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…Men…. Historic periods 7th century Middle Ages Ranaissance. Different form of poetry. Epic poem. Characterization. Sonnets Ballds. The Hero Beowulf is an example of Hero It’s an epic poem which deals with feats of Beowulf ,the hero.

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  • Historic periods
  • 7th century
  • Middle Ages
  • Ranaissance

Different form of poetry

  • Epic poem
  • Characterization
  • Sonnets
  • Ballds

The Hero

Beowulf is an example of Hero

It’s an epic poem which deals with feats of Beowulf ,the hero.

The poem re-port the name of hero.And it was written during the 7th century.

He is described as a generous, loyal, coragous, virile and strong man.

He fighted for the honest and poor people.



We have most of characterization of knights.The knight was an valorous man who based his life to battle.

He followed rules of chivalric code.

He hadn’t a fixed dwelling because he spended his life arounded the World


The lord is an symbolic figure

He is an member of high society,

so he have coutrly valous


Common Men

Generaly in ballads is described a common men who have a common work

Is an comic poetry because

Deal with unreal situations

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