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7 Things To Consider Before Moving

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7 Things To Consider Before Moving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving to a new place often signals a new phase in your life. Whatever the case may be, moving can be incredibly exciting, but also a little terrifying.\n\nFor more details about house rental or moving to new house please contact

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7 Things To Consider Before Moving

Moving to a new place often signals a new phase in your life. Your move could be

motivated by a new job, a new relationship, or even the addition of a new family

member. Whatever the case may be, moving can be incredibly exciting but also a little


People often get anxious just thinking about the long list of things they need to do

before moving. But with a little planning and organization, moving and renting an

apartment can be relatively stress-free. Here are seven things you should consider

before moving to a new place.

1. Timing Is Everything.

Timing your move is one of the most important things to consider when moving,

particularly in cities that actually have four distinct seasons. It comes as no surprise that

summer is the busiest time of the year for moving. Warm weather is a huge contributing

factor for the popularity of the summer move, along with families with kids preferring to

move when school is out. However, be warned: greater demand can often create higher

prices. Apartments/condos/houses for rent is typically more expensive in the summer

months so you might want to consider moving in the fall or spring.


2. Purge, Purge, Purge!

Whether you’re a serial hoarder or just happen to have a lot of stuff, the end result is

one and the same. Look, we all have stuff that we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of.

That broken dresser your grandfather gave you more than a decade ago, all the clothes

you insist on holding onto just in case one day they’ll come back in style. Moving is the

perfect time for a purge and getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely love or need.

Holding onto any useless items will only make your move more difficult and expensive

(if you’re hiring a mover). Before you move, sell anything you don’t need or donate it.

3. Start Packing… Like Now.

Procrastination can be the downfall of any major move. If you don’t get started on

packing at least a week before your move date, you are guaranteed to set yourself up

for more stress and chaos than any individual can handle. Save yourself from having to

endure a last-minute rush by getting started early on packing. Get a hold of a bunch of

boxes and pack away any items that you don’t think you’ll need to use over the next

week. Make sure you clearly label each box so you know exactly what room to unload

them in once you get to your new place.

4. DIY vs. Hiring Movers

Sure, hiring professional movers can be costly, but sometimes it’s a service that is worth

shelling out a few bucks for. The amount of time and work it takes to move a house or

apartment’s worth of furniture and other household items — particularly with the added

stress of getting it done while there’s still sunlight — offers a convincing argument for

hiring movers. If you do plan on hiring a moving company, make sure you do your due

diligence and find one that has received a lot of positive feedback. Get estimates as

soon as you can and schedule a move as soon as possible because everyone is

typically clamoring for the same dates at the beginning and end of each month.

5. Food For Thought.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes of moving is not planning your food purchases and

consumption ahead of time. Purchasing any perishables a few days away from your

moving date will likely mean that you’re simply throwing away your money. Even if

you’re only moving a short distance, you have a short window of time to empty the

contents of your fridge, pack them into boxes, transport them to your new home, and

then put everything away in the new fridge before it all spoils. It’s a whole lot more


efficient if you eat what you can in the weeks leading up to the move and replace

everything else that might spoil.

6. Forward Your Mail To Your New Address.

With electronic bills increasingly becoming the norm, people are receiving less

important mail (i.e. bills, government-issued notices) than a few years ago. Having said

that, having the Post Office forward your mail is a relatively affordable way to ensure

that you don’t miss out on any important mail after you move. Make online

arrangements or visit the post office in person with to have your mail redirected to your

new place a couple of weeks in advance.

7. Make New Arrangements For Internet, Cable, and Phone.

Most telecom companies offer a fast and easy online service to making the necessary

arrangements for redirecting your Internet, cable, and phone services to your new

home. If you have any of these services, make sure you plan ahead–right after you sign

the apartment rental lease agreement so that your Internet, cable or phone service is

not interrupted for more than a couple days after you move in.

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