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Public Engagement

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Public Engagement
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  1. Public Engagement Alumni, Campus and Public Engagement Subcommittee May 30, 2012

  2. Presenters • Student Input/Plaza engagement: Eric Berlinberg • Center for Public Deliberation: Martin Carcasson • Engagement Recap/Next Steps: Tom Milligan

  3. Eric Berlinberg – ASCSU President Student Input

  4. Proposed On-Campus Stadium Student Report to the Committee Associated Students of Colorado State University May 30, 2012

  5. Outreach Efforts To-Date • Student body e-mail • Online surveys • Plaza outreach • Student forums w/CPD • Comment forms in ASCSU Office • Joint efforts with CPD • Senate, College Councils, etc.

  6. Student Body E-mail • Sent to 28,804 • 750 e-mail responses • Themes: • Already have a stadium • What to do with Hughes • Why not renovate Hughes • Construction on campus • Current performance of Football team • Money & Efforts could be spent elsewhere • Noise concerns on campus

  7. Online Survey • Sent to 28,804 • 3,260 responses – 11.31% • Themes (1,856 comments): • Academic vs Athletics • Alcohol sales (on both sides) • Construction apathy • Locations • Proposed location concerns • Existing facilities impacted • Parking • Safety (violence, alcohol, more people, drunk driving) • Traffic & Congestion • Tailgating

  8. Written Comment Forms • Themes: • Academic vs Athletics • Concerned about student opinions mattering • Disruption to surrounding community + res halls • More info on location • Parking • Sustainability • Tailgating (from both sides) • Traditions • Traffic in main arteries of Fort Collins + on campus • Want a winning team first • “How does a good stadium mean a good team?” • What happens with Hughes • Suggestion to upgrade Hughes

  9. Plaza Outreach • May 1, 2 • Goal: Engage students to give informed feedback, while providing information we currently have • Staffed by ASCSU Student Services & Governmental Affairs Departments, CSU Facilities, Populous and ICON staff

  10. Plaza Outreach • Same themes we have heard from students • Athletics vs. academics • What to do with Hughes Stadium • Parking, Tailgating, Traffic • Community Impact • As more factual information has come out, we experienced a reduction in the loud vocal opposition • Student concerns about specifics (greenhouses, parking, tailgating, traffic, etc), not the concept overall • Seeing visuals of the concept/location helps students conceptualize • Students enjoyed asking questions and having factual answers, not just basing off of rumors • Attitude of ‘the student body’ appears to have moved substantially towards the center

  11. Plaza Outreach • Summary: • Personalized engagement helped students feel involved in the process • More info being shared shifted student perceptions • Students were frustrated about process • Still a general lack of understanding about the complexity of the project

  12. Moving Forward • Student Engagement Committee • ASCSU involvement • Additional student-centered forums & ‘town halls’

  13. Proposed On-Campus Stadium Student Report to the Committee Associated Students of Colorado State University May 30, 2012

  14. Martin Carcasson, Ph.D.– Director Center for public deliberation

  15. Key Argument Areas • Location/Campus impacts • Hughes Stadium • Impact on football team and national profile • Funding of stadium • Community impacts • Appropriate role of athletics at a university • Game Day experience • Environmental impact/message

  16. Key Argument Areas • Quality and multiple uses of the new facility • Impact on alumni connection • Impact on CSU funding and affordability • Impact on Fort Collins economy • Impact on other CSU sports • Student attendance • Athletic Conference issues

  17. Key Points for Tonight • Overview of stakeholder views • Limitations to current public input data • “Polarized” nature of the debate • Suggestions for moving forward

  18. Next Steps • Suggestions for moving forward • Post updated backgrounder next week • Continue to gather input and encourage broader engagement across the perspectives • Research some of the more fact-based issues • Identify and address misconceptions • Facilitate working through key gaps and tensions

  19. CPD: numerous sessions, suggestion box, online form SAC meetings (4 including tonight) General public input sessions Donor input sessions Survey of entire database (results on-line) Meetings with city: master planning, joint meeting, city council Tony Frank meetings with various stakeholders: faculty, staff, students, Board of Governors, etc. Engagement recap

  20. Received hundreds of emails and letters Booth at spring game Student engagement/flyers on LSC plaza Numerous speaking engagements with business & community groups by Jack Graham, Amy Parsons, Brett Anderson and Tom Milligan Petitions: SOS Hughes and Be Bold—each updated regularly. (go on-line for latest info) It’s all on the website – that’s our plan and our commitment – Engagement recap

  21. “We should note that CSU has bent over backward to be transparent about its efforts and intentions. “The school has a website specifically dedicated to the potential stadium that is chock full of information. Other governments proposing controversial projects would do well to emulate it.” Denver Post editorial 5/13/2012

  22. Traffic and parking engineering preliminary reports and neighborhood public input opportunity. Time: TBD CPD input forms available on stadium site Stadium Advisory Committee website – compilation of information will be used by committee and shared with President Frank to inform his deliberation. Engagement Next Steps

  23. Public Open Forum with President Tony Frank: broader public input in advance of his making a decision on the issue in the Fall. Designed for input and feedback. Time: TBD Tony’s Deliberative Process