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IT Governance Committee Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Governance Committee Meeting

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IT Governance Committee Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Governance Committee Meeting
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  1. IT Governance Committee Meeting September 18, 2008

  2. Agenda • What’s Hot and Why? • Results of our last meetings and it’s affect on the website upgrade. • Youth Council • Project Update • Looking closely at your operation and • A look at GREEN.

  3. What’s Hot

  4. Phone Home • Web address • Search • Phishing or Malware • No web address • Keystrokes

  5. Just another browser…….. Hardly Web operating system SaaS – Software as a Service

  6. "Young people who play every day or for a long time are just as civically or politically engaged--volunteering in the community, expressing interest in politics, or by trying to convince someone to vote in an election," said Joseph Kahne, dean of the school of Education at Mills College in Oakland, Calif, and a co-author of the Pew report.

  7. History in the Making

  8. Your front door makes an impression • Friends and visitors will quickly notice if you do not take care of your front door. • If it’s looks shabby, that might be a clue to what the rest of the house might look like. • Freshen up – Paint • Is your hardware still sparkling? • New doorknocker or kick plate? • Do up the door • Mirrors, oil paintings, plates and platters, wreaths, wall clocks and baskets of flowers • Lanterns look gorgeous • Wreaths. fresh and full, not faded and frayed. • Dress the windows and trim • twinkling votives. • seasonally appropriate garland. • Perk up the porch • a floral arrangement or plant • a few seasonal touches. Micki Chestnut of Lawrence writes this column in consultation with Mary Carol Garrity. Write Garrity at 501 Commercial St., Atchison, Kan. 66002. Or send e-mail to United Feature Synd

  9. Workshop Agenda • Welcome, Introductions, Sidebar • Website First Impressions • Who is the Audience? • Web 2.0 Concept and Components • What Services are Expected? • Good Design Process • Smoke Signals of the Digital Natives • The Good, the Bad, and the Truly Awful • What do I do Next?

  10. Workshop Results • 22 People plus 2 Instructors • Ideas Captured • 8 Department Meetings • Mockups and Design Changes Started • Continued Web 2.0 Focus

  11. Video Demo

  12. Reach Inside the Technology BagWhat one piece of technology would allow you to do your job more efficiently?

  13. What is this? Camera Or Digital Camera

  14. Digital Natives... ...are always on-line, multitasking...non-linear access to information ...communicate in a grid-like network with disregard to location, distance, time, and ethnicity... …highly networked, interactive and social ...prefer to get information from sounds and video than text... ...use many different interfaces to communicate... ...generate not just absorb content... ...collaborate instinctively... ....verify information immediately... ....thrive on instant gratification and frequent rewards...

  15. Talking To Digital Natives What tool do you use everyday that is missing from the list? • Digital natives use various means to communicate and receive information, including:Blogs, Social Networks, Instant Messaging, RSS Feeds, Discussion Forums • Videos, Video Games, Virtual Worlds, Video Conferencing • They do this, predominantly, using mobile phones and computers, via Internet

  16. A Quick Project Update • Aerial Photo Project • 800 MHZ VIPER SYSTEM • Expenses Paid Through Payroll • School Surveillance by Sheriff’s Department • Unified Electronic Payment Processing System • Permit Center Application Replacement • SharePoint • Gov’t Center Expanded Video Surveillance  • AVL Project for Emergency Vehicles

  17. Look Inside Your DepartmentIdentify one inefficiency that causes you or your department grief ?

  18. Reach Inside the Technology BagWhat one change would allow your department to operate more efficiently?

  19. GREEN is the “in” Color • Donate old functional computers to school children that do not have home computers. • Send old computer equipment to a company that recycles electronic devices. • Exchange CRT computer monitors with LCD monitors when computers are replaced. • Provide computer applications at employees' homes, so they can complete required paperwork without having to drive to their office. • Virtualization and server consolidation • Comprehensive telecommuting policy and enabling technologies for working anywhere • “Think before you print” campaign • Web/video conferencing to reduce mileage costs

  20. GREEN is the “in” Color So what can I do?

  21. GREEN is the “in” Color • Unplug phone chargers and other chargers when not in use. • Turn off you computer if you are going to be away for an extended time. Especially, overnight. • Don’t store something just because you can. • Don’t print just because you can. • Be sure your computer monitor and hard drive are set to sleep mode after 15 minutes. • Check energy consumption on purchases • Equipment efficiency, server requirements, access • Energy analysis on projects

  22. IT Governance Committee Meeting September 18, 2008