Powertrain for rit ev team tt zero race bike
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Powertrain for RIT EV Team TT-Zero Race Bike - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Powertrain for RIT EV Team TT-Zero Race Bike. R12900 Sean Harriman 5/20/2012. Updated Mission Statement.

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Powertrain for rit ev team tt zero race bike

Powertrain for RIT EV Team TT-Zero Race Bike


Sean Harriman


Updated mission statement
Updated Mission Statement

  • To design, bench test and implement an electric drive system on a rolling chassis provided by the Electric Vehicle Team that operates at race speeds and has a just enough range to finish the TT-Zero around the Isle of Man Road Course while maximizing the power of the electric motor to the road through the use of a traction controller.

Place of innovation
Place of Innovation

  • “the Isle of Man TT, the toughest motorcycle race in the world. The technology at work is so advanced, so unprecedented, that we may be looking not just at the future of motorcycles, but of all electric vehicles." From the article "Inside Story Motoczysz E1PC Worlds Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle"

  • Electric Motorcycle Racing 3rd year already approaching lap times of low end 1000cc Grand Prix Bikes

Tt zero race details
TT-Zero Race Details

  • "The technical concept is for motorcycles (two wheeled) to be powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions." -REGULATIONS TT ZERO

  • £10,000 for the first entrant to exceed the prestigious 100 mph (22 minutes and 38.388 seconds) average speed there are also awards for the first ten teams to break the record

  • Top competing university which is offered a prize of £5,000

Snaefell mountain course
Snaefell Mountain Course

Length: 37.733 miles

200 Corners

60 Named Corners

TT-Zero: 1 Lap

Isle of Man TT: one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world


  • Race Date: May 28, 2013 (Assumed same date as 2012)

  • Race Electrical Safety Regulations

  • Input Charging Power: 240 V single phase 13 amp max

  • Vehicle Total Weight: 100kg-300kg (220lbs-660lbs)

    • Powertrain Weight Allowance (exclude batteries/motor): 60lbs (Subject to change)

  • Course Length 37.75 miles

  • Qualifying time: 50 mins average course speed 45.3 mph

  • Must perform standing start on 18% incline

Changes in design problem objective needs
Changes in Design Problem/Objective Needs

  • Essentially Same Design Problem: Push Performance of Electric Vehicle Design

  • From reach spec of Range of 140 miles to easy 37.75 miles

  • From easy spec of operating speeds 45-55 mph to reach spec of 150+ mph

  • Still high emphasis on fuel efficiency

  • No longer constrained to road registered vehicle

  • Still focus on powertrain

  • More defined scope, meet race safety regulations and constraints

  • More integrated design with Traction Controller



  • Honda CBR1000RR (Course Record)

  • MotoCzysz E1pc (2010/11 Winner)

  • MIT EV Team eSuperbike

  • Brammo Empulse R (1st time Competitor)

  • Honda Mugen EV (1st time Competitor)

    Specifications Compared:

  • Motor: Style/output/operating Volts/amps

  • Controller Style

  • Battery Pack: Chemistry/volts/amps

  • Weight

  • Range/Top Speed/Course Average Speed

  • Transmission

Honda cbr1000rr
Honda CBR1000RR

  • Motor : ICE 999cc inline 4

    • 178 hp/82.6 lb-ft

  • Wet Weight: 441 lbs

  • Top Speed: 184.6 mph(stock) 200+ mph (race)

  • Course Average: 131.6 mph 17’12.3 min’sec

  • Holds Course Record

Motoczysz e1pc
MotoCzysz E1pc

  • Motor: DC perm magnet ‘D1g1tal Dr1ve’

    • 100 hp / 250 lb-ft

  • Battery: LiPo

    • 500 V/ 125 Kwh

  • Top Speed: 140 mph

  • Direct Drive

  • Course Average: 99.604 mph 22' 43.68 min'sec

  • Current EV course record, winner 2010/11

  • Focused on developing fastest bike with sufficient capacity buffer. Finished w/ 60% charge left

Mit esuperbike

Motor: 2x Lynch DC Thin-Gab Axial Flux Motors

Battery: A123 Automotive LiFePO4 Prismatic Modules

Top Speed: 100 mph

Direct Drive

Course Average Speed: 79.163 mph 28' 35.81 min'sec

MIT eSuperbike

Feedback from electric vehicle team
Feedback From Electric Vehicle Team

  • Scoping

    • Ideal Situation: Top Speeds 200 mph Course average 131.6 mph 17'12.30 min'sec Goal: Beat Course record

      • Powertrain Budget: $15,000

    • Medium Scope: Top Speeds 140 mph Course average 100 mph 22'38.33 min'sec

      • Goal: Beat 100 mph EV course record win 10,000 pounds prize and top competing university win 5,000 pounds prize

      • Powertrain Budget: $7,500

    • Smallest Scope: Bench Test scaled components and have Course Simulation of Ideal Scope

      • Powertrain Budget:$500 MSD Funding

Feedback from electric vehicle team1
Feedback From Electric Vehicle Team

  • Specifications:

    • The Electric Vehicle Team will Develop a Course/Race Model over summer

      • Provide MSD I with more specific and optimized specification values

      • Battery/Motor selection

  • Staffing:

    • Sean Harriman Electric Vehicle Team Powertrain Project Manager: Lead Engineer-ME1 MSD Team

    • Dan Brownlee Electric Vehicle Team Vice President: ME2 MSD Team

    • Andrew Robison Course/Race Model Developer: ME3 MSD Team