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~Brazil~. Meghan and Patricia . Introduction.

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Meghan and Patricia


Brazil shares a border with almost every other country in South America--only Chile and Ecuador are untouched--and covers almost half the continent. It is the fifth largest country in the world, behind Russia, Canada, China, and the U.S.A., with an area of eight and a half million square kilometers.

general information
General Information

Population: 203, 429, 773

Area: 8, 514, 877 sq km

Nationality: Brazilian.

Ethnic groups: African, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, indigenous peoples, and people of Middle Eastern descent.

Religion: Roman Catholic (74%).

Language: Portuguese.

Education: Literacy (2009)--90.3% of adult population.

Health: Infant mortality rate (2009)--22.5/1,000. Life expectancy (2010)--73.1 years.


Type: Federative republic.

Independence: September 7, 1822.

Constitution: Promulgated October 5, 1988.

Branches: Executive--President. Legislative--Senate, Chamber of Deputies. Judicial--Supreme Federal Tribunal.

Capital: Brasilia (New capital city of Brazil with striking modern architecture)

Brazil: Mysterious remains of Pre-Colombian civilization, marvelous examples of Spanish and Portuguese colonial architecture.


Best economy in South America by a long shot.

  • GDP- $2.172 trillion
  • GDP - real growth rate:7.5%
  • Per Capita- $10,800
  • Unemployment Rate- 6.7%
  • Overall Country Comparison to World- 9th.
traditional dishes
Traditional Dishes

Feijoada is a bean and smoked meat stew which uses black turtle beans if it is made in Rio de Janeiro.

Pão de queijois a bread with cheese, and use to eat with slices of Serrocheese, a cup of strong coffee or sometimes a glass of jabuticaba wine.

Pastel is a typical fast food Brazilian dish. The most common fillings are ground beef meat, mozzarella cheese, heart of palm, catupiry cream cheese, chicken meat and small shrimps.


Amount of Airports- 4,072 (c2w 2nd)

  • Roadway total: 1,751,868 km (country comparison to the world: 4)
  • Waterways: 50,000 km (country comparison to the world- 3)
  • Heliports: 13

Railways are well developed in Brazil and that is why Brazil is better than other countries, in term of transportation in South America.

In certain mountainous regions of some countries, such as Peru and Bolivia, the only effective menas of transport are walking and using domesticated animals such as burros and llamas.

fun facts

-Brazil is larger than Japan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Indonesia and South Africa

  • -They produce the worlds best coffee
  • -Largest country in South America
  • -Shares borders with every country except Chile and Ecuador
  • -Longest beach at 7500km
  • -The worlds second largest river the Amazon is found in Brazil
  • -One of the largest Roman Catholic countries
  • -The most species of monkeys
  • -Has the largest stadium called the Maracana
  • -Brazilians love to play soccer
Fun Facts

Feijoada,, 29/01/2012

Pastel,, 29/01/2012

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Brazil,, 29/01/2012