state and local budget update innovation c e l e b r a t i o n n.
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STATE AND LOCAL BUDGET UPDATE & INNOVATION C e l e b r a t i o n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STATE AND LOCAL BUDGET UPDATE & INNOVATION C e l e b r a t i o n. 2011 Manager’s Symposium August 18, 2011. Today’s Topics. State and Local Budget Update C e l e b r a t i n g RUSD’s financial stability Special Education Innovations C e l e b r a t i n g MAA 2010-11 NIS Innovations

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state and local budget update innovation c e l e b r a t i o n


2011 Manager’s Symposium

August 18, 2011

today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • State and Local Budget Update
    • Celebrating RUSD’s financial stability
  • Special Education Innovations
    • Celebrating MAA 2010-11
  • NIS Innovations
        • Celebrating Dashboard
state budget update
State Budget Update
  • It has been a thorny and winding journey from January’s initial proposals to an on-time state budget . . .
    • From threatened losses of billions . . .
    • To flat funding with troubling conditions
  • Financial and non-financial implications
    • State did their best (?) to close the gap with no bipartisan support.
    • The level of intrusion into local fiscal decisions and setting aside any measure of fiscal oversight invites future, deeper problems.
state budget update1
State Budget Update
  • Proposition 98
    • Proposition 98 minimum guarantee was manipulated several ways, which ultimately lowered the amount that should have been provided to K-14 education by at least $4.9 billion.
    • The bottom line is that the Legislature’s disregard for the Proposition 98 guarantee and the suspension process renders the measure meaningless.
state budget update2
State Budget Update
  • Trigger Reductions
    • December 15 DOF is required to determine whether state revenues are coming in as forecast or are falling short.
    • If falling short (more than $1 billion), automatic spending reductions are triggered in the following order as of January 1:
      • Between $1 billion and $2 billion:
        • $23 million to child care
        • $30 million to community colleges
        • $548 million to UC and CSU
state budget update3
State Budget Update
  • Trigger Reductions (continued)
      • More than $2 billion:
        • Up to $1.5 billon (4%) reduction to the Revenue Limit
        • $248 million to Home-to-School Transportation
        • $72 million (more) to community colleges
    • To mitigate the loss in K-12 funding, authorizes up to seven day (in addition to existing 5 days) reduction in school year.
      • Subject to collective bargaining
state budget update4
State Budget Update
  • Just for fun . . . the education “wall of debt” includes:
    • Almost 20% deficit factor - $1.7 billion
    • Sales tax shift obligation - $2.1 billion
    • Cash deferrals – more than $9 billion
    • Proposition 98 settle up - $1.2 billion
    • Proposition 98 maintenance factor – at least $9.9 billion
    • All of the above are needed to bring school funding back in line with statutory obligations
rusd budget update
RUSD Budget Update
  • While state revenue is flat (+ 91 cents per-ADA), other revenues are expectedly down due to one-time nature of federal stimulus funds from prior years.
  • Expenditures are actually up…
    • No 2011-12 budget reductions
    • Step & Column $3.1 million
    • Augmentations $5.7 million
      • Driven by necessity
    • New Initiatives $1.1 million
      • All have funding sources
rusd budget update1
RUSD Budget Update
  • One-time resources have covered prior year deficits and 2011-12 will be the first year where deficit spending is reflected, estimated at $21.7 million.
  • Prior year resources will cover this deficit and the projected 2012-13 deficit of $25.3 million.
rusd budget update2
RUSD Budget Update
  • What really are our budget concerns?
    • Economic climate is far from completing its turn up
    • State gap and debt is far greater than acknowledged
    • State politics continue to trump economics
    • Matching recurring revenue to expenditures is something of the past – RUSD is now significantly dependent on savings built up over the last couple of years
    • Flexibility with restricted funds continues to be an important element in our financial stability
c e l e b r a t i n g financial stability
Celebrating Financial Stability
  • RUSD has a stable financial plan
    • Our Board of Education has made good choices in the midst of dire circumstances
    • Our staff has been accommodating and supportive – thank you!
    • Our employees, and therefore our students, are enjoying a stable 18 months with NO layoffs
    • Our 2011-12 budget has no reductions and even a few augmentations
    • Our cash position remains strong despite deferrals
c e l e b r a t i n g with special education
Celebrating With Special Education
  • Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA)
    • Sharing your success!
  • One-time federal stimulus funds created opportunities to invest in improvements that lead to enhanced services and multi-year recurring savings.
    • Starting Gate Non-Public School
    • Services to Students with Autism
    • Improved IEP Process
c e l e b r a t i n g maa 10 11
Celebrating MAA 10-11!
  • Thank you principals and your staff for your support of the MAA program.
    • Your support generated a six-fold increase in eligible claims for work your staff does each day in supporting students.
    • Outreach promoting available low cost health insurance for children resulted in significant increases in families obtaining health insurance coveragefor children.
c e l e b r a t i n g maa 10 111
Celebrating MAA 10-11!
  • Schools / departments with 100% participation of eligible MAA activities (at least two billable codes per quarter)
c e l e b r a t i n g maa 10 112
Celebrating MAA 10-11!
  • Estimated claims for MAA for 10-11 totaled $2.7 million
    • Initially sharing $500,000 with schools / departments that generated future revenue
    • Individual site share is based on percentage of site values to total generated funds
    • “Checks” range from $28 to $18,113
c e l e b r a t i n g maa 10 113
Celebrating MAA 10-11!
  • First, Second and Third Place sites generating the highest dollar value of MAA claims (amounts shown are prorated from the $500,000 being shared at this time)
  • All participating sites are receiving funds
c e l e b r a t i n g maa 10 114
Celebrating MAA 10-11!
  • What can you do with your new found fortune?
    • Why, spend it of course . . . on student activities where you are able to reduce or eliminate the burden of lost “student fees” and/or parent-dependent donations.
    • For example . . .
      • At elementary schools – use to support 6th Grade Science Camp
      • At middle schools – use to support choir, band or athletic tournaments
      • At high schools – options are unlimited (athletic transportation, fine & performing arts programs, etc.)
maa for 11 12
MAA For 11-12
  • Continue the great contribution you are making!
  • Incentives for 11-12 participation are similar to 10-11 with some expanded requirements and opportunities (including the opportunity to share in funds generated next year)
    • Minimum of three billable codes
      • Three-times-a-year drawing within site for iPad2
    • Sites with 100% participation with at least three billable codes
      • Three-times-a-year drawing for a participant lunch catered by Chef Ryan
starting gate nps
Starting Gate NPS
  • Non-public schools provide specialized educational services to special needs students in cases where the District is unable to meet the needs of the student in a traditional setting.
    • Contracts with over 12 NPS entities
    • Services to 156 students
    • Costs exceed $4.6 million annually
starting gate nps1
Starting Gate NPS
  • Explored and now implemented a unique partnership opportunity to serve a sub-group of NPS students using an otherwise underutilized RUSD facility.
    • Five-year agreement with a non-profit NPS provider
    • Located at Grant Education Center
    • Initially serving up to 168 RUSD and non-RUSD students (up to 100 RUSD students)
    • Middle and high school age students, expanding to elementary age in the future
starting gate nps2
Starting Gate NPS
  • Benefits of the NPS partnership include:
    • Cost savings on per-student placement ($6,000+)
    • Collaboration with NPS provider facilitates improved oversight of NPS services
    • Increase transition opportunities back to more traditional settings
    • Provides a basis for potential mental health services to Special Education students (transition from County MH)
    • Agreement facilitates a long-term opportunity to shift services from third-party agency to RUSD-provided
services to students with autism
Services to Students with Autism
  • Traditionally spent $35-$55 per hour to provide support services to students with autism.
  • Created a new classification and trained District staff to provide these same services at significantly lower cost.
improved iep process
Improved IEP Process
  • Improved the IEP process by providing:
    • Web-based IEP program and training
      • Already increased efficiency in reporting to state
    • Provided each school with laptop, scanner and projector to avoid making extensive copies of IEP paperwork to support IEP meetings
c e l e b r a t i n g with nis
Celebrating With NIS
  • Dashboard intelligence at your fingertips
    • Current year courses and teachers
    • Full teacher grade book data for each class including missing assignments
    • Attendance data – summary and detail
    • Grade point average and historical grade information
    • CAHSEE and CST scores
    • Graduation Credits – summary and detail by category