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How to be a Leader

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How to be a Leader. By: Audrie Eno, J ulian D ove , Mark Logiudice , Malachi Harris, Jasmyne Harris, C hrista Valle, Cameron Peller , Laquawn Glover. We will analyze planks 4 through 6 of chapter 3, and learn how to utilize leadership skills. . Plank 4 (How to handle conflict).

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how to be a leader

How to be a Leader

By: Audrie Eno, Julian Dove, Mark Logiudice, Malachi Harris, Jasmyne Harris, Christa Valle, Cameron Peller, Laquawn Glover

plank 4 how to handle conflict
Plank 4 (How to handle conflict)

Shut Up!

Listen to other peoples opinions.

Look Up!

Make eye contact and let others know you care.

Hook Up!

Try to connect emotionally with the person you are having a conflict with.

Chill Down!

Think about what you’re going to say before you say it and don’t have a temper.

guiding question 1
Guiding Question #1
  • What is the four point plan?
plank 5 a leader works to avoid pitfalls
Plank 5 (A leader Works to Avoid Pitfalls)
  • Pitfall 1: Being Afraid to Fail

Don’t be afraid to fail, challenge yourself to learn new things. Remember as Thomas Edison said, 99 failed attempts at something, are just 99 ways not to do something, and you're getting close to doing it right.

  • Pitfall 2: Not Paying Attention to Details

Being a leader means you have to look at the “Big Picture”, but don’t forget about the tiny details that help things come together.


Pitfall 3: Forgetting People and the Original Objectives

Stay on track remembering why you are where you are today, and remember and recognize the people who are helping you along the way.

  • Pitfall 4: Not Listening to Others

Listening to others is not only respectful, but it helps you gain insight, by seeing things through others point of views and simulate new ideas.

guiding question 2
Guiding Question #2
  • In your opinion, what is the worst pitfall?
guiding question 3
Guiding Question #3
  • What is one reason you should listen to others?
plank 6 a leader knows how to motivate
Plank 6 (A leader Knows How to Motivate)
  • 8 ways to motivate others
  • Show honesty and integrity
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Promote discussion
  • Put forward logic and intelligence
  • Let everyone know about what you are trying to accomplish
  • Share your emotions
  • Show empathy
  • Show confidence and decisiveness.
guiding question 4
Guiding Question #4
  • How can you, as a leader, motivate others?

1. What is the first step in handling conflict?

  • 2. List two ways for a leader to motivate others.
  • 3. Explain one major pitfall.