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Young & Married PowerPoint Presentation
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Young & Married

Young & Married

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Young & Married

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  1. Young & Married Evan Mero. June 30, 2011. Creative Assignment. Chapter 8 – Young Marrieds

  2. What are the important tasks that young couples need to undertake in order to have a successful long-term relationship? Honesty is the main task. Love grows through honesty. When you are honest and your partner knows it, it builds your relationship. Being selfless, loving and genuinely caring are also important.

  3. Is it okay for a woman to be more successful than her husband? And what impact could her success have on their relationship? • The young men I interviewed said that they wouldn’t be upset or bothered by their wives being the bread winner as long as their family was taken care of. But, they both said they would prefer to be the bread winner so that the wife did not have that pressure on them.

  4. Relationships with parents and in-laws. Own Parents In-Laws • The relationship with your own parents doesn’t need to change much. But instead of telling your mom secrets, you tell your spouse. You should always keep in touch with your parents and share with them the joys in your life as you have you entire life. • The couples believe you should have a strong relationship with your spouse’s parents. It makes things in your relationship easier and more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to be honest with them but do it in a way that they will respond in a positive way. A smooth relationship with your in-laws will make your marriage a lot smoother.

  5. Adjustments to Marriage Some of the toughest adjustments for our couples were actually everyday activities. What to do in your spare time, what to eat for dinner, how to spend money, and household chores were the most popular choices. These activities were an adjustment because they are easy to do or choose when you are only worried about yourself, but now you have to take another person’s concerns and likes into account. This is why communication is a key part to a happy marriage!