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Hampton Inn Waterbury Front Desk Employee Success Book PowerPoint Presentation
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Hampton Inn Waterbury Front Desk Employee Success Book

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Hampton Inn Waterbury Front Desk Employee Success Book
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Hampton Inn Waterbury Front Desk Employee Success Book

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  1. Hampton Inn WaterburyFront Desk Employee Success Book Welcome to the HP Hotel Family!

  2. IMPROVE TO SUCCEED “To improve is to change, to succeed is to change often.” - - -Churchhill

  3. Front Desk Duty TipPhone etiquette SMILE guest can tell and always answer in three rings or less. With:” THANK YOU for calling the Hampton Inn Waterbury this is name, how may I help you”. And end the conversation with: “My pleasure to transfer you” or “ is there any thing else I can do to assist you today”

  4. In this section you will find: Hotel location Number of rooms Room types Amenities we offer FAQs by Guests Property Information

  5. Hotel Information • Located Exit 17 off I-84 W and exit 18 off I-84 E • 91 rooms on 4 floors. • All smoking rooms are on 4th Floor • Room 112 is the only handicap with Roll-in shower

  6. Amenities • Complimentary deluxe hot breakfast • Complimentary high speed internet access • Indoor heated pool &exercise room • Microwave/Refrigerator in all rooms • Business center & meeting room • In-room coffee makers( single servers) • Blow dryers • Iron and Ironing boards • HBO movie channel/ in-room pay per view movies, games and music • Complimentary Self-Service Guest Laundry on 2nd floor

  7. Front Desk Tip: IS ENTHUSIASM IMPORTANT IN GUEST CONTACT POSITIONS? Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do something, do it with your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your objectives. Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. ------------Ralph Waldo Emerson

  8. Physical Property Information All smoking rooms are on the 4th floor. Rooms 401-409 Room 112 is the only handicap room with a roll in shower Special note room 209 is above furnace and tends to disturb some guest rent last!!

  9. More Property Information

  10. Common Guest Questions Cont. Q: How do I get my internet to work? A: (if it is not a simple answer) “We offer a 24 hour help line, I would be glad to call them and connect them to your room.” Q: Can you bring me a coffee pot? A: The coffee maker is a single server. All you have to do is put one cup of water in the top, put a coffee tray in and put your cup under the tray. Can you think of any others?

  11. Common Questions about the Rooms Q: How do I operate the whirlpool. A: Fill the tub, Set the timer is behind the bathroom door, and then push the button on the tub. Q: Where is my closet? A: The Long mirror by the bathroom is the closet. Q: How do I work the thermostat? A: First of all which one is it? If it is on the wall you hit the tempter up or down and you should see the mode change. If it on the unit it self then you will need to adjust the dials to your comfort level.

  12. Common Questions Business Center Q: Computer screen is not working: A: Fix it by, going to menu screen, scroll to “recall” and click “ok”.

  13. In this section you will find: Check outs How to say Good bye Things to do when it is slow 1st Shift Tips

  14. Front Desk Duty Tip Check Outs When a guest comes to the desk use this time to thank them and find out if there where any issues. We WANT to fix them before the guest leaves. FINE is not good!

  15. Good Bye Check out is our last chance to impress our guest and get them to come back. Use this time to ask important questions: • “Thanks for staying with us, how was your stay?” • “Is there anything we could have done differently to improve your stay with us?” • “Can I book you another reservation?” • “do you need directions to your next destination?” Most Important: “Thank you for staying with us!”

  16. 1st Shift To Do’s During Slow Times In addition to your shift checklist there are many other items that need to be done. As a team player you should always be doing something to help the guest and your fellow team members. Below is a list of items you should be doing on first shift when you have time. • Make direction cards to most commonly requested destinations such as malls, restaurants, local companies. These should be kept in a file box at the desk. • Dust and vacuum back office area. • Help sales office with fax blast projects or mailings • Research possible sales leads on line through Google or other search engines.

  17. In this section you will find: Check in’s The Art of welcoming Things to do when it’s slow Tracking list 2nd Shift Tips

  18. Front Desk Duty Tip Check In…… • This should be as fast as possible but still informative. • If it is a new guest to us, give them the lay out of the hotel and let them know what amenities we offer. • Get payment method and address if we do not have it. • The Hotel requires a valid credit card with enough authorization to cover the stay for check-in. Guest can pay cash if they wish when they check-out. • For tracking purposes make sure the company info is correct (if not fix it) • Verify the number of nights and rate! • Always offer a wake up call! • Also you may want to offer a restaurant or an attraction depending on the guest.

  19. Hello Check In is our first chance to impress our guest. Use this time really go the extra mile: • In addition to the wake up call be sure to make suggestions on restaurants and things to do. • Letting the guest know about breakfast is important but be sure they know about other amenities as well, such as off site fitness agreements. • Never be afraid to inform guest of any complications that may effect them it will be much better then if they find out on their own. Most Important: “Thank you for staying with us!”

  20. 2nd Shift To Do’s During Slow Times In addition to your shift checklist there are many other items that need to be done. As a team player you should always be doing something to help the guest and your fellow team members. Below is a list of items you should be doing on second shift when you have time. • Research possible sales leads on line through Google or other search engines. • Look up this weeks movie listings or local museum events to share with guest. • Create sorry baskets and cards to have available at a moments notice.

  21. In this section you will find: Night audit detailed checklist M3 directions Misc. section account codes Things to do when it is slow 3rd Shift Tips

  22. M3 Nightly Reporting Step One. Fill out Managers Daily Report Cover sheet from Clipboard and place managers packet together. These are the reports listed below and any others requested by management Step Two. Review management reports you just filled out. The reports you may need to reference are: • Detailed receivables recap • Aged receivables summary by account number • PTD/YTD accounting • PTD/YTD management • Market category Statistics • Also print • Future rooms sold for 7 days (7day forecast) Step Three. Sign in to M3. Get online, there is a link under favorites that says M3 Application Or type in URL https://login.m3as.com Log in ID: _____________________ PSW: ____________________ Step Four. Put numbers from above listed reports into correct places on the acknowledge screen. Step Five. If it does say YOU RULE hit rollover and okay. If it does not give you the “YOU RULE” Message DO NOT rollover! Re check you numbers, if you can not get in to say YOU RULE just save it. Leave GM a note to fix ASAP.

  23. This is what the page looks like. Click on Daily report Then Input Be sure you are on the correct date. Click on Edit. Enter the numbers from your managers report. Click on Calculate. If “You Rule” Click rollover. M3 View: Detailed Directions

  24. Rolling Over • When you can not role over: • Read the message for a clue to the problem. • check the large numbers. Be sure the items that total match your reports. Examples: Credit card totals, ledger totals and taxes. • Look for the amount your are out of balance on the audit reports. Sometimes it is as simple as a missed line item. • Then look for typos.

  25. M3 Notes and Tips • Make sure your deposit information is in correctly. • Key Words • Room Revenue – Room Charge (RM) • Long Distance Revenue – Phone Long Distance (LD) • State Tax – State Tax (T1) • City/County Tax – Occupancy Tax (T3) • Cash/Checks – Cash (CA) • Paid Out – Guest Refund (GR) • Deposit (Actual) – Same as Cash (CA) • Guest Ledger – Closing Balance from Guest Ledger Summary • City Ledger (Current) – Closing Balance from Accounts Receivable • Rooms Rented – Total Revenue Rooms • 7 Day Forecasted Revenue – Total Room Revenue from Occupancy Snapshot Report. • Discover Card – Discover (DS) • American Express – American Express (AMEX) • Mastercard – Mastercard (MC) • Visa Card – Visa (VI) • Misc. Cost are put in differently. They must be coded property. On the next few pages are a list of acceptable codes. You may have to research in the system what the charge was for.

  26. Codes to uses for Misc. A-E

  27. Codes to uses for Misc. F-P

  28. Codes to uses for Misc. P-W

  29. Running EDC Step 1 Log onto Front Desk System Step 2 Click on Other functions and then EDC Step 3 get Authorization for any transactions that may need it. You can call the help desk for help if needed. If you can not get authorization you will not be able to transmit EDC. Be sure to let Management know by leaving a note on Managers report. Step 4 Once all transactions have approval click on transmit. Putt report in the audit pack.

  30. Night Audit Wrap Up Create Night Audit Pack Place all required reports listed below into a document envelope and write on Night Audit, the Date and Initial it. • All paper work that you printed out • Each shift checklist • Registration cards for checked out guest • Putting the Pack in Order • Daily Report • EDC • Reg. Cards • Checklist Revenue Board Don’t forget to fill in the white board in the back you’ll use the Daily Audit Report you printed out from M3 make sure you highlight your numbers and for the PTD Room Revenue don’t forget to add the misc as well. Color in the picture if we have met a new section of our Goal.

  31. 3rd Shift To Do’s During Slow Times In addition to your shift checklist there are many other items that need to be done. As a team player you should always be doing something to help the guest and your fellow team members. Below is a list of items you should be doing on third shift when you have time. • Research possible sales leads on line through Google or other search engines. • Read announcement section of newspaper and put together mailings, using temples, to send to possible wedding and sports groups • Fold laundry • Clean lobby area

  32. In this section you will find: Local attractions Requested locations Things to do Directions to most popular restaurants Our Town Highlights

  33. Closest Bank/ATM Bank North and CVS pharmacy (24 hr). Right out of parking lot. CVS is 3 lights down on your right. Bank North is across the street form CVS. Closest Gas Station Hess and Shell. -Right out of parking lot. 7 lights down on your left. Closest Car Wash Shell Gas Station - Right out of parking lot. 7 lights down on your left. Closest Grocery Store Stop & Shop. -Left out of lot, Right at Stop Sign, Right at first light (Straits Take). Stop & Shop is on your right at 2nd light. Closest Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy—24 hrs - Right out of lot at 3rd light CVS is on your right. Closest Post Office 84 East to exit 22(Bank St) . Left at light, Left at 2nd light. Post office is 3 blocks down on your left. Closest Starbucks (Barnes and Noble) 84 East exit 23. Right at exit light. Left at next light. Go down 2 lights to Brass mill commons. Star bucks is in Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Closest Dunkin Donuts Right out of Lot, Left at 7th light on to Thomaston. Dunkin Donuts on your Left . Closest fast food McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway, KFC, Burger King -Right out of Lot at 7th light turn left onto Thomaston. Or right for KFC We are close to the important stuff.

  34. Things To Do in Our Area • Closest Mall • Brass Mill Center. (Macys, JC Penney, Sears, FYE, H&M, • 84 East Exit 23. Right off Exit. • Museum • Mattituck museum -www.mattatuckmuseum.org -144 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702 - Tel. (203) 753-0381 • -Right out of lot straight into Down Town Waterbury on West main Street. At the green nest to YMCA is Mattituck Museum • Timex Museum-www.timexpo.com-175 Union Street, Brass Mill Commons Mall, Waterbury, CT 06706 • 84 East Exit 23, Right off Exit, Left at next Light. Two lights down Time Expo Museum. • Local attraction • Quassy amusement Park / Lake Compounce amusement park

  35. Spartan Greek and Italian -Left out of Lot. Spartan is on your right Maggie McFly’s All American. -Left out of Lot. Right at Stop sign. Left at first Light. Maggies is on your right at next light. Fridays / Chilli’s All American Grill -84 E exit 23. right off exit. Left at next light. Fridays Chilli’s on your right. Olive Garden / Ruby Tuesday / Bertuccis Italian -84 E exit 23, right at exit, left at next light. Olive Garden in the Mall on your right. Our Preferred Restaurants You should have a list available for the guest that shows restaurant name, type, number and who delivers. Also direction cards should be available to all recommended restaurants.

  36. Family Fun Closest Movie Theater Regal Cinemas -84 E Exit 23 right at exit. Left at next light. Regal Cinemas in Mall 3rd floor, on your right. 203-757-2244 Closest family play place (example: Chucky Cheese or Jillian's) Chucky Cheese—Wolcott St -84 E exit 22. Slight left, Market Sq becomes McMahon. Left Onto Baldwin street. Right onto E. main street. Slight left onto Wolcott St. Closest Children's play park • Hamilton Park-- 1460 East Main Street, Waterbury, Connecticut • Lantern Park-- 99 Lantern Park Dr, Naugatuck, CT 06770-1840, US • Hop Brook Park-- 4 Straits Turnpike Middlebury, CT O6762

  37. In this section you will find: Checking in and value selling Reservations and value selling Understanding Value Every Day Selling at the Front Desk

  38. Understanding Value • Value is not only associated with price, but quality for the price paid, with limited time and stress in buying and receiving the product. • What items at your hotel represent value to the guest? • Guests see value through friendly, efficient service and staff, clean comfortable surroundings, easy to understand & consistent pricing, ease of booking, 100% satisfaction guarantee, hotel location, breakfast, and room amenities.

  39. Front Desk Duty Tip Reservations Start with Value selling. Before you quote a rate let them know what we offer. Also before quoting a rate get: the dates and number of people. Try to up sell first. Do not offer discounts unless they offer it and let them know proof of AAA, Gov will be required at check in. Always get all information including name/ address/ phone number/email ect. Ask if you can book the room for them. Thank them for choosing us before you hang up the phone!

  40. When booking a reservation it is important to ask if you can book the room for the guest. If they say “no thanks” for any reason ask why and track on this screen. Knowing why the guest is choosing not to book allows us to property manage our inventory and rates. Denials and Regret Tracking

  41. In this section you will find: Your role in sales Our hotel sales policies Group information Meeting room information Property tours Your role in the Sales Effort

  42. Key Areas • Build Relationships w/ guests (everyone) • Make Outside Sales Calls (Sales/GM) • Uncover NEW Business (everyone) • Document Sales Activity (everyone) Always Remember “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

  43. Front Desk Tip: Common Acronyms. ADR- Average Daly Rate Rev- Revenue OCC- Occupancy RevPar- Revenue per Available Room LNR- Local Negotiated Rate YTD- Year to date MTD- Month To date PTD- Period to date

  44. Sales Role • Carry on casual conversation w/ guests. • Promote your hotel and the area. • Find leads. Observe! Listen! • Ask Questions – ?What company are you with? ?What brings you to the area? ?Are there other associates traveling as well? ?Do you use other hotels? ?Would you provide me a business card and a name of someone in your company who makes decision with travel and hotel coordination? Our DOS/GM would like to contact them to find out more details and possibly set up a corporate rate for your company. • Fill out HP Lead Sheet / attach business/give to GM. • Identify problems, communicate, resolve. • Care about your guests everyday!

  45. DO’s Hotel clean/pristine! Pre-select rooms, inspect, set lighting. Communicate to all departments Pre-brief Front Desk on arrival time/name Verify appt day before Send thank you same day Ask Prospect what is most important to them. DON’TS Keep them waiting. Act like it’s just another day on the job. Make noise (laundry cart on tile floor, vacuuming). Forget to smile and introduce other staff Complain Leave out work materials Forget uniform & name tag Forget to be on your best – it’s show time! Property ToursImportant 10-15 minutes

  46. Meeting Room It is the front desks responsibility to help sell the meeting room. In order to do so you need to know id it is available, how much it is, policies and how to fill out the contract.

  47. Conference room policy • Confirmation of meeting space requires a Signed Agreement and valid credit card. • The Front Desk Agent is to open a house account upon booking and confirmation of a meeting. • Extra Equipment and Refreshment Price Listing is available in the Meeting room Contracts binder. • The Service Charge and taxes are: 6% service charge plus 6% sales tax. • Cancellation of an event within • 6 days prior to arrival, charge 10% of estimated charges • 5 days prior to arrival ,charge 15% of estimated charges, • 4 days prior to arrival, charge 20% of estimated charges. • 3 days prior to arrival, charge 30% fee • 2 days prior to arrival, charge 40% fee • 1 day prior to arrival, charge 50% fee • No show or arrival date cancellation, charge 100% fee • Conference room guests are asked to please restrict activities in the meeting room. The lobby and other public areas are for registered guests.

  48. Group Policies • Groups have a cut off date of 3 to 4 weeks prior to the event. Based on availability we may allow week of cut off. • Sports groups, this market has a policy that on multiple stay reservations, the team can cancel by 11am if they loose a game, these are exceptions to the rule. • Noise. The hotel will not tolerate disubabance of other guest and there for must insist that all group activities take place in the lobby or assigned meeting area. Only one warning will be issued be fore person/s responsible for notice are asked to vacant the premises. • In the event of damage to any hotel property the group will be charged for repairs or replacement of property. We require a credit card or $200.00 refundable deposit per every 10 rooms. • Each policy is listed on contract based on relevance.

  49. Group Rates All groups must be booked through the sales office. Group rates are based on • number of rooms • Room types requested • Number of nights • Requested time period These items can all be discussed with the sales department.

  50. More “Yes I can Attitude” 3. Turn your dreams into goals. • The Just Do It Principle 4. Focus on results, not just activity. 5. Always be up, never give up! Seven words that you predetermine your destiny! As you think so shall you be. Things are neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so.