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TASBO Legislative Update

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TASBO Legislative Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TASBO Legislative Update. Presented by Moak, Casey & Associates. Agenda. Litigation Update State Budget Update MCA Survey on Staffing School Finance Data Where from Here. Litigation Update. Litigant Groups. The Texas Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition Thompson Plaintiffs MALDEF

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Presentation Transcript
tasbo legislative update

TASBO Legislative Update

Presented by

Moak, Casey & Associates

  • Litigation Update
  • State Budget Update
  • MCA Survey on Staffing
  • School Finance Data
  • Where from Here
litigant groups
Litigant Groups
  • The Texas Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition
  • Thompson Plaintiffs
  • Chapter 41
  • Suitability / GDK
  • Equity
  • State Ad Valorem Tax
  • Rationality
suitability gdk
Suitability / GDK
  • How good does our education system have to be to meet the general diffusion of knowledge standard of the Texas constitution?
  • Is the cost of adequacy under the current system a suitable subject for judicial determination?
  • How do the evolving state standards work into the equation?
  • Do the outdated cost measures impair the adequacy of the system?
  • Equity component to adequacy claim.
  • Is the degradation of system equity since 2004 severe enough to warrant court intervention?
  • What weight does the state commitment to eliminate target revenue by 2017 have?
  • Should the yield for debt service be included in the court’s analysis of tax equity?
  • Given the standard of equity up to the GDK level, should the lack of recapture for a portion of “enrichment” be considered?
state ad valorem tax
State Ad Valorem Tax
  • Do the revenue reductions of the 2011 Legislature offset the “meaningful discretion” afforded by $1.17?
  • Do districts at $1.17 have meaningful discretion to enrich?
  • Should the effective combination of limited voter appeal and the potential for recapture be considered in the analysis?
  • Presented from multiple wealth perspectives
  • Does a separate but unequal funding scheme constitute “suitable” and “efficient” provision?
  • Does the use of 1980s’ weights and adjustments provide the state with a rational basis for funding public education?
  • Are the state long term commitments to adjust standards and financing sufficient?
other litigation observations
Other Litigation Observations
  • Constitutional challenges as an element in a larger debate
  • Proclivity of the court to grant state discretion in all but clear “out of bounds” situations
  • Need for a clear constitutional priority for public education funding
  • Anticipate district court trial late summer / early fall
  • Beware of the request
state budget outlook
State Budget Outlook
  • Some good news
    • $6.5 billion left in state Rainy Day Fund based on revenue projections and state adopted budget
    • State likely closes last biennium with $1.7 billion surplus
    • Sales tax collections continue to grow

Moak, Casey & Associates

state budget outlook13
State Budget Outlook
  • Concerns
    • 82nd session one-time funding measures won’t be available for second use:
      • FSP payment delay: $2.0 to $2.3 billion
      • Speed-up of tax collections $700 million
    • Unfunded Medicaid commitment: $4.8 billion
    • Sales tax collections just approaching 2008 levels
    • Continued need for funding for student enrollment growth, population growth

Moak, Casey & Associates

mca survey on staffing15
MCA Survey on Staffing
  • Included 60 districts, 39 percent of students
  • Respondent enrollment growth 17,593 students
  • Employing 9,586 fewer total staff (3,219 fewer teachers)
  • 11,833 more staff needed to maintain prior year staffing ratios
  • Extrapolated statewide, 32,000 more staff needed to maintain old staffing rations (12,000 teachers)
  • Most expect cuts to continue next year
growth in revenue 2005 2009
Growth in Revenue 2005-2009

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