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Aviation Fuel Tanks - CityServiceValcon PowerPoint Presentation
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Aviation Fuel Tanks - CityServiceValcon

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Aviation Fuel Tanks - CityServiceValcon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aviation Fuel Tanks - CityServiceValcon

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  1. Aviation Fuel Tanks - CityServiceValcon Appropriate upkeep is critical to preventing leakage of Aviation Fuel Tanks, specifically when the inspection is for corrosion. Most of the time repair and maintenance of Aviation Fuel Tanks is expensive and lengthy. Planes can be grounded for long periods of time if the Aviation Fuel Tanks are not properly maintained. To ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly it is vital to control the corrosion & to identify the ways by which tanks become corroded. Fuel pollution is a major cause of the corrosion in Aviation Fuel Tanks. Bacteria is the main cause of fuel pollution which commonly comes from already polluted fuel or by failing to keep the fuel tank clean. Fuel pollution occurs when there is water standing in the sump bottoms, or polluted fuel host organisms that Evolve in petroleum products. These organisms named cladosporium retinae and pseudomonas aeruginosa live in water and feed off hydrocarbons that are present in fuel. Waste products of these organisms generate water sludge and acid that ultimately become the reason for corrosion. Ways to Remove Corrosion In case you have found corrosion in your Aviation Fuel Tanks, the first step you have to do is to inspect whole fuel system. To take necessary steps for repairing of Aviation Fuel Tanks It is essential to determine the damages. After that just document where the corrosion was found. When all the documentation is complete move toward cleaning or repairing the areas that were damaged by the corrosion. If the damages are severe and go beyond fixing then that part of the Aviation Fuel Tank must be replaced. The process of removing corrosion is a detailed & lengthy process which includes inspection, verification and cleaning or replacement of Aviation Fuel Tanks. Taking the time to time clean with brighteners stops the spreading of corrosion in the Aviation Fuel Tanks.