Modernizing Your Loft With
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Find your furnished loft rental here! At CIRCL browse a million lists of lofts, apartments, condos, houses, and leases for rent in Toronto and nearby cities.\nPlease Visit:\n

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Modernizing Your Loft With

Modernizing Your Loft With

New Technology

New Technology

Modern technology has so much to offer the

home. That’s why we have gathered some

ideas for you to incorporate new technology

into your loft.

The Pattern Door Lock:

The Pattern Door Lock:

The pattern door lock is

designed so that the code

combination is not easily

visible, even to those with

you when you are opening


The Mystica Desk:

The Mystica Desk:

• This is a beautiful piece of

loft furniture that appeals to

those who love futurism.

• The table’s ‘L’ design makes

it suitable for a single person,

or for a team to work


• It’s sleek, it’s stylish and we

think it would slot in

perfectly to a loft.

The Dividing Printer:

The Dividing Printer:

• Most printers do allow you to

‘collate’ prints, but there’s always

a chance a rogue paper can find

itself in the wrong mound.

• It allows the printer to create

actual separate mounds of

paper, categorized from the get


• It’s small touches of innovation

like this that make all the


The RIMA Lamp:

The RIMA Lamp:

• This lamp is like no other

because it allows you to

control the light via 4

controller rings that you

can slide.

• It has a processor which

controls the intensity,

angle of the beam, the heat

and the color.

Senzo Nightlight:

Senzo Nightlight:

• The problem this device

solves is the age old issue of

touching your hand across

an entire wall to find the light


• This wonderful home

technology that lights up the

room when you are touching


• It’s perfect for the bedroom.

The Tulip Bath/Shower:

The Tulip Bath/Shower:

• The Tulip Bath/Shower

provides a space saving


• The form of the unit

responds to the organic

growth patterns in nature.

• And quite cleverly folds

out from shower mode to

bath mode.

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