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Dr. Francis Pang 彭建华 博士

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Dr. Francis Pang 彭建华 博士 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Desirable Future -Ethics as the foundation for sustainable development- 我们期待的未来 - 伦理作为可持续发展的新基础-. Dr. Francis Pang 彭建华 博士. Ethics as the foundation for sustainable development .

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dr francis pang

Our Desirable Future -Ethics as the foundation for sustainable development-我们期待的未来 -伦理作为可持续发展的新基础-

Dr. Francis Pang



Ethics as the foundation for sustainable development.

  • Ethics has been the corner stones for human social developments.
  • Ethics derive and define the establishment of moral standards and social behavior.
  • 伦理作为可持续发展的新基础
  • 伦理是人类社会发展的理论基石
  • 伦理衍生道德的建立和社会行为标准

With the current speed of technological changes and new materialistic culture, peoples need to make huge adjustments just to adapt.

As such, peoples need to seek and embrace a higher spiritual way of life to maintain balance. Without which it will be like an aircraft without a gyroscope.

We need to turn to ethics again to search the basis for sustainable development, and in these benchmarks we hope to develop a globalised ethical code of standard.

人类社会要作出很大的调整才可适应在当今新科技和新物质文明生活.这样人类在新科技新物质生活中需要寻求一个更高的精神文明生活才可期待一个光明的未来.这种精神文明的缺失便如同失去回转仪的飞机。 我们需要从伦理中找到作为可持续性发展的基础,更要在这基础中考虑建立新的全球一体化的道德行为准则。


This ideal requires the convergence of common visions, missions & goals among nations; it shall tap into the similarities among difference, as exhibited in various geopolitics, religions, philosophy and cultures.

This project is reasonable, achievable, measurable and urgently needed by all to handle the increasingly complex world. It demands executable plans and actions through six moral pillars:


1 internationalism
1. Internationalism 国际理解
  • The most powerful force in advocating and promoting international understanding is exposure to different cultures. People from all nationalities are welcomed into each culture. They appreciate, value and respect all cultures, religions and languages. People learn to see themselves as global citizens and are asked to look beyond gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand human nature.
  • 在推动国际理解最有力的做法就是接触不同的文化,来自不同国籍的公民受到同样的欢迎,他们需要学会欣赏、尊重、重视所有不同的文化、信仰以及语言,将自己视为世界公民,超越性别、阶层、种族、民族和文化的差异理解人性的本质。
2 democracy
2. Democracy 民主观念
  • Both the values of democracy and the importance of active participation in democracy are essential to a citizen. Freedom of thought and speech should be greatly encouraged to show the significance of democracy in the development of society.
  • 对于公民来说,认识到民主的价值所在以及积极参与民主活动是至关重要的。思想自由、言论自由应该受到鼓励,充分认识到其在社会进程中的意义
3 environment
3. Environment 环保意识
  • Every one is supposed to be aware of the importance of tending to the future of the planet. They are expected to demonstrate an active interest and concern for all natural environments, to be aware of proven problems and to play a practical role in tackling environmental issues. They are aware of the fine balance and the interdependence needed to maintain a healthy relationship between human beings and the planet; strive to be a guardian of human society and the global environment.
  • 每一位公民都肩负着我们赖以生存的星球的未来,人们对于所有自然环境积极关注、关心和爱护,并在解决环境问题方面寻找办法、发挥实际的作用。人们要意识到保持人与环境相互依存、平衡的重要意义,做人类社会和全球环境的保护者及守护人。
4 adventure
4. Adventure 冒险精神
  • The sprit of adventure moves the society forward. From major adventure exploration to meeting the physical challenge and developing an appreciation of the outdoors, participating in outward bound type activities will help to foster a spirit of adventure and make people realize that they can be so much more than they might have imagined.
  • 推进人类发展的动力之一就是冒险精神,大到探险活动, 小到锻炼身心、挑战体能以及全面认识户外活动。譬如积极参与类似户外拓展形式的活动,培养冒险精神,从而使人们意识到他们能做到的远比他们预料的出色的多。
5 leadership
5. Leadership 领导才能
  • True leadership is found in those whose convictions are rooted in personal responsibility, kindness and justice. Opportunities for leadership are fostered. Leadership roles held by talents, range from management of housekeeping positions to holding key leadership positions are substantial. A high level of responsibility is passed on to our future leaders-you.
  • 真正的领导才能体现在充分认识到个体责任、善良以及公正的意义方面. 不断创造能够培养和提高个人领导才能的机会, 培养领导才能,无论是从日常居家生活方面,还是体现在担任主要的领导位置方面,高度的责任心和责任感从个体及群体两个层面,不断灌输给我们未来的领导者-你们。
6 service
6. Service 服务他人
  • ‘Serving others’ makes the world a better place. Every one is encouraged to be part of the local, regional or international service projects; to participate in and benefit from the “serving others” action.
  • 服务他人意识,让这个世界更美好。人们通过自发组织、地区项目、国际项目的开展,参与并受益于“服务他人”的行动。

The implementation of globalised ethical code standard takes place through a number planned activities that happen on many different levels. Such activities occur within global citizens, between countries and cross domestic and international boundaries. They include local and international talent exchanges, a globalised ethical code standard will change the lives of underprivileged communities, or assist threatened environments, regional projects, conferences which are presented both nationally and internationally, that allow the telants to meet from many different localities and share cultural differences. We believe our desirable future can be found in the very near future.

  • 全球一体化的道德行为准则的六个支柱通过大量的、有计划的、各个层次的活动落实,这些活动在成员内部、成员之间开展,在国际、国内开展。项目包括国内成员交流、国际成员交流、对落后地区开展的各类国际服务计划、环保计划、地区项目、国际项目、地区及全球会议等,使成员代表能够直接接触不同国家的成员,分享差异。这样我们可期待的未来是可在近期内建立起来的。