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A selection of our areas of activity and projects completed

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A selection of our areas of activity and projects completed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A selection of our areas of activity and projects completed. Table of Contents. 1. Enterprise control systems Comet Courier System 1 Physician's Scheduler 2 Medinfotech 3 Medical Examination 7 ESCULAPUS 13 Credit Agency Dispatchers' Department Automation 20

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table of contents
Table of Contents

1. Enterprise control systems

Comet Courier System 1

Physician's Scheduler 2

Medinfotech 3

Medical Examination 7


Credit Agency Dispatchers' Department Automation 20

2. Billing and money transfer systems

Utility tracking 9

Banking System “RABIS” 14

System of Express Money Transfer 19

3. Projects concerned with planning processes and development of analytical techniques

Medical Examination 7

MRM-System 11

Credit Agency Dispatchers' Department Automation 20

4. Security

BIA DB (Licitware) 10

System of Express Money Transfer 19

5. Hardware, circuitry, automation projects

Comet Courier System 1

BPEL interfaces/adaptors

for Nortel EMS Corba and Axapta 15

6. Communications

BuZZone 11

Pocket PC Client for RFID-Bluetooth-Scanner 6

Control Panel for one or several Control PBX 16

Egophone Solution, a video telephone software 17

p2p network solution 18

7. Mobile applications

Comet Courier System 1

Medinfotech 3

Presentation Software Suite

for a specific BT-device 5

Pocket PC Client for RFID-Bluetooth-Scanner 6

BuZZone 12


MMW – My Mobile World 4

MWH Catalog Management System 8

Utility tracking 9

9. VoIP related projects

Software VoIP and Video Telephone 16

Control Panel of Software Branch Exchange “Asterisk” 17

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

1 comet courier system
1. Comet Courier System

Comet Courier System (CSS) automates business processes in companies providing courier services. The system comprises subsystems for handling clients, a courier-handling side and an Order Entry side.

The courier-handling side tracks the complete functioning of the courier's activities including processing several payment systems simultaneously (e.g. monthly salary + hourly rate + commission), company's equipment rented by the courier, vehicles usage etc.

The client-handling subsystem performs a complete cycle of operations with clients, such as issuing invoices, making sure payments are made in due time etc.

The order-handling subsystem places orders and dispatches them.

The system is implemented in the 3-tier architecture using Inprise MIDAS.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

1 comet courier system1
1. Comet Courier System

Specific features:

2-level cache. Data is cached both on the Application Server and on the Client module, which enhances productivity under low-speed remote connection.

Lock manager. Prevents multiple users from editing a record simultaneously.

Security. Enables handling 32 user groups, with each group can be authorized to insert/update/delete/select records.

Technologies: 3-tier, based on Inprise MIDAS technology

Operating system: Windows 9x/NT

Database: Sybase Anywhere SQL server v 5.5

Programming tools: Delphi 5.0

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

2 physician s scheduler
2. Physician's Scheduler

Physician Scheduler is a professional appointment-scheduling program that helps keep track of appointments for any type of professional healthcare practices. It enables the quick creation and review of appointments and lists for managing the business more effectively.

The system is implemented with Oracle8 and Oracle Forms. Currently, the medical software is being Web-enabled. FLORA*iHIS now solves multiple tasks of Hospital activities automation, and includes the following modules

Checking in the patients

Hospital inventory tracking

Availability of beds etc.

Keeping records of ward data

Beds distribution over wards

List of patients

Staff planning

Keeping records of patients ’condition and therapies

Patient therapy planning

Medical records

Pharmaceutics, including modules

Ordering medicines

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

2 physician s scheduler1
2. Physician's Scheduler

Medicines warehouse

Patients/Medication Profiles

Laboratory section

Diagnostic imaging unit compatible with the DICOM standard (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine).

Surgery data module, including

Surgery planner

Staff planner

Equipment tracking

Pre-surgery and post-surgery diagrams

Therapy module

Patients database, including

“Info inquiry desk ”

Patient nutritional consultancy

Out-patient therapy unit, including;

Reception hours planner covering

Calendar, prescription dates, procedures, treatment etc.

Patients identification;

Doctors database

Patients checking-in module

Today’s Work Review

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

2 physician s scheduler2
2. Physician's Scheduler

A module to do with keeping patients records as spreadsheets, including


of patients attendance

of patients’ physical examination

of treatment &assignment

Problem List, displaying

Temporary and long-term cases

Patients condition history

Therapy histories

SOAP (Subject - Object - Assessment - Planning) Module

Reference Directory of Medical Codes

Out-patient Medical records

Critical cases data module storing data for

Patient check-in

Cases triage

Treatment and allocation

Technology: Client-Server

Operating system: Cross-Platform

Database: Oracle8i

Programming languages: PL/SQL, SQL, Java

Programming tools: Oracle Developer 6.0

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

3 medinfotech
3. Medinfotech

Medinfotech is an internet-software-system for doctors, to do their complete appointment and resource planning. The following list presents the core features of the system.

Patients can use a convenient graphical calendar to make appointments with their doctor via the internet.

Doctors log on to Medinfotech to check their appointments and to confirm or reject appointment-requests by their patients.

Medinfotech offers the doctor an online time manager.

Medinfotech optionally synchronizes itself with MS Outlook, so that the doctor does not have to manage all appointments online. On the other hand, he nevertheless is able to do so.

Medinfotech not only manages individual working doctors but also may be used by cooperating doctors, which work together in one medical care center. Medinfotech is also used to manage the resources of the doctor (e.g. special machines, treatment rooms, etc.).

If a doctor wants to send his patient to a specialized doctor they may use the Medinfotech system of the other doctor to perform this task.

With Medinfotech, the waiting room of the doctor is relieved: Patients may leave the doctor’s practice rooms and, for example, go shopping. Medinfotech sends SMS messages to the mobile phones of the patients when they are in turn.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

3 medinfotech1
3. Medinfotech


An application-service-providing company uses Medinfotech to create accounts for doctors. Medinfotech runs on an Internet host.

Each doctor uses a username/password combination to access “his” own Medinfotech section where he e.g. can use his appointment planner.

Patients are able to make appointment requests with a convenient graphical appointment planner by accessing “their ” doctors section via some dedicated link.

Medinfotech supports individual working doctors as well as cooperating doctors working together in one office.

Patients are automatically reminded of their appointments via E-Mail and SMS.

Additional synchronization module for the software “Outlook ”.

Medinfotech will be extended to manage the doctor’s resources so that the appointment planning system automatically takes care of rooms, special equipment, usage conflicts when more than one doctor works in the office, etc.

Doctors may send patient to specialized doctors.

“Outlook” synchronization modules do not only synchronize appointment data but also do synchronize address and customer data. So for example a patient only has to enter his patient number when creating an appointment request.

Mobile communication abilities to Medinfotech. Patients may be automatically reminded to their appointments by SMS.

Mini-MyDOC offers two main features. Firstly, the patient gets the possibility of saving his own settings (name, address, insurance, etc.) so that he hasn’t to enter the data over and over again. Secondly, the patient gets his own calendar, were appointments made on a doctor’s page are automatically transferred to, so that the patient can remember his appointments more easily.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

3 medinfotech2
3. Medinfotech

Medinfotech Server

Operating system: Linux

Database: MySQL

Web server: Apache 1.3

Programming languages: PHP4

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world
4. MMW – My Mobile World

MMW is Application Service Providing solution designed to establish and manage a wide network of online dealerships in wireless phone industry. The following list presents the core features of the system.

Master Dealer/Wholesaler Benefits

  • Ability to utilize one database, one or multiple warehouses to enable an unlimited number of dealers to have their own customized Cellular Accessory Super Store all using your products and fulfillment.
  • Incredible Sales Tool for your Wholesale business. Bring in new Wholesale customers. This answers the question of ‘What makes you different from the rest?’
  • Generate potentially unlimited income via retail sales generated by your dealers online

Sub Dealer Benefits

  • Receive commission off the suggested retail price
  • Complete control over pricing meaning you have the ability to change pricing to the end user.
  • Control over your margins by controlling your pricing
  • Ability to put items on sale and include an ‘on sale ’sign next to the pricing
  • Ability to feature items on sale on the home page
  • Ability to sell 1500 unique cellular accessories without inventory or personnel
  • Utilize a system with well over $550,000 invested
  • From 200 to 300 hours a month is invested in making the system the best in the industry
  • Attract a statewide, nationwide, and worldwide audience.
  • Real Time Reporting available 24/7

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world1
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Master Dealer Administration

Inventory Management

Extensive Browser Based Inventory Management System

Search via ‘Key Words ’or drop down lists of product names, phone models or accessory group names.

Complete ‘real time ’control for inputting new product, updating product information including product description, pricing, etc.

Built in ability to set different ‘Tiers ’or margins for commission to your dealers based on the margins you have to work with in different product categories.

System dynamically sets the ‘Suggested Retail Price’ dependent on the margins or commissions being paid to dealers.

Allows each accessory to be sold under multiple phone models while only inputting the products information one time.

Required option(s) feature leads your customers to the accessory required intuitively. For example when purchasing ‘Hands Free’ accessories with the 2.5 mm jack for a phone that needs an adaptor, the system will take your customer directly to the adaptor and explain that it is needed to utilize the hands free accessory selected and allow them to either purchase or opt out.

Out of stock function allows you to render certain accessories ‘not visible ’to the end user while the accessory is out of stock.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world2
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Brand Management & Dynamic Catalog Generation

Complete control to edit, create or delete brands and attach phones to their specific brands and service(s). Catalog is dynamically generated utilizing the most up to date information in the system giving your wholesale customers a complete visual reference of your inventory every day of the year. Saves Thousands of dollars annually on catalog printing, set up and postage.

Sub Dealer Management

Ability to view, add or change information for Sub Dealers Real Time.

Ability to send a mass e-mail to all Sub Dealers with any promos, news or current events.


Total Per Product sales report

Total Sales Volume & Commission report per Sub Dealer

Total Sales Volume & Commission report for specified Sub Dealer

Statistical Reports

Virtually any report can be developed as long as the information is in the system to be pulled into a report.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world3
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Sub Dealer Administration

Ability to dynamically control pricing real time for any product

Ability to set ‘sale ’pricing real time and display a ‘sale ’sign for any product

Complete control over what brands & services you want to offer

Complete control over whether to include Affiliate Marketing into your system

Administrative control over addition of new ‘Sales Agents’ and ‘Affiliate Marketing Partners’ into your system for your outside sales staff and Affiliate Marketing Partners

Ability to dynamically set or change commission rates for both Sales Agents and Affiliate Marketers

Real Time Reporting for exact day, Month to date & Month End

On Sale Now feature that enables you to control what items are displayed ‘On Sale’ on the home page or first page of the Super Store

Marketing Materials Section that is explained in previous section

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world4
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Sub Dealer Marketing Materials

Ability to generate a brochure listing all of the accessories available for any particular phone with our without images

Generate discount coupon codes to include in coupons, newspaper ads, e-mails to the customers, etc.

Customizable advertising slogan running at the bottom of the storefront page

Sub Agent program to track sales &commission for outside sales teams

Affiliate marketing program built in to expand your marketing reach

Permission marketing with statistics driven e-mail promos

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world5
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Customer Friendly Features

Extremely user friendly Interface enabling the end user to rapidly find specific items

Competitive pricing with featured items on sale

Secure on-line buying experience

24 hour help desk to insure 100% satisfaction

Phone Model Identification Section assisting customers in identifying their phone

E-mail conformations with tracking numbers e-mailed with every order made

On screen prompts guiding through complete selection of available accessories

Orders taken by phone brand, category of accessory, or solution based on State of the Art Encryption Technology ensures customers a secure ordering experience

Required options feature takes customers directly to any ‘additional’ items needed to utilize accessories. This function could easily be made into an ‘Intuitive Suggested Sales’ Function.

My account section remembers passwords allowing customers to bypass inputting all of their information each time they return to shop. Also lists all past purchases by date allowing customers to review their order history.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

4 mmw my mobile world6
4. MMW – My Mobile World

Technology: Web Application

Operating system: Linux

Database: MySQL

Web server: Apache 1.3

Programming languages: PHP4

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

5 presentation software suite for a bt device
5. Presentation Software Suite for a BT-device

The specific Bluetooth device is connected to Data Projector or to any SVGA-compatible monitor and used for presentations. The Palm-based or Symbian UIQ-based PDA is used to transfer still images to the BT-device using the Bluetooth protocol and control the presentation.

PC Suite software features:

  • Converts a PowerPoint PPT file to a series of JPEG (and/or PNG) files.
  • Sorts JPEG (PNG) files correctly (In the alphabetical order).
  • Shows preview.
  • Transfers files to PDA in a desired directory. Supports HotSync and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Generates and transfers a picture preview to PDA in a specified format.
  • Compatible to Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and Windows XP OS as well as to Windows Office 2000 and Office XP.
  • Help system.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

5 presentation software suite for a specific bt device
5. Presentation Software Suite for a specific BT-device

Palm PDA software features:

Compatible to a Palm PDA based on the Palm OS v4.x and Palm OS v5.0 with external Palm Bluetooth SDIO Card or an embedded Bluetooth module and Symbian UIQ-based PDA.

Connects via Bluetooth to a selected specific BT-device.

Supports device-specific communication protocol over the RFCOMM Bluetooth profile.

Optional preview for pictures in the JPEG and PNG formats.

Next, previous, jump to first, jump to last and jump to selected pictures.

Shows slide titles on the screen.

Changes the device “Bluetooth name”.

Supports Download/Upload/Delete slidesets and pictures from/to the device internal non-volatile flash memory.

Switch ON/OFF device Autorun mode for all the pictures and for a selected slideset at a specified time delay between slides.

Assigns setting for the standalone mode presentation.

Supports Screen Capture modes – single shots and continuous. Also different settings should be available – picture quality, zoom, rotate and output graphical format.

Supports upload of firmware updates to the device.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

5 presentation software suite for a bt device1
5. Presentation Software Suite for a BT-device

Using the Presentation Software Suite

The steps are as follows:

The user selects a PowerPoint file with the PC Suite on his/her computer.

The PowerPoint file expands to a series of files and are then transferred to the PDA over the HotSync or Bluetooth Connection.

Individual slides are transferred to the specific device with the software on his/her PDA.

Slides are shown on an external screen.

Programming languages: C, C++

Platform: Palm 4.x, 5.x, Symbian 7 UIQ, MS Windows

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

6 pocket pc client for rfid bluetooth scanner
6. Pocket PC client for RFID-Bluetooth-scanner

Core of the project:

A simple instruction is sent from Pocket PC to RFID-scanner, which is used by Australian farmers at livestock auctions for reading RFID-cattle ear tags. As a response the user receives a list of RFIDs.

Formerly the farmers could connect to Bluetooth RFID-scanner using Laptop and standard communications (RS-232) using client software. Now the connection is possible using Pocket PC.

Client: Australian company

Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 BT stack 1.0-1.4

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

7 medical examination statistical reporting system for main bureau of medical social examination
7. Medical ExaminationStatistical Reporting System for Main Bureau of Medical Social Examination

The system is meant for use at bureaus of medical & social examinations. It allows automating the process of preparing statistical reporting data for the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

The automation is achieved due to acquiring original data to be statistically processed for its further computerized handling. The system is built on the base of distributed data acquisition. Data of statistical coupons are introduced into the system (converted into electronic form) at points of their emergence, that is at branches of the General Bureau of Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD). Collected data is stored both at the branches and handed over to the General Bureau.

Data acquired by the General Bureau from the branches are stored in a consolidated database from which it is then sampled to generate statistical reports.The system is made up of two modules - the “General Burea” module and the “Branch” module.

The modules differ by their functionality. To set up collective workgroup operation, LAN is needed.The “Statistical Reporting” interacts with these adjoining systems: “Statistika” (FGUP IMI, Moscow, Russia) and “Adressnaya sotsialnaya pomoshch” (PKTI ASU, Tula, Russia).

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

7 medical examination statistical reporting system for main bureau of medical social examination1
7. Medical ExaminationStatistical Reporting System for Main Bureau of Medical Social Examination

The program is run under Windows 98/2000, MS Jet 4 database (if necessary, supplied with the program), local-area network (if several operators are meant to run with a single module).

Technology: C++,

Database: MS Jet

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

8 mwh catalog management system
8. MWH Catalog Management System

Online back-end catalog management system for controlling web based activations in the mobile phone industry.

This catalog management system was developed for a leading cellular service and cellular product provider in the United States. Their customers fall into 3 tiers:

Major accounts

Small-medium business accounts

Retail consumers

Correspondingly, this cellular carrier sells through four channels to meet the needs of these customers:


Retail stores


Direct salespeople including major account managers.

The New Online eCommerce site for this Cellular Carrier will include cellular phone sales and configuration, cellular service plan sales and providing superior customer service to its clients.

Our solution uses catalog management and the back-end data store for catalog presentation of all products, plans, features, and promotions.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

9 utility t racking
9. Utility Tracking

It is on-line web application which provides the following features for customers, agents, administrators and suppliers. The basic function of the application is Utility Tracking. It used by both customers and sales entities. Customers use this tool to better understand commodity usage and trends. The sales entity uses the commodity usage of the customer to find the customer a better contract with the suppliers.

The primary goal of the system is to provide an easy to use interface to allow sales entities to enter customer usage data and get reports. The system will be an asset in attracting and retaining good sales entities, clients and suppliers.

The system provides the following capabilities:

Utility Tracking and Reporting

Entry of Historical utility usage and cost information

Utility Billing

Supplier Invoicing

Help System for all modules of the application

Technology: Web Application .Net technology

Operating system: MS Windows

Database: MS SQL

Web server: IIS

Programming languages: C++, C#, Java Script, DHTML

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

10 bia db licitware
10. BIA DB (Licitware)

The Disk Browser (DB) is being designed as a Computer Forensic Tool used in the investigation of computer crimes. There several types of Specimens (Evidences) can be created and investigated such as Image of drive, File or Folder, Mailbox and Address Book, Instant Message History, Internet Explorer History and so on.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

10 bia db licitware1
10. BIA DB (Licitware)

One of the main scopes of activity for Disk Browser is the Forensic Disk Image. DB is able to create exact images of a physical or logical disk drive that captures the complete disk, including Slack [1] and Free Space [2]. This image is able to be hashed [3] as to prove it is an exact copy of the original disk. The DB has the ability span the image file across multiple media for archiving purposes, the image file then is able to be restored to another disk or mounted in the Disk Browser for investigation. Also DB allows mounting disk image as a virtual drive so other programs.


[1] Slack space is the unused bytes of a sector when a file is not exactly divisible by the sector size. For example a 3k file stored in a 4k cluster or sector would have 1k of slack space because only one file can occupy a cluster, sector or range there of. The space after the <EOF> and before the start of the next allocation unit.

[2] Space marked as unused by the Volumes File System. This may contain deleted or temp information.

[3] A message digest using MD5, SHA1 or any other algorithm should be the same for the Image File as it is for the Disk or Volume.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

10 bia db licitware2
10. BIA DB (Licitware)

Once a Specimen is created then opened in the disk browser the investigation starts. The DB allows for viewing the content of the Specimen as a tree. For disk image viewing deleted files and directories is implemented. DB allows files or Raw Clusters to be opened in a HEX Viewer or viewing in internal viewer without native Software to be installed. The content of the file also can be sent to a third party viewer or even MS Imaging. The ability implemented to open and investigate common mailbox formats and recover deleted e-mail. Address Books and Mailboxes content is shown as in mail application.

The investigator is able to use build in search features to investigate data. Query Builder is available using file filters, hash libraries and keyword lists.

ACL (Access Control List) - a method of controlling access to the functions of the software, with logging, is built in. This allows supervisors to control case creation, which investigator has access to a case and what functions are available on a case by case basis. Windows authentication allows implementing deep security level to access to objects.

Disk Browser can be installed as Stand-along application as well as at the Network configuration. So all DB features can be used for Workgroup.

Programming languages: C++

Platform: MS Windows

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

11 m rm system
11. MRM-System

The solution is one of a few such comprehensive MRM (Marketing Resource Management) systems, that support the marketing process as a whole, starting from drawing up a plan up to tracking of advertising actions results which can be absolutely different (from media-channels to direct user sampling).

Also the system supports the whole process of work from enterprise budget planning, through overheads to reports about the works completed and performs a number of functions, like commodities movement tracking, tied up with a definite marketing move, via markings.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

11 m rm system1
11. MRM-System

The main advantage is an independent possibility of system to track the actual state of company’s customers, suspects and ex-customers. Samplings based on this set, can be a target group to advertise (to carry out a marketing action) in a definite project.

This functionality can be delivered as a separate program. The existing data set about customers can be divided in parts through selection system by criteria (that do not require special knowledge from the customer), each part can be further extracted from the system as a separate file (in XML format) or as a special report.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

11 m rm system2
11. MRM-System

A feature is implemented in the system that prevents from using the same customer twice, this influences marketing profoundly. E.g., a probability to send advertising materials of different price policy (in one product) to one customer in the framework of one project is decreased.

The system stipulates multi-user mode, accompanied with conditions of access rights verification. Access is arranged in different levels: directly for customer, group of customers, company departments.

Database: Interbase

Programming language: .NET

Platform: cross-platform

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

12 buzzone
12. BuZZone


The purpose of this product is to organize wireless communication between mobile devices using the Bluetooth™ wireless technology. The following document describes usage scenarios of this product for entertainment purposes: search for acquaintances, message exchange and gaming.

Currently, more and more people use mobile devices for their work and fun. One of the determinative components of the term “mobile” - appears wireless communication. Among the number of wireless technologies, Bluetooth technology stands out and becomes more and more popular. Currently this technology is supported by a large variety of devices.

Key features

First version of the product contains following features for communication, acquaintances and group message broadcasting

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

12 buzzone1
12. BuZZone


Chat: user can exchange messages with several users. Message consists of text, images and sound files. To speed up message input process (which is not so perfect on PDAs), user can utilize following additional functions: use fast phrases, use images within the text, use sound files within the text. Chat history stored in the system and could be browsed. Voice messages exchange: users can exchange voice messages - the system provides a function to record and send voice message, the receiver gets notification about incoming voice message and plays it. Phone-alike conversation: this mode provides possibility to use mobile device as a phone in radio range distances.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

12 buzzone2
12. BuZZone


The solution provides a function to search for new acquaintances with shared interests. The main goal is to make it possible for people to find each other in crowded places staying invisible (bars, cafes, clubs, etc.), to browse profile of a found person and people and initiate the acquaintance. All the user has to do is to set up his / her own profile, then set up an acquaintance search profile, go to the public place and start the search. The system periodically searches for the appropriate devices and notifies user of the search results. Users can browse profiles of each other and decide to start the acquaintance. Suppose, user A decides to start, he / she sends an acquaintance request, user B receives notification, accepts it and they both move to the chat mode to proceed the acquaintance. Later on, they may decide to move to the voice chat mode (phone-like conversation). Both users are not in the visual contact, but they are sure that they are located close to each other. This way the system allows the user to meet people and to talk to them anonymously. At the same time, the user is in full control of the system, and for example, can switch off the acquaintance services so that no one will find your device with acquaintance goals.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

12 buzzone3
12. BuZZone

Message broadcast to groups

The solution provides a function of message broadcasting to groups of subscribers and text conferences between several devices. Conference participants will be able to discuss all interesting issues in places where personal conversation is not possible or difficult: on board aircraft, universities, libraries, meetings, etc. The system will allow subscribers to share latest information, exchange documents, etc. It will be possible to subscribe to some message groups and receive the most interesting messages from any participant.

Programming language: C++

Platform: MS Windows CE

Additional Information: www.itcsoftware.com

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

13 esculapus a document flow system for medical practices
13. ESCULAPUS A document flow system for medical practices

The system keeps records of Disease Histories and enhances medical staff at practices, document flow procedures and provides considerable savings in staff working time.

Implemented in client-server technology

Operating systems - Windows NT

Relational database management system - Oracle 8i, version 8.1.5

Programming tool - Borland C++ Builder

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

13 esculapus a document flow system for medical practices1
13. ESCULAPUS A document flow system for medical practices


Gives the physician or a nurse a powerful tool for checking patients in and out, handle queries at receptions, various practices including resuscitation, diagnostics and others online.

All structural units of a practice are linked via a network, so it takes only a few simple keystrokes to generate and distribute the electronic version of a Disease History per each patient.

Provides fast calculations for nutrition, or lack of nutritional elements in the patient's body

Medication therapy and care are scheduled automatically, with appointment lists generated in seconds.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

13 esculapus a document flow system for medical practices2
13. ESCULAPUS A document flow system for medical practices

The electronic version of the Disease History comes with

Header list.

Primary checkup results

Appointment lists, checkup lists and medication therapy lists.

Health check results.

Practitioner's guidance notes.

List of therapy & diagnostic events.

List of surgical operations and anaesthetics.

Practitioner's diary.

Temperature checklist.

Hourly checkup report.

Patient's checkout report

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

14 banking system rabis
14. Banking System "RABIS"

The distinguishing features of the "RABIS" automated banking system are:

Universal development environment which allows the achievement of 100% compatibility between the UNIX platforms of Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems, SCO (Intel) and, owing to

Use of industrial RBDMS of ORACLE Corporation.

Use of standard protocol Telnet to organize the workplace.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

14 banking system rabis1
14. Banking System "RABIS"


Net service w.3.1 is a program package implemented in RABIS which helps carry out net transactions, transmit messages and files over IP nets. It also can function independently of the system. For example, the use of the package on the communication server of the CLIENT-to-BANK system.


Use of high-quality equipment, certified techniques, duplication of basic key nodes and systems, power failure protection.


At the programming level, the safety system of the "RABIS" comprises several protection levels:

Operating system level

Application program level

RBDMS level.

(c) www.itcsoftware.com

14 banking system rabis2
14. Banking System "RABIS"

The safety system provides for multilevel methods of control.

All users are divided into classes and groups, which have rights to operate the system. For external users (of the self-service system, the Client-to-Bank system, the Clearing Center system, interbanking credits system), special codes are generated, that is, keys to the electronic signature of the client-to-bank system with a key diskette. Under the operation via open communication channel codes, electronic signatures and check sums are used. Such authentification prevents unauthorized attempts to send "forged" messages.

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14 banking system rabis3
14. Banking System "RABIS"

Remote Diagnostic and Control Tools.

The system allows testing of technical and program resources from remote nodes, for example, in affiliates connected via the external network. Owing to this, the bank doesn't have to keep qualified personnel in every branch but only in the main office, without loss in effectiveness and quality of system maintenance. The system offers the following features:

Review active processes table

Review active users table

Review the system journal

Review the safety module journal

Start/stop the network queries

Change the system time

Control and maintain the system safety

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14 banking system rabis4
14. Banking System "RABIS“

Universal interbank real-time calculation system.For a banking employee the incoming form of a payment document remains unchanged. Irrespective of whether it is a local payment, an inter-affiliate or an external transaction handled by the SCC (Settlement Cash Center).

The multi-currency of "RABIS" is the principal feature for bookkeeping different currency units separately. Any currency unit can be set as the national one. Accounting is kept separately for each type of currency. We developed a new software package for currency transactions for the DalrybBank (Russia), which makes input of multilined documents a matter of a simple keystroke. The feature allows users to

Keep debit-credit accounting for several accounts;

Keep records of debt on several accounts;

Run transactions under various commission rates chosen from the reference journal;

Solve complex tasks to do with acquiring data concerning currency transactions from many offline tellers.

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14 banking system rabis5
14. Banking System "RABIS"

Dynamic re-estimation.This feature allows the performance of corrective operations for any closed day and immediate recalculation of current and planned remainders and turnovers for chosen accounts.

Support of multi-affiliate banking provides for:

Receipt of consolidated reporting;

Automated routing and payment remittance;

Entering the database of an affiliate from the central office and analysis of current status;

Maintenance of an affiliate's database synchronized with the common database of the central office;

Scalability of the system by means of employees operating the Bank-to-Client system;

Flexible reporting. The system stores all the reports issued by the Central Bank. It also has a powerful report form generator so any report is created instantaneously.

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14 banking system rabis6
14. Banking System "RABIS"

Independent Currency Operation Servicing.The client can be served at any banking agency no matter where his account is opened. Running transactions via SCC (Settlement Cash Center) is performed in real time.

Quick generation of balance sheet information on clients for the previous 5 years.

Use of the powerful and flexible ANALYTIC system created with Oracle Developer 2000.

ONLINE support to the client side of the Client-to-Bank system.

Wide range of scalability from 1 to 1000 working places.

Wide range of plastic cards accepted that can be cashed in many cash machines.

Easy transition to new charts of accounts.

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15 bpel interfaces adaptors for nortel ems corba and axapta
15. BPEL interfaces/adaptors for Nortel EMS Corba and Axapta

Implementation of several Enterprise class system integration, incl. Nortel EMS, Axapta. Oracle BPEL Manager based integration.

Test site setup

- bpel manager

- oracle server

- oracle portal server

- connection to remote site

Development - o10 / bpel generic integration

- bpel / corba generic integration

- corba adapter

- bpel / xml-files generic integration

- user flow

Client: NDA conditions, joint international project with participationof known German, Danish and Israeli companies.

Platform: Oracle Technology products

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16 software voip and video telephone
16. Software VoIP and Video Telephone

Full-scale software video telephone

Full-scale software video telephone with support of protocols VoIP: H.323, SIP, IAX.

Video telephone runs with different types of headsets, including analogue headsets, USB headsets, Bluetooth headsets, as well as USB telephones.

Application uses services of catalogues Active Directory and LDAP.

Appearance of the program is set by means of “skins”

Technologies: .NET Framework. DirectX.

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17 control panel of software branch exchange asterisk
17. Control Panel of Software Branch Exchange “Asterisk”

The System allows controlling over branch exchange by means of web-interface.

  • The following functions are available:
    • Change of branch exchange parameters
    • Setting up dial plans
    • Control over user accounts
  • Software suite tracks setting change of branch exchange and allows configuration restoring by check points
  • Development platforms: .NET Framework, Mono

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18 p2p network
18. p2p network

Implementation of peering file exchange network with a built-in integration with different billing systems of network providers.

Publishing, searching, downloading among the published resources.

Client: a Novosibirsk communications services provider.

Platforms: .NET

Windows, Linux

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19 system of express money transfer
19. System of express money transfer

The system is designated for the customers visiting any branch of bank or partner bank and transferring the money. To transfer the money, the customer does not need to indicate receiver’s exact address, and just informing of receiver’s country and last name, he can transfer the money. The addressee can receive the remittance immediately in his nearest local bank office.

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19 system of express money transfer1
19. System of express money transfer

The business logic of the real processes simulated in the system is as follows:

All fields are obligatory to fill out.

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19 system of express money transfer2
19. System of express money transfer

At inputting the transfer amount, the program automatically calculates the sum of tariff for transfer and the final amount of transfer and tariff that has to be received from the customer.

The transfer data are sent to the computer host, and the transfer information with the generated transfer check number will be displayed on the monitor. Since this moment the transfer is considered as sent.

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19 system of express money transfer3
19. System of express money transfer

At payment of transfer the search of transfer is carried out by:

check number

full receiver’s or remitter’s name

To restrict the search space, you can indicate additional search conditions:

currency of transfer

sender’s country

transfer amount

After the correct inputting the amount, the transfer payment data will be sent to the computer host. Since this moment the transfer is considered as paid.

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19 system of express money transfer4
19. System of express money transfer

Main features


To protect information the standard public key encryption algorithms are used in the system, that are included in the Windows family of operating systems, (PKI - Public Key Infrastructure is used in such operating systems). Each system object (user, terminal, app server) are identified through certificates. These certificates are used for information signature and encryption being transmitted between system elements via data links.

Speed of information transfer

Transfer of information about remittance is effected immediately. The addressee can get the money already in several seconds after the remitter transfers it to the bank and the operator inputs the data in the system.

System availability

The system is runnable round the clock and ensures a long-term data storage in the protected archives. Once installed, the system is updated automatically.

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19 system of express money transfer5
19. System of express money transfer


The software product can work with an unlimited number of workbenches. This is ensured by a multitier architecture of the application.

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20 credit agency dispatchers department automation
20. Credit Agency Dispatchers' Department Automation

“DESS” software is dispatcher and decision support system developed for large credit agency.

The “DESS” system allow customer to support his growing business with less stuff and decrease decision time for credit request.

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20 credit agency dispatchers department automation1
20. Credit Agency Dispatchers' Department Automation

System features:

Credit request delivered for central server by Internet using secure channel

System performs automatic applicants check

System able to call for external information sources like credit history bureau

Checks results presented for credit expert with useful user interface

System could be integrated with any bank information system

Platform: .Net, ASP.Net, WebServices

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