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A Year in CFA III

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A Year in CFA III - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Year in CFA III.

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A Year in CFA III

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Henrico High School/Center for the Arts Art III Syllabus Dowdy 2011-2012Welcome to CFA Visual Art III…..Course Description: (What is the purpose of this class?)Visual Arts III is designed to reinforce concepts learned in visual Arts I and II. You will be introduced to more advanced techniques and concepts, while expanding your creativity, self-expression and craftsmanship. Workshops will be offered on a variety of techniques by visiting area artists. By encouraging your self-confidence, creative resolutions, independent thinking and disciplinary skills, level III will prepare you for level IV, independent study, and art school beyond it, should you desire to go.Course Objectives: (What will our primary goals be?)…….You will……Explore and experiment with a variety of media and techniques in the studio including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and computer graphics with an emphasis on risk-taking and thinking outside the normal confines of the media.Examine the history of art from multiple viewpoints, considering art from the feminine, minority, and Non-western perspective, with an emphasis on 20th century and contemporary art. Be introduced to a wide range of visiting artists from the area.Continue developing a portfolio by focusing on areas that are weak while producing a more extensive body of work in the areas that are strong.Continue using and improving visual language vocabulary used in evaluating and critiquing your own work and that of other artists’ as well as the art of contemporary commercial and visual culture. You will maintain a research workbook that corresponds to your portfolio and critique experiences.

year at a glance
Year at a glance:
  • Semester 1:  
  • Semester 1:
  • September: Powerful Portraiture: The Identity Project: Large portfolio projects in black and white: Influenced by summer reading/self-portrait contours involving Research and Development: Focus on art with meaning…you as artist via research and personal entries, personal markmaking development AND Home Project: The Box Project
  • October: Revisiting Drawing Bootcamp: Observational Drawing/(Identity Project Completion) Color Media and the Empowerment Project…
  • November: Color Media continued: (Empowerment Project Completion) Figure Drawing from Live Model and Oil Figures with Susie Hamway
  • December: Oil Painting Completion/Home Project Due: The White Project
  • January: Cartooning as Illustration and Installation with guest artist Kirk O-Brien/Midterms
  • Semester 2:
  • February: Mixed Media/Printmaking and Iconography Project/Wedding Cake Home Project /SPRING SHOWCASE (first weekend in March)
  • March-June: Visiting Artist Workshops: Intro to new media/advanced techniques and Independent Study: in-class/Home Projects
tools for success in developing an independent portfolio by next year
Tools for success in developing an independent portfolio by next year
  • Dowdy Website/Student Websites
  • Research Workbook
  • Open Studio
  • College research and college talks/portfolio Day
  • In-class development of skills
  • In-class work on artist statements
  • Visiting artists and getting out into the community
the grading basics
The Grading Basics:
  • Each interim period-RWB comes in for a grade: subject to late policy
  • Each week, students receive grades on being on task and using time and materials well
  • Each week, students receive grades on completing weekly homework assignments…
  • During the nine weeks, students receive grades on various projects: home projects and in-class projects: subject to late policy
  • Each nine weeks, students have at least 2 tests on vocabulary and technique…
  • Each nine weeks, students must visit a gallery and write a short 4 paragraph critique on a work of art they see there. They must have proof in the form of a gallery card or a signed museum brochure or business card that they were in attendance during that nine weeks
  • Each nine weeks, students must involve themselves in 3 hours of community service in the arts –on or off campus that is not connected with service to another organization. The must turn in a signed form documenting their involvement
  • Once during the year, students give a presentation on an artist of interest to them who pushes the limits of art and art patronage in our society today. They pick a Friday and lead a class discussion on the artist and topic

Grading Scale: (How will your efforts and performance be assessed?)


Each nine weeks there will be an assignment of 2 to 5 projects, including 1 or 2 homeprojects (the amount will be determined by the length of time it takes to complete each project) The projects will have specific guidelines and criteria that will be evaluated for the final grade. All projects turned in late will be graded down 10 points each day.


Each student is required to keep a workbook. The workbook will be checked for a grade at the interim and the end of the grading period. A minimum of 20 pages should be completed each 9 week period. The workbook should contain comprehensive sketches, warm-ups, plans for home and class projects, skill development, self-assessment, artist research, reflections and progress critiques. It is a daily requirement to have a workbook in class everyday. A total of ten points will be deducted from the weekly grade for each day the workbook is not in class


Each project will be accompanied by an art history/visual culture unit that will either be evaluated with a quiz or a test based on vocabulary, image identification, and critical observation

Gallery visit/Community service-10%

All students are required to visit a gallery or museum once each semester and write a critique on the work of one artist. All students must participate in a minimum of 3 hours each semester of community service in an art related venue as well. One will be counted one nine weeks and one the other nine weeks.

Weekly Grade-10%

This grade is based on preparation for class, work habits in class, clean-up and class participation (including bringing workbook to class everyday and immediate participation in daily warm-ups)

cfa level i late policy
CFA Level I Late Policy
  • Projects, Workbooks, Gallery Critiques and Community Service Forms
    • All materials should be turned into designated areas on the assigned due date.
    • If the student fails to turn the work in on time they may turn the materials in the next day the class meets for a loss of 10 points.
    • After the 10 point grace period the work can be handed in the next class day for a starting grade of 50%.
    • The workbook will not be accepted after the third day and will be marked as a zero.
    • If the student has an unplanned absence on the scheduled due date they must present an excused absence slip in order receive full credit. If the student is absent for an extended period of time a doctor’s note may be requested.
    • Any late work must be handed in directly to Ms. Dowdy.
  • Project extensions available upon request at least one date before due date


website as a tool
Website as a Tool
  • Syllabus for reference
  • Calendar feature: daily information –if you are absent…
  • Rubrics Online
  • 24/7 access to due dates and homework
  • College/Community Service/Event/Gallery/Extra Credit/Information
  • All projects are linked as well as ppts and websites used in class
  • Remember to check powerschool for grades: I export Tuesdays by 5:30
CFA SCHEDULE FOR THE YEAR: Important dates to remember:And be sure you are getting CFA newsletter! slpoxon@henrico.k12.va.us

September 16th: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!

September 18th &19th: AMAZING RAISE!!!!

September 23rd: FCFA Ice Cream Social: 7pm HHS South Cafeteria JOIN FCFA!!!!!!

Fall Showcase: MANDATORY to attend one night:

November 21st and 22nd 5:00-7:00 Visual Arts Showcase

(followed by Performing Art Showcase-not mandatory)

January 21-24th: MIDTERM EXAMS



May 23rd: Visual Arts Senior Showcase at Fourth Fridays downtown at Artworks Gallery

May 31st: FCFA Honors picnic for CFA students and their families:

Buy your gear wear now!!!!!!

June 10th-13th: FINAL EXAMS!

studio 2 hours and guidelines open studio schedule tutoring buses
Studio 2 Hours and Guidelines:Open Studio Schedule/Tutoring Buses!
  • OPEN STUDIO 8:35-8:55am*
  • (Students arriving before 8:30am can go to the cafeteria until the studio opens. You can stay there until 8:35 to sit and socialize or you can come to class to work quietly)
  • 4:00-5:00: STUDIO OPEN by appmt only
  • OPEN STUDIO 8:35-8:55am*
  • 3:55-5:00: OPEN STUDIO SESSION WITH Ms DOWDY IN ST 2 -see schedule for art club meetings
  • OPEN STUDIO 8:35-8:55am* the 2nd Wed of the month(CFA teacher meeting until the bell-please report to cafeteria until the first bell rings)
  • OPEN STUDIO 8:35-8:55*
  • STUDIO CLOSED AFTER SCHOOL/see schedule for Art Club Meetings
  • OPEN STUDIO 8:35-8:55*
  • *Students are expected to follow morning open studio guidelines to be able to participate in these sessions. The guidelines are posted in the room and students unable to follow them will be asked to leave to go to the cafeteria until the first block of the day begins.
  • **This schedule is subject to change-all changes will be posted online and on the classroom door throughout the year.