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Hardball. Sara Paretsky Presented by: Mitchell and Justin. Sara herself. Sara herself. Born June 8, 1947. Kansas farm-girl to New York Times bestseller.

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Sara Paretsky

Presented by: Mitchell and Justin

sara herself1
Sara herself
  • Born June 8, 1947.
  • Kansas farm-girl to New York Times bestseller.
  • runs Chicago’s lakefront with her golden retriever, and loves to sing, taking part in community musicals.  Paretsky lives on Chicago’s south side with her husband, a member of the University of Chicago’s Fermi Institute.
  • She loves the Chicago Cubs.
  • 1986 – Anthony award- nomination for best novel, killing orders.
  • 1989 – Anthony Award – nomination for best novel, blood shot.
  • 1992 – Anthony Award – nomination of best short story collection award, A Womens Eye.
  • 2011 – Anthony Award – lifetime achievement award winner.
  • Breakdown
  • Body Work
  • Hardall
  • Bleeding Kansas
  • Fire sale
  • Black List
  • Total Recall
  • Hardtime
  • Ghost country
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Gaurdian Angel
  • And more
sara herself2
Sara herself
  • She loves to take part in community musicals
  • When asked about what she dislikes most about writning, she answers, “ you have to be alone to write, but being alone is very painful, an unsolvable conundrum.”
  • Was disturbed with how females were portrayed in detective fiction, so she went on to make V.I.
v i warshawski1
V.I warshawski
  • Not an average detective
  • too serious
  • Quick to anger, is loyal and intelligent
  • Grew up in Chicago’s south side.
  • Her father was a cop and her mother a refugee from Musolini Italy
  • Her mother died while she was a teenager, that still haunts V.I.
v i warshawski2
V.I. Warshawski
  • Impatient and restless.
  • Attended the University of Chicago on an athletic scholarship where she also attended law school.
  • V.I. was married for about 18 months then learned her husband only admired independent women from a distance and became divorced.
  • Now she has two dogs that she shares with her neighbor.
main characters
Main characters
  • V.I. Warshawski- detective
  • Lamont Gadsen- missing person
  • Petra- V.I.’s cousin also missing
  • V.I.’s Father- policeman and suspect
cultural issues
Cultural issues
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Politics
  • Family tension
the story
The story
  • V.I. is hired to find a missing person named Lamont Gadsen who disappeared about 40 years ago during the civil rights movement, V.I. is hired by two older ladies to find him, soon after she heads o the ghetto but nobody there tells her anything they don’t like her then her clients start calling her a fraud, then she finds hidden in her trunk a major league baseball bat studded with nails.
  • Also her long lost and unknown cousin Petra who came to town for a political campaign goes missing while visiting V.I. office with two other men..
the story1
The story
  • V.I. thinks that Petra’s disappearance is linked to the warshawski family secret. In which everything seems to be related in this case from her Father cop working in the same case.
  • In the story her office is ransacked, her cousin goes missing, and an explosion puts her on the bench momentarily.
  • In the end V.I. and Petra almost die by a fire, but end up being ok.