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An introduction to WebQuests

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An introduction to WebQuests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An introduction to WebQuests. Making the best use of existing web-based resources through WebQuests. So what exactly is a WebQuest?.

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an introduction to webquests

An introduction to WebQuests

Making the best use of existing web-based resources through WebQuests

so what exactly is a webquest
So what exactly is a WebQuest?

“an inquiry-oriented or problem solving activity where some or all of the information learners interact with comes from resources on the internet”

why use a webquest
Why use a WebQuest?
  • there is (too) much information available on the www
  • there is very little educational benefit to simply letting learners surf without a clear task in mind
  • WebQuests are a means of using this information by providing a clarity of focusfor effective learning to take place

how long will a webquest last
How long will a WebQuest last?
  • WebQuests can be either short-term or longer-term
  • Short-term (1-3 lessons) where the goal is to allow for knowledge acquisition and integration
  • Longer-term (1 week – 1 month) where the goal is to extend and refine knowledge

designing a webquest activity
Designing a WebQuest activity
  • How well do you know what’s out there? Familiarise yourself with what is available on-line
  • Organise resources into categories (e.g. searchable databases, reference materials, research catalogues etc.)
  • Identify topic areas where there is suitable and appropriate material available on-line
  • Create the WebQuest activity

creating a webquest activity
Creating a WebQuest activity

Design the process of the activity

Select an appropriate activity

Describe how learning will be evaluated

Select a design (use templates available)

Check it works - Tart it up and roll it out!

an evaluation of webquests
An evaluation of WebQuests
  • makes use of primary, up-to-date materials
  • stimulates learners with an interesting do-able task
  • focuses learners attention on outcomes
  • allows for collaboration
  • improves research skills and provides a medium for synthesis to take place

where to go next
Where to go next?
  • Pedagological theory
  • WebQuest materials and training materials
  • WebQuest examples

will pickford

Will Pickford

Curriculum Advisor,