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Program Management Systems Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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Program Management Systems Committee

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Program Management Systems Committee

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Program Management Systems Committee

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  1. Program Management Systems Committee Program Management Outreach Working Group August 2010 Progress Report Jane Spriggs, Co-Lead Bill Altman, Co-Lead

  2. PM Outreach Working Group Charter Mission: Broaden the focus and membership of the PMSC to influence acquisition policy and share best practices among program management professionals. Objectives: • Modify PMSC charter and objectives to reflect broader focus. • Promote the formation of additional PMSC working groups to address a range of topics essential to successful program execution. • Initiate a campaign to increase program manager participation in PMSC.

  3. Objective #2: Additional PMSC Agenda Topics and Working Groups • PMSC Agenda Topics • May 2010 Meeting • Risk and Opportunity Management • DAU Program Management • August 2010 Meeting • NAVAIR Scheduling and Data Consolidation (Dave Burgess) • February 2011 Meeting • Joint Gov’t/Industry Panel Discussion: Integrated Baseline Review Process • Managing Agile Development Programs (Carnegie Mellon) • Ideas for Future Topics (and Potential Working Groups) • Probability of Program Success (POPS) • Subcontractor Flow-Downs and Gov’t Skip-Level Involvement • Cross Training of Program Performance Team • What Constitutes a Good Program Management Office? • Affordability • Working Groups • Risk and Opportunity Management • 26 Participants; 9 Are New to PMSC; 2 Gov’t Reps (NASA and Air Force)

  4. Objective #3: Increase PM Participation in PMSC • Electronic On-Line Registration Used for August Meeting! • Minimize Administrative Burden on PMSC Leaders and Participants • Gathering Additional Info to Understand Individual’s Organizational Role, Thus Understand Their Needs • Measure Effectiveness of PM Outreach Efforts • Assessed Composition of Participants*: * data based on registrations through August 19

  5. Objective #3: Increase PM Participation in PMSC • PMSC Brochure Developed and Published • Additional URL Shortcut to PMSC Website ( • PMSC Article • Published in National Defense in May • Published in Measurable News in July • Scheduled to be Published in Defense AT&L in Sept-Oct Issue • Efforts to Increase Government PM Participation • Invited Government Participation in Working Groups • Two Gov’t Reps Joined Risk & Opportunity Working Group • Booth and Workshop Planned for November IPM Conference • Established “Rules of Engagement” to Promote Open Communication • Solicit Suggested Agenda Items from Our Government Customers • Focus of the PM Outreach Workshop at November IPM Conference • Electronic Agenda with Brief Description of Topics and Speaker Titles

  6. Rules of Engagement

  7. Draft Questions for November IPM Conference Workshop • What is the government’s perception of the PMSC’s mission and membership? • Is the PMSC well known in the aerospace community (industry and government)? • What are some of the more critical issues that the industry would like to see the PMSC address? • What are some of the more critical issues that the government would like to see the PMSC address? • What type of government leaders should we be trying to attract to the PMSC – i.e. PCOs, Program Managers, heads of agencies, etc.? • What are the barriers to government participation – i.e. travel cost, lack of time, value of the meetings, fraternization concerns, etc.

  8. Draft Questions for February IBR Panel • Have you noticed any recent improvements in the conduct or outcome of IBRs? • Are you aware of any IBR improvement initiatives being worked by your organization or elsewhere within the government? • What are your more significant concerns with the IBR process as it is being executed today? • Is there a particular aspect of the IBR process that you feel the PMSC should focus attention on in future IBR Guide updates? • Are pre-award IBRs being considered for future acquisitions?