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Call for Experts

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Call for Experts
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Call for Experts

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  1. ANSI Accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG)to ISO/TC 258Project, Programme, Portfolio Management Call for Experts

  2. Agenda • Why Join the US TAG • Overview of ANSI/ISO Relationship • Overview and scope of ISO/TC 258 • Overview of U.S. TAG Structure and Responsibilities • Review current TC 258 activities • Role of U.S. technical expert in ISO working group • U.S. TAG membership

  3. Why Join the US TAG? • Opportunity to participate and gain hands on experience in international standardization activities • Opportunity to influence the field of project, program, portfolio management • Opportunity to have early access to information and technological knowledge • Experts needed to protect U.S. interests

  4. ISO/ANSI Relationship • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental organization established in 1947 and based in Geneva, Switzerland • ISO consists of national standards bodies from 164 countries, one from each country. • ANSI is the sole U.S. representative and dues-paying member of ISO, and as a founding member of ISO, ANSI plays an active role in its governance (e.g. ANSI serves on the Technical Management Board or TMB of ISO)

  5. ISO/TC 258 – Project, Programme, Portfolio Management • The ISO/TC258 Secretariat is administered by PMI on behalf of ANSI • Miles Shepherd, on behalf of the British Standards Institute (BSI), serving as Chair • Karl Best, a PMI staff member, serving as TC258 Secretary

  6. Scope of ISO/TC 258 – Project, Programme, Portfolio Management • Standardization within the field of project, program, and portfolio management • Develop of a set of international standards that will promote the efficiency and effectiveness across all markets, industries and countries • Address the needs of organizations, their customers and other stakeholders • Enable organizational continuous improvement, better resource utilization, and achievement of organizational objectives

  7. Structure Overview • As the U.S. member body of ISO, ANSI is responsible for representing the U.S. and protecting U.S. interests in international standards activities • PMI is ANSI’s designated U.S. TAG Administrator for ISO/TC 258 • U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 258 are accredited by ANSI for participation in ISO technical activities

  8. Responsibilities of U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 258 • Determine the U.S. positions on various draft standards, draft documents, agenda items and ballots • Submit U.S. proposals for new work items and working drafts • Provide adequate U.S. representation to ISO technical committee meetings by designating heads of delegation and members of delegations • Nominate U.S. technical experts and representatives to serve on ISO working groups and other ad hoc groups

  9. ISO Member Body UK (BSI) ISO Member Body USA (ANSI) ISO Member Body France (AFNOR) ISO Member Body Canada (SCC) ISO Member Body Brazil (ABNT) ISO Member Body XXX (XXX) ISO/TC 258 Project, Programme, Portfolio Management Chair: BSI – Miles Shepard Secretary: PMI – Karl Best US Delegates to Plenary Chair Advisory Group (CAG) Selected Heads of Delegation chosen by Chair and Conveners from WG and SG Technical Experts Technical Experts Technical Development Group (TDG) ANSI Accredited US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO/TC 258 Chair Becky Winston Vice Chair Steve Fahrenkrog Secretary Lorna Scheel Work Item (Standard Project) Working Group (WG02) Governance Working Group (WG03) Vocabulary Working Group (WG04) Programme Management Study Group (SG05) 21500 Maintenance Technical Experts

  10. U.S. Technical Experts in ISO Working Group • The U.S. TAG carefully considers the nature of the work and attempts to appoint the most technically qualified individual(s) available and able to serve • Before an individual agrees to serve as a U.S. expert, he/she should understand that while much of the WG’s work will be carried out virtually, international meetings are held at critical points in the project’s development. Continuity is critical. • U.S. experts are expected to independently obtain financial support so they can attend these meetings and actively participate in the development of the work.

  11. TAG Membership • Membership is open to all U.S. national interested parties • Organizations and individuals need to be domiciled in the U.S. to join the U.S. TAG • Organizations and individuals outside of the U.S. should check with their national standards body to participate in ISO activities • Existing TAG members will review applications of interested individuals or organizations and provide approval • Membership fee is $500 each year – which may be waived • Members are expected to participate actively by fulfilling attendance, voting, correspondence, and other obligations • Members are responsible for travel expenses • A request for membership shall be addressed to the U.S. TAG Administrator: PMI Lorna Scheel 14 Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, PA. 19073 or

  12. For additional information: Rebecca Winston Steve Fahrenkrog Lorna Scheel +1 313 404 3507