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how tea helped america be free n.
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How Tea Helped America Be Free PowerPoint Presentation
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How Tea Helped America Be Free

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How Tea Helped America Be Free

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  1. How Tea Helped America Be Free The strange but true story of how American Colonists used nonviolence to win their independence!

  2. England was small but powerful. America was large but had few people and few soldiers. In the 1700’s, America was a colony of England.

  3. America had great natural resources. But we had to buy many things from England because we didn’t have many factories.

  4. England made a profit on these products AND (OUCH!) Also made the colonists pay high taxes!

  5. The colonists did not get to vote on these taxes. Should we be taxed? How much should we be taxed? How and where should my taxes be used? This is called “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.”

  6. The colonists drank a lot of tea. England bought the tea from China and India. England sold the tea to the colonists. England had a monopoly on tea and made the colonists pay a high tax.

  7. In a small town called Boston, the colonists wanted to protest against England… a powerful country with a strong king. “Should we try to fight England?” “Should we try nonviolence?”

  8. The colonists decided to use nonviolence. They disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians. They rowed out to the English ship in the harbor. They threw the cargo of tea into the harbor.

  9. No one was hurt or killed , butTHE BRITISH GOT THE MESSAGE!“We really hate that tea tax!”“Wow, I think they are serious.”

  10. The colonists continued to use nonviolence.They decided to boycott all tea from England.They made tea from native plants and trees.

  11. The boycott cost England a lot of money in revenue and taxes.Soon England did not have enough money to pay soldiers and weapons used to fight the colonists.England gave America her independence!

  12. Today America is a free country. We do not pay taxes to England. We have the right to vote. AND We drink more coffee than tea!!!

  13. The colonists used nonviolenceand that’s how tea helped make America free!How Tea Helped Make Us FreeWe were a colony.England sold us tea.We paid a heavy fee.We were not happy!“No violence for meBut I want a free country”.We had a tea party;Threw tea in the sea.Now we’re a people freeBut we drink coffee!