Child development in a five year old
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Child Development in a Five Year old - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Development in a Five Year old. Michael Bennett PSY211WY2 ONLINE Coures Editor-Patricia Scott. Sally’s Backround. Sally is five years and four months old, born January 30, 2008. She lives with her grandmother and her grandmother’s lesbian partner in a Christian home environment .

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Child development in a five year old

Child Development in a Five Year old

Michael BennettPSY211WY2ONLINECoures Editor-Patricia Scott

Sally s backround
Sally’s Backround

  • Sally is five years and four months old, born January 30, 2008.

  • She lives with her grandmother and her grandmother’s lesbian partner in a Christian home environment.

  • Sally’s birth parents have struggled with drug addiction, so her grandmother and her partner were able to adopt her when she was four and one-half months old.

  • At time of adoption her condition was fragile as she had not been receiving much physical contact, and appeared very quiet and unresponsive.

Child s physical and environmental description
Child’s physical and Environmental Description

  • Sally’s Features

  • Sally is five years and four months old, born January 30, 2008.

  • Sally is three and one-half feet tall and weighs 39 pounds.

  • Her hair is light blond and falls down to her shoulders.

  • Sally is very talkative, very active and full of energy, curious and seems to be very happy.

  • Sally’s Environment

  • Sally attends a Catholic preschool for four year olds every weekday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.

  • She lives with her grandmother and her grandmother’s lesbian partner in a Christian home environment

  • Much of Sally’s time is spent at the Methodist Church where her Grandmother and Grandmother’s partner work.

Observation settings
Observation Settings

  • First setting was at Mc’Donnald’sPlayplace in Endwell, NY

  • Second setting was during lunch at First United Methodist Church in Endicott, NY

  • Third Setting was during service and refreshments after at First United Methodist Church Endicott, NY

Normal child development at five years old
Normal Child Development at Five Years old

  • Five year olds typically have growing, imaginative ideas in play and in problem solving, asking lots of questions to understand new experiences, learn a new task, and in the process of making choices

  • Fluent speech, well developed language skills, and understanding/naming opposites is normal for this age; interest in words and language, and seeking knowledge is also typical.

  • . Fine motor skills are developing so that five year olds can control pencils and paintbrushes with flexibility, dress and undress and use zippers and buttons

  • They know the difference between right and wrong, honesty and dishonesty, but “do not yet recognize intent”

  • Physically, “five-year-olds abound with energy and seek active games and environments” . Because they can balance and coordinate movements well, they are able to ride bikes with training wheels, and do lots of physical activities well, like swimming, jumping rope, and throwing a ball

  • Social and emotional development shows increasing independence at this age. Five year olds may even decide on their own to do things that are calming if they need to, like going to their room, or negotiating, before they seek adult help


  • During the service in the Sanctuary, Sally is very active, and sometimes has a difficult time being quiet and staying seated. At those times, she plays with a few toys or looks at a book, or draws pictures.

  • Sally was very active in this setting, greeting and interacting with many of the people as they came through the door, offering a big smile and a “Good morning!”

  • On that morning, Sally learned how to crack eggs into a bowl and she stirred them in preparation for scrambled eggs. She was very proud of herself, receiving lots of attention and praise for her effort. Sally was definitely the center of attention in the kitchen!

  • After dinner, Sally helped to clear the table and then began to play with her Care Bears. She set them up in rows and proudly announced “Attention, class! I’m your new teacher, Miss Sally. Today we’re going to learn our ABC song.” She sang the song to the bears, and then pretended they were singing to her.

  • But on this day, and on many others I’ve observed, Sally participated very fully in the worship. She knew the prayers, even offered aloud her prayer requests for others during the appropriate time. She sang along with everyone else, and even prayed with her parents at the altar.


  • Sally is a well-developing five year old, full of energy, curiosity, and delightful to be around.

  • She shows healthy normal development for her age, and especially in light of her rather rocky beginning.

  • Because Sally’s family (which includes not only her parents but a large extended family with other children) is so significant in her life and so nurturing to Sally, I think her development has been enhanced.

  • . Erikson stresses the desire a five year old child has to copy the adults around her. Sally does this constantly, helping with meals, doing other chores, and receiving lots of praise