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Dear Students and Parents, PowerPoint Presentation
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Dear Students and Parents,

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Dear Students and Parents, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Griffin Middle School 7th Grade Health. S. S. A. A. W. W. P. P. “The Skills You Need to Succeed” Ms. Tatum Email: Dear Students and Parents,

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Griffin Middle School

7th Grade Health









“The Skills You Need to Succeed”

Ms. Tatum


Dear Students and Parents,

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful nine weeks of Health Education. This course will cover many relevant and important topics that will contribute greatly to your overall quality of life. Please read the student expectations and evaluation and get ready to aim for success.

  • Student Expectations
  • Prompt to Class
    • 7-1- Seated on time
    • 7-2- Seated on time
  • Accept Responsibility
    • Bring a Pen or Pencil and Your Planner
    • Accept the Outcomes of Your Behavior
  • Work Hard
    • Complete All Class Work
    • Participate in Class Activity
    • Stay on Task
  • Show Respect
    • Follow Instructions the First Time
    • Be Polite to Others
    • Use School Property Appropriately

Course Content

Text: Teen Health Course 2

Unit 1- Getting a Grip on Good Life Skills (1wk)(Self-esteem, Self-Concept, Lifestyle Factors, Stress

Conflict Resolution, Friendships, Hygiene) Unit Test

Unit 2- Preventing Disease and Accidents (3.5wks)(Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Safety, Adult CPR, First aid) Unit Test

Unit 3- Human Growth and Development (2wks)

( Choosing the Best Path, Relationships, Sexual Transmitted Disease, Teenage Pregnancy, Abstinence) Workbook Assignments

Unit 4- Choosing to Stay Drug Free (2.5wks)

(Tobacco, Alcohol, Other Drugs) Drug Project

Student Evaluation

Participation 10% Class work/ Homework 20% Formative Assessments 30% Summative- Assessments 40%

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns (678-842-6917). I will also be incorporating a BLOG this year and here is the web address

**Please return this with a parent/guardian signature to receive 20 points for your daily grade.

Student Signature:___________________ Homeroom Teacher:____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________ Daytime Phone Number:________________

This Syllabus is subject to change in order to accommodate class needs. Students will be notified when changes are made.