welcome to ms hall s classroom n.
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Welcome to Ms. Hall’s Classroom

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Welcome to Ms. Hall’s Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Ms. Hall’s Classroom. Procedures and Guidelines to Survive our Rigorous Year . “The Biggies”. Follow all rules and guidelines as set in your Jefferson County Schools/CHS Handbook. Respect yourself and all others…whether you like them or not.

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welcome to ms hall s classroom

Welcome to Ms. Hall’sClassroom

Procedures and Guidelines to Survive our Rigorous Year

the biggies
“The Biggies”
  • Follow all rules and guidelines as set in your Jefferson County Schools/CHS Handbook.
  • Respect yourself and all others…whether you like them or not.
  • Keep your hands, negative comments,…and all that to yourself.
  • Stay in your seat because there will be plenty of occasions when I ask you to get up move around!
  • I want to see your eyes!!! Sounds a little strange, I know.
the biggies1
“The Biggies”
  • Participate….even if you really would rather be somewhere else, it honestly makes the time go faster.
  • Attendance: BE HERE!!!!!
  • Late Arrivals…isn’t this one kind of easy?
  • Missed Assignments: they are YOUR responsibility. Check the MAKE UP BINDER when you return!!!!
  • Academic Honesty: No one likes a cheater.
the biggies2
“The Biggies”
  • No food, drink, or gum, PLEASE!
  • Do not write on walls or desk (immediate discipline referral).
  • Do not lean back in the desks or sit on the tops of the desks. They will break!!!
  • Cell phones may not be in use or in sight, or they are gone for five instructional days!
  • DRILLS (fire, tornado, lockdown)
that s the way it goes
That’s the Way it Goes
  • Enter quietly each day with needed supplies.
  • Before the bell rings, sharpen pencils, get tissue and germ-x, go to the restroom, etc. Then sit in your desk without sliding it halfway across the room.
  • At this time, check the board. There will always be an assignment posted for you to begin, a handout to pick up, etc. You should begin the assignment before the bell rings.
and yes it continues
And yes, it continues…
  • We work bell to bell every single day, so be prepared to transition from one activity to the next throughout the block quickly and quietly. This is non-negotiable! No free days or movie days!
  • We will also have a great deal of group work and discussion in class, so please remember how to raise your hand when you have something to add to the conversation. We would love to hear all ideas/opinions, but we can’t hear everyone at the same time.
there s still more
There’s still more…
  • No back packs in the classroom. Purses must be placed to one side of the room.
  • No zero policy!!!
  • Testing: Turn tests face down, and I will pick them up unless told to do otherwise.
  • HEARTBREAKER: I don’t have bathroom passes or hall passes because we rarely have time to use them. Don’t worry though!
pet peeves
Pet Peeves
  • It’s rough, but the bell does not dismiss you. I do. The room should be clean and quiet, and we will be at a stopping point in our lesson. I keep a close watch on time just like you do.
  • THE WORST ACT: packing up before the lesson is over.It is simply distracting and disrespectful. I will give you time to pack up each day depending on how much time you need from the lesson.
 Consequences 
  • First Offense: The student will receive a warning, compose a written apology, and/or role play the situation to improve the behavior.
  • Second Offense: The student will receive a second warning and may complete an action plan, lose seating privileges, or have cleaning duties. Coaches and extra-curricular sponsors will be contacted as well.
the worst
The Worst
  • Third Offense: parent contact/conference
  • Fourth Offense: administration referral
  • Severe Clause: Ms. Hall reserves the right to declare actions as severe when she deems necessary. These actions will be handled immediately with the administration.
who is ms meg hall
Who is MS. Meg Hall???
  • 7th year teaching
  • Originally from Hayden
  • Graduated HHS in 2003
  • Graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education Language Arts in December 2007
  • 28 years old, no children
  • Two brothers (Orlando and Nashville)