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Poetry Videos. Student-Created Poetry Videos in the AP Classroom. Nicole. Sylvia Plath’s “The Mirror”. Overview. Goals Procedures/advice Controlling time Assessing Mistakes. Goals for students. Literary analysis

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Poetry videos l.jpg

Poetry Videos

Student-Created Poetry Videos in the AP Classroom

Nicole l.jpg

  • Sylvia Plath’s “The Mirror”

Overview l.jpg

  • Goals

  • Procedures/advice

  • Controlling time

  • Assessing

  • Mistakes

Goals for students l.jpg
Goals for students

  • Literary analysis

  • Sensitivity to all aspects of poem--imagery, sounds, structure, pace, repetition

  • Universal themes

Goals for teacher l.jpg
Goals for teacher

  • Alternate assessment of students’ understanding

  • Know students better

  • Recommendation letters

  • Encourage leadership, teamwork, problem solving, divergent thinking

Rationale for goals l.jpg
Rationale for goals

  • Choice/effect principle

  • Long-term memory of learning goals

  • Significant project--worth the energy

  • It’s permanent--so make it good

Additional benefits l.jpg
Additional benefits

  • Pride, fame

  • VPC club/film festival

  • Lasting memory beyond high school

  • Show to other classes

  • Comparative interpretations

Slide8 l.jpg

  • Ann Stanford’s “The Beating”

Why this project and not another l.jpg
Why this project and not another?

  • Control

  • Quality

  • Inherent essence to convey

  • Much to unpack

  • Tradition to build and improve upon

Others i ve tried with moderate success l.jpg
Others I’ve tried with moderate success:

  • Scenes from a play or novel

  • Exposition

  • Farewell speeches

  • Lines from a play

  • Updated literature

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Wilfred Owen “Dulce et Decorum Est”

Procedures and advice l.jpg
Procedures and advice

  • Plan

  • Film

  • Edit

  • Directors’ cuts

Pre filming l.jpg

  • Give assignment parameters in general

  • View old poetry videos

  • Go over rubric

  • Present great titles; limit selection

  • Make choice

  • Paraphrase poem

  • Write analysis

  • Storyboard or outline

  • Practice read through

Gathering footage l.jpg
Gathering footage

  • Vintage VHS files converted

  • Importing files from their own cameras

  • Deadline for out of school imports

  • Class time--sharing cameras, sharing actors--limit, after that study hall time

  • Collect stills as well; Photoshop effects

  • Scan photos

Slide15 l.jpg

  • Students talk it through as they edit

  • Clip, rearrange

  • Re-shoot, gather more footage; conference with peers

  • Monitor sound track--unity with cuts in and out

  • Add special effects and transitions

Mariah l.jpg

  • Emily Dickinson’s “I felt a funeral in my brain”

Sound track l.jpg
Sound track

  • Find a quiet space

  • Watch screen and videotape, not minding what is in the picture

  • Import, split audio track, delete video

  • Line up

Slide18 l.jpg

  • Gather a few stills or short quick times

  • Make chapters

  • Place images

  • Done!

Tyler l.jpg

  • Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

Directors cuts l.jpg
Directors’ cuts

  • Studens plan or write commentary after viewing

  • Students go in room alone with camera on tripod; view film (muted or not) as they speak

  • PIP

Kacy s director s cut l.jpg
Kacy’s Director’s Cut

  • A. E. Housman’s “Oh Who Is That Young Sinner?”

Controlling time l.jpg
Controlling time

  • Be merciless

  • Point out what is out of your control--computer time, camera access

  • Post dates

  • Big sign ups

  • Learn from others’ mistakes

  • Fake deadlines

Controlling time23 l.jpg
Controlling time

  • Money

  • Advice on limiting scope, being realistic, limiting amount of footage

  • Using study hall time; before and after school time

  • Announcing project a month or two before it’s even officially started

Danielle l.jpg

  • Emily Dickinson’s “Apparently with No Surprise”

Assessing l.jpg

  • Ground rules

  • Rubric

  • Choice/effect charts

  • Directors’ cuts

  • Academy Awards

Slide26 l.jpg

  • Ann Stanford’s “The Beating”

Mistakes we ve made l.jpg
Mistakes We’ve Made

  • Organization

  • Saving, deleting

  • Budgeting time

  • Misunderstanding the poem

  • Too literal, too figurative

Slide28 l.jpg

  • Katharyn Howd Machan’s“Leda’s Sister and the Geese”