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DIGHUMLAB. 6 August 2012. Are there new ways of engaging students and the public in history?. One can use actors as roleplayers. Vikingtræffet , Moesgård Strand, Aarhus, 2012 http://www.moesmus.dk/da/besoeg-os/stoerre-events/vikingetraeffet-ved-moesgaard-strand/.

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6 August 2012

one can use actors as roleplayers
One can use actors as roleplayers..

Vikingtræffet, Moesgård Strand, Aarhus, 2012 http://www.moesmus.dk/da/besoeg-os/stoerre-events/vikingetraeffet-ved-moesgaard-strand/

integrate library resources with 3d visualization
Integrate library resources with 3D visualization

NTNU Uni. LibraryMUBIL project@TrondheimCreate dynamic linkages between the public and its collections and spread knowledge. Gather data on how people interact with 3D technology and virtual objects in a library environment.

sagas in voice camera tracked games
Sagas in voice & camera tracked games

Skyrim, -This game can host virtual recreations (of Nordic stories or any other), the human player see top right) can control the avatar, and issue voice commands recognised by the game). Inhabitants can be easily reprogrammed to share stories. Trading, praying, conversing healing etc are possible, not just violence.

(Bottom picture c/o Eric Fassbender)

use smartphone games with gis to create history games for students in the classroom
Use smartphone games with GIS to create history games for students in the classroom

TurfHunt- New way of active Learning (Icelandic game company, shown at Nordunetconference 2012).

URL http://www.locatify.net/?id=52

Video http://vimeo.com/25901467

retell with puppet controlled games
Retell with puppet controlled games

In the PublicVR-”Egyptian Oracle” Project puppeteers and the audience interact with and control game-based avatars to recreate historic events and cultural rituals.

A 3D interactive recreation of ancient Egypt’s Late Period is projected onto the walls using CAVE UT (a cheap game engine projects onto 1 -6 walls simultaneously).

work with or train via heritage partners
Work with or train via heritage partners

V-MusTVirtual Museum Transnational Network:anEU FP7-funded network of excellence that aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support to develop virtual museums that are educational, enjoyable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.Offers internships, courses and seminars.

denmark has a burgeoning industry in serious games and 3d technology
Denmark has a burgeoning industry in serious games and 3D technology..

Tribal trouble (left) is a Viking resource management and civilization building game from Denmark

Serious Games Interactive is Danish and creator of “Playing With History”

Unity is a world famous interactive 2D and 3D creation tool with educational discounts


Other labs are teaching inscriptions via 3Dhttp://blog.humlab.umu.se/

calligraphy painting music and cultural games can be playfully instructive
Calligraphy, painting, music and cultural games can be playfully instructive

Shown at Vsmm2012 conferenceChinese Taoism Touch Screen by Neil Wang and Erik Champion

get students to learn about historic events and literature through simple game design
Get students to learn about historic events and literature through simple game design

Journey to the West, recreated in NeverWinter Nights, a 12 week project by 3 students in 2006.

Involved their translation from the original Chinese text. They included the text in the games, created game mechanics and levels from the text, and tested Chinese and Australian students.

students can be blue screened or videoed into their own historic game level
Students can be blue-screened or videoed into their own historic game level

Recreation of Maltese temples, the students created ghost narrators by videoing themselves recreating imagined rituals and inserting these translucent videos into the game level. This was done in less than 12 weeks part-time by 3 students (undergraduate) in 2005. CAVI (lower left) at Aarhus can do this and project videos onto 3D statues and monuments.

game design forces students to read material and choose the importance of events and characters
Game design forces students to read material and choose the importance of events and characters

This recreation was based on the PopolVuh, if players navigated the archaeological recreation correctly, they could be teleported to Xibalba, the mythic Mayan underworld.

In 2006 two students recreated this in 6 weeks, featuring 3D joystick, surround projection, and a dancemat that the player walked on in order to move about the virtual environment.

videoconference with second life characters via mixed reality
Videoconference with Second Life characters via mixed reality

Thanks to special glasses and magic trackers virtual characters can appear in real worlds or vice versa. This is not expensive or difficult to do. These characters can also use free text to speech engines and free seemingly intelligent AI to engage people in conversations or events.



what is digital humanities


What is Digital Humanities?

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities “at the intersection of digital technologies and humanities.” http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dh

For UCLA DH “interprets the cultural and social impact of new media and information technologies—the fundamental components of the new information age—as well as creates and applies these technologies to answer cultural, social, historical, and philological questions, both those traditionally conceived and those only enabled by new technologies.”http://www.cdh.ucla.edu/about/what-is.html

danish road map


dighumlab research themes
DIGHUMLAB Research Themes

Theme 1: Language-based materials and tools, CLARIN, see http://clarin.dk

Theme 2: Mediatools (the Net Archive, Net Lab) AU, (subcontractor: State Library) and Developing tools for audio and visual mediaAU

Theme 3: Interaction labs AAU and SDU

dariah s mission and dighumlab
DARIAH’s mission and DIGHUMLAB
  • Enhance and support digitally‐enabled research across the humanities and arts
  • To develop, maintain and operate an infrastructure in support of Humanities (ICT) based research practices
  • To work with communities of practice to:
    • Explore and apply ICT-based methods and tools to enable new research questions to be asked and old questions to be posed in new ways THATCAMP WEB-PORTAL MASTER CLASS&WORKSHOPS
    • Improve research opportunities and outcomes via linking distributed digital source materials of many kinds LARM CLARIN-DK NETLAB
    • Exchange knowledge, expertise, methodologies and practices across domains and disciplines 4 universities 2 Danish libraries & museums


Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

University of Oslo

Museum of Cultural History (KHM)

King's College London

Centre for e-Research (CeRcH)


Hosted at Aarhus University


Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)

Vilnius University (VU)

Copenhagen/Denmark (VCC2)


Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS)

Institute for Corpus Linguisticsand Text Technology





Den Haag/Netherlands(VCC3)

University of Goettingen

Goettingen State and University Library (SUB)





Institute of Contemporary History (ICH)


National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)






Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI)

Centre for Informationand Computer Science








Center for Digital Humanities (CDH)

Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW)


Academy of Athens (AA)

Research Centre for the Studyof Modern Greek History

Digital Curation Unit (DCU)

Institute for the Management of Information Systems

Digital Renaissance Foundation (FRD)


Ministry of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports



Cooperating Partner

Non-EU (Cooperating Partner)

digital humanities lab denmark
Digital Humanities Lab Denmark
  • DIGHUMLAB will serve as the single virtual access point to all relevant digitised resources of relevance to the research areas of the humanities and social sciences in both Danish and European research infrastructures.

Contact Project leader Dr Erik Champion