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Breathing Space Video. FYI - the BS Video is now up on the website Why Breathing Space and what have we done so far ?. Problem: Across the world 1.6 m women and children die annually

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Breathing space video

Breathing Space Video

FYI - the BS Video is now up on the website

Breathing space video

  • Problem: Across the world 1.6 m women and children die annually

  • Donor-funded projects have had limited impact

  • inappropriate technology fixes

  • limited donor funding available

  • SF Response: Market-based pilots in 5 countries across Africa, Latin America, India

  • Tested finance, products, business-models, etc

  • Drew on Shell market knowledge, supply & distribution exp, business planning skills, etc

  • Outcomes:200,000 stoves sold in under 3 years; 1m people out of risk

  • good but tiny %out of 500m H/Hs

  • Learnings: Demand exists; stove sales profitable; but margins too low for any but slow organic growth

  • With right business model & seed $$, commercially viable stove industry could be catalysed…

Breathing space vision
Breathing Space vision

Shell Foundation aims to achieve a significant verifiable long term reduction in the incidence of Indoor Air Pollution at the global level, by deploying approaches which are market oriented and commercially viable ……..

20 million stoves sold in 5 countries in next 5 years

Breathing space video

Global Scale of Problem: Target Countries our focus

A high level review of the selected geographies has led us to start of in Phase 1 with India, Brazil and Uganda/Kenya markets now .

Urban/Rural Split for Commercial Market for Improved Cooking Devices

  • Current data indicates Indonesia also faces a significant IAP issue.

  • China opportunity assessment to be completed to determine the impact and scale of intervention required

India pilot where what
India Pilot –Where & what

  • 2 pilots in Maharashtra & Bundelkhand to evaluate the commercialization of improved biomass fuels and cooking devices in India

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Improved cook stove program for Indoor Air Quality assessment

  • Testing the commercialization Toolkit and business plan too kit

  • Appropriate Rural Technology Institute developed multiple stoves for local use, manufactured and marketed by 130 entrepreneurs and sold 75,000 stoves

  • Development Alternatives developed multiple stoves for local use, manufactured locally, built criteria for a sustainable business in one of the poorest regions and evaluated microfinance options.


Breathing space strategy
Breathing Space Strategy

  • Semi Commercial Model

  • Focused strategic but recognize that it is only one solution

  • Technology push that will deliver the improved stove performance and customer needs

  • Continued focus on biomass

  • Focus on domestic customer segment equivalent to $1-$3 per day

  • Blend of Grant and ’investment’ funding.

What l have we done improved cooking devices
What l have we done Improved Cooking Devices

Sarai Cooking System

Char Briquettes

from Agrowaste

Laxmi Wood

Burning Stove


Gasifier Stove

Vivek Sawdust


Biogas from



Market segments

Medium and Low Income Rural

Fixed stoves

  • Fuel: Woody biomass and fuel wood

  • Cost: US$ 6-US$ 20


High and Medium Income Rural

Portable Stoves

Medium Income Semi-Urban

  • Vivek stove: sawdust & powdery biomass

  • Sarai system: charcoal or char briquettes

  • Gasifier stoves: wood chips or pellets

  • Cost: Rs. US$10-US$ 40

Compact Biogas


High Income Semi-Urban

Medium and High Income Urban

  • Floating dome type biogas plant &

  • biogas stove

  • Water-miscible starchy feedstock

  • Cost: US$ 100-US$ 300

Breathing space video

The Enterprise- supply chain

Sales outlet

Production Units

Awareness &


Learnings from pilots
Learnings from Pilots

  • Emergence of a semi commercial business model

  • Willingness of consumers to pay

  • Awareness raising on associated health issues

  • Appropriateness of products to meet consumer & market needs

  • Quality control & long term customer satisfaction and usage are critical. Durability of the product a important factor

  • A centralized model of production which will reduce production costs

  • Micro credit/ Micro finance to Entrepreneurs and Consumers

  • Strong need for interaction and coordination between all the functions

  • Last mile of the value chain needs to be developed

How do we serve and take it forward semi commercial business model
How do we serve and take it forward ?Semi Commercial Business Model.

Business Plans for further scale up rolled out to reach 2 mn Households in Maharashtra ,& Bundelkhand

Finance Providers


(IAP Awareness)

Enterprise Financing

Regional Coordinator

  • Set-up long-term awareness programme

  • Execute centralised IAP awareness

Consumer Financing

Donor Funding

  • Manage overall ICS programme

  • Identify new districts and appoint manufacturer

  • Provide marketing material to manufacturer


(Creating Demand)

  • Provide funds




(Materials, Components)

  • Develop & disseminate marketing material (brands, designs, pamphlets)

  • Executing marketing campaigns (Raise awareness of stoves locally)

  • Monitor customer needs & communicate design changes to tech partner

  • Manage centralised quality control

  • Provide raw materials and components

Bus Dev Assistance


  • Provide core business skills training to regional coordinator and centralised manufacturer


Technology Provider


  • Stove R & D

  • Manufacturer training & stove certification




Vision ahead
Vision ahead

  • Scaling up in India, Latin America and East Africa

  • Phased roll out to make a significant impact over the next 5 years

  • Selection of a competent partners for each stage of the business model are critical for successful implementation of the business model in all the states.

Breathing space video

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