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Sophia Creek Community Camphill and Friends in Barrie . Welcome to our neighbourhood in the busy downtown core of Barrie, a few blocks from Lake Simcoe. Community Life. One roof built of relationships arches over our many homes. 87 Toronto Street. Janus House

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Sophia creek community camphill and friends in barrie l.jpg

Sophia Creek CommunityCamphill and Friends in Barrie

Welcome to our neighbourhood in the busy downtown core of barrie a few blocks from lake simcoe l.jpg
Welcome to our neighbourhood in the busy downtown core of Barrie,a few blocks from Lake Simcoe.

Community life l.jpg
Community Life Barrie,

One roof built of relationships

arches over our many homes

87 toronto street l.jpg
87 Toronto Street Barrie,

  • Janus House

    Rino and Evan have lived in Camphill for over 25 years and in Janus House for 11 years. They contribute their many talents in craft, music and laughter to Sophia Creek. They are currently life sharing with each other, and excited about renovations to Janus that would give them an apartment allowing some quiet retreat from all the activites that happen in Janus.

91 toronto street l.jpg
91 Toronto Street Barrie,

  • Dorothy’s House

    A pioneer of Nottawasaga, Dorothy came to live in Barrie 10 years ago, and brings her gifts of art, sewing, cooking, and gardening to the neighbourhood . Here she is with McTavish , her beloved Westie.

    David and Gabriella have recently moved to Dorothy’s house . Both are coworkers in Nottawasaga, and commute there daily until they have living space there. We love having them around.

105 toronto street l.jpg
105 Toronto Street Barrie,

At Natura Medical Arts Centre Dr. Werner Fabian works with a therapists whose approach to healing is based on their study of the insights of Rudolf Steiner. The Centre also hosts the Huronia Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, Class Lessons and various social, cultural and educational functions.

The coach house has a little studio apartment that is available for CCO coworkers, family and guests.

78 toronto street l.jpg
78 Toronto Street Barrie,

Terri and Richard have lived in Sophia Creek since the beginnings. Richard works in the village woodwork shop, and Terri works in town. They have shared the apartment at Cornerstone for four years. Terri is now looking for her own apartment.

The main floor of Cornerstone is used for administration and community space. Here are Emily, Brenda and Mike Coxon , outside the office.

92 mary street l.jpg
92 Mary Street Barrie,

  • Treasa O’Driscoll lives in Novalys house in a house which belongs to Annemarie Heintz, an artist who lives in France but loves her Barrie home to be used for neighbourhood needs.

  • Treasa hails originally from Ireland and has travelled widely with her presentations of poetry, song and story. She coordinates the Novalis project from the house, also hosting visiting lecturers and performers .

  • The Abeona school is establishing a homeschooling resource library and office for the school initiative in the building in November.

  • The Ita Wegman Foundation has it’s office here.

  • A neighbourhood study group in anthroposophy happens here biweekly.

  • There is a little Guest Apartment for people needing a break.

Novalis project l.jpg
Novalis Project Barrie,

  • Arts inspiring social renewal is the aim of the Novalis Project. Many contributors to the program over the past four years have enriched the life of Camphill Ontario and it’s friends.

Rita Costanzi, harpist.

Novalis project contributors l.jpg

Rita Constanzi, Harp Barrie,

Symphony in the Barn

Robert Sardello

Glen Williamson

Spanish Dance Company

Donald Hall, Artist

Georg Kuhlewind

Michael Lipson

John and Carrie Schuchardt

Ballet Creole

Claudette Le Blanc

Luis de Moura Castro

Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd

Christopher Bamford

And many more!

Novalis Project Contributors

62 park street l.jpg
62 Park Street Barrie,

  • Chuck and Diane live in their little house on Park Street , two blocks from Janus. They love being close to all their friends and family.

Tim s studio l.jpg
Tim’s Studio Barrie,

  • Tim Bilton, a local artisan who does stained glass windows, sculpture and builds amazing furniture and clocks, has a studio on Florence Street , around the corner from Diane and Chuck. We have been offered a beautiful space in his studio to develop mosaic and sculpture work. We are just moving in! Tim’s energy , skills and ideas will inspire our work there. Here are Tim, Mike Seymour who joins our day studios , and Diane outside the studio.

The garden l.jpg
The Garden Barrie,

  • Next door to Tim’s studio live Reg and Mary Jang.

  • They have a large and amazing vegetable and flower garden that they can’t take care of alone anymore. Would we like to use it? Of course! We are starting to plan for spring. Reg and Mary had the help of a biodynamic farmer when they started their garden years ago.

Mary profitt l.jpg
Mary Profitt Barrie,

  • Mary worked in Nottwasaga office many years ago, and then took on our fibre arts studio in Barrie for four years. She wanted to get back into her own profession, jewelry design, and has a studio at Natura. We love to visit her, and look at the beautiful jewelry she makes. Mary also gives classes in jewelry making. Mary also sold her work at the Fall Fair at Nottawasaga this year.

18 henry street l.jpg
18 Henry Street Barrie,

Around the corner from Diane and Chuck, Marina and Elizabeth live at 18 Henry Street. They enjoy the quiet street within walking distance of all Sophia Creek neighbours and studio activities. Marina loves to draw, and had a drawing from her art classes at the Gallery on exhibit at the City Hall. Elizabeth is a retired teacher, with Waldorf training. She works in the weaving studio in the mornings.

42 park street l.jpg
42 Park Street Barrie,

  • Terry Kirk is a retired widower, living alone at 42 Park Street and is an active volunteer at Sophia Creek. He provides in town and intercity transportation for people to medical and other appointments and organizes recreational excursions for groups and individuals in the community. He is a member of the Anthroposophical society and the School for Spiritual Science and is a board member and Chair of the Investment Committee for the Camphill Foundation Canada.

39 castle drive l.jpg
39 Castle Drive Barrie,

A little ways up the hill live Ruth and Ute. They are in walking distance to the Toronto Street neighbourhood and very close to Sunnidale Park and Arboretum where we all like to go for walks. Ute works in the weavery, with the puppetry, and in therapeutic activities

Ruth is our neighbourhood granny.

15 parkside l.jpg
15 Parkside Barrie,

Sylvie Roberge, lives at 15 Parkside, around the corner from Chuck and Diane and Elizabeth and Marina.

Sometimes Sylvie is in Janus with Rino and Evan and at other times she is doing therapeutic speech work in Sophia Creek and in Nottawasaga.

9 wilson court l.jpg
9 Wilson Court Barrie,

  • Maks and Susan have been with Camphill Communities for six years. They met in Nottawasaga. Susan went to Germany to do a social administration training , now she is back and took on the role of a house leader in Janus house, helping in the day activities and supporting Rino, Evan and other companions. Her training in Germany is helpful for our development needs in Sophia Creek.

  • Maks helps Rino and Evan every weekday, as well as different recreational activities on Fridays. He also runs his own bookkeeping business.

157 daphne l.jpg
157 Daphne Barrie,

  • Jeff, Emily , Claire and Ryan are part of our life in Sophia Creek. Emily works in CCO finance, and also caters for many of our events, now joined by Susan. Jeff works for Bell, and helps in Janus. It has been a joy for all to watch Claire and Ryan growing up .

Michelle rob l.jpg
Michelle & Rob Barrie,

  • Michelle has been our maintenance person for 5 years, then became a coworker. Recently married, and expecting a child in December, Michelle and Rob want to be part of our future .As Rob said,” Rino really got to me.”

  • Rino the recruiter!

Ralph l.jpg
RALPH Barrie,

  • Ralph is a neighbourhood friend who visits frequently. He stores his lawnmower at Janus, and Chuck maintains it for him. He also gets Chuck to buy him lottery tickets. Its evidently luckier for Ralph to get Chuck’s sister in Trenton to buy them, than for him to buy them himself. Ralphs big question always is “ When are you going to have a room for me?”

Slide23 l.jpg
Leah Barrie,

  • Leah is a regular in Sophia Creek. We appreciate her interest, her participation in our lives, and her phone calls, letting us know the latest news in the village. A real ambassador!

Annie green l.jpg
Annie Green Barrie,

  • Annie, it is COOL to have you visiting us until Christmas time.! Welcome!

Person centered approaches l.jpg
Person centered approaches Barrie,

  • Camphill in Sophia Creek is helping it’s coworkers and companions find lifestyles that keep them happy, healthy, and creative through person centered planning with the facilitation help of Christina Moore. Here is Rino at his planning session.

Wellbeing l.jpg
Wellbeing Barrie,

We take care of ourselves with the help of:

  • Eurythmy

  • Music

  • Painting

  • Speech

  • Oil dispersion baths

  • Exercise/fitness

  • Being together

Day activities l.jpg
Day Activities Barrie,

  • We hope to add a café/bakery/book and craft shop to our work as we grow.

Future camphill projects l.jpg
Future Camphill projects Barrie,

  • Our neighbour Peter, who owns the photography studio across the street from Janus, will be retiring and wants to sell the house in 2008. It would be a wonderful cultural and education space, and has a lovely apartment.

Future neighbourhood projects l.jpg
Future Neighbourhood projects Barrie,

New residential spaces are needed in 2008, for people who want to join us here. The owner is interested to sell and this property, renovated, would give people supported by Camphill, and other friends, two accessible apartments, and two other apartment spaces. This would be an ideal collaborative project between Camphill and friends wanting homes in the neighbourhood.

Slide31 l.jpg

Ownership l.jpg

Camphill Communities Ontario owns Janus house, and rents two of its studio spaces from neighbours. The rest is owned by individuals or initiatives, coworkers, friends, family, and companions, who are personally invested in being here, and want to contribute in their way to the whole. This diversity adds content and context to all of our lives.


Thank you l.jpg
Thank you of its studio spaces from neighbours. The rest is owned by individuals or initiatives, coworkers, friends, family, and companions, who are personally invested in being here, and want to contribute in their way to the whole. This diversity adds content and context to all of our lives.

  • Thank you to the government of Ontario, to our Board and Executive Director, and the administration team who keep encouraging and supporting our community development.

  • Music by Jesse Cook, international performer, waldorf grad, and friend of Mulock family.

Goodbye l.jpg

Goodbye! of its studio spaces from neighbours. The rest is owned by individuals or initiatives, coworkers, friends, family, and companions, who are personally invested in being here, and want to contribute in their way to the whole. This diversity adds content and context to all of our lives.