and match them with a familiar story such as The Frog Prince or Rumpelstiltskin.