to kill a mockingbird character review part i n.
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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Review, Part I PowerPoint Presentation
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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Review, Part I

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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Review, Part I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Review, Part I. Scout Finch (Jean Louise) . Inquisitive Looks up to Jem Intelligent, learns to read at a young age Narrator of the novel Solves problems with her fists Tomboy Opinionated Brave. Jem Finch (Jeremy Atticus) . Brave, daring

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Presentation Transcript
scout finch jean louise
Scout Finch (Jean Louise)
  • Inquisitive
  • Looks up to Jem
  • Intelligent, learns to read at a young age
  • Narrator of the novel
  • Solves problems with her fists
  • Tomboy
  • Opinionated
  • Brave
jem finch jeremy atticus
Jem Finch (Jeremy Atticus)
  • Brave, daring
  • Curious about Boo Radley
  • Four years older than Scout
  • Obsessed with curiosity about the Radley family
  • Mature
atticus finch
Atticus Finch
  • Old One Shot
  • Smart
  • Lawyer defending a black man in court
  • Treats his children with mutual respect
dill charles baker harris
Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
  • Unreliable, not sure when he is telling the truth
  • Spends the summer in Meridian, MS with his aunt Rachel Haverford
  • Proposes marriage to Scout!
  • Has seen Dracula
  • Curious
  • Passed around between relatives
calpurnia cal
Calpurnia (Cal)
  • “All angles and bones” (skinny)
  • Educated
  • Nanny for the Finch family, cooks and cares for the kids
  • Taught Scout how to write
  • Doesn’t know how old she is
  • Been friends with the Finch family since before Jem & Scout
  • Talks differently when in her neighborhood
  • Grammar slips when she’s angry
  • Taught her kids how to read and write
miss caroline fisher
Miss Caroline Fisher
  • Looks and smells like a peppermint
  • New to Maycomb, from Northern Alabama
  • Brings the Dewey Decimal System to Maycomb
  • No more than 21 years old, straight out of college
  • Does not know the locals and family trends in Maycomb
  • The boy students like her
ms maudie
Ms. Maudie
  • Lives across the street from the Finch family
  • Likes to garden and bake
  • Optimistic
  • Her house burns down
  • Grew up with uncle Jack
  • Hates gossip
  • Treats Jem, Scout & Dill with respect
  • Baptist
  • Moves in with Stephanie Crawford
  • Makes Lane Cake without giving out her recipe
miss stephanie crawford
Miss Stephanie Crawford
  • Big Gossip
  • Lives on the same street as the Finch family
  • Not married, no children
mr nathan radley
Mr. Nathan Radley
  • Boo Radley’s older brother
  • Plugs up the knothole in the tree where Scout & Jem found gifts
  • Foot-washing Baptist
  • Jem & Scout are not interested/curious as much any more (in the second half) about the Radleys
aunt alexandra
Aunt Alexandra
  • Very strict & proper
  • Tries to keep family traditions
  • Constantly telling Atticus how he should raise his kids
  • Tries to get rid of Calpurnia
  • Concerned about Scout, trying to make her into a lady
  • Concerned about class, family history, and race
reverend sykes
Reverend Sykes
  • Reverend at 1st Purchase Church (Cal’s church)
  • Sits with Jem & Scout in the colored balcony in the courtroom
  • Tries to raise $10 for Tom Robinson’s family
mr heck tate
Mr. Heck Tate
  • Sheriff of Maycomb County
  • Testifies at the trial
  • Found Mayella bruised and beaten
  • Not a good shot
mr horace gilmer
Mr. Horace Gilmer
  • Prosecutor defending the Ewell family
  • Made Dill cry
  • Scout doesn’t know him that well
  • Does not treat Tom Robinson respectfully during the trial.
tom robinson
Tom Robinson
  • Bad arm, stuck in a cotton gin when he was young, it is now useless
  • Has a wife and children
  • Honest, doesn’t take money from Mayella
  • Innocent in trial, accused of raping Mayella
judge taylor
Judge Taylor
  • Lazy, relaxed in trials/court
  • Fair
  • Doesn’t kiss his wife much ….has a wife
  • Chews cigars
robert e lee bob ewell
Robert E. Lee (Bob) Ewell
  • Mayella’s dad
  • Drunk/alcoholic
  • Abusive
  • Lives behind a dump in a cabin
  • Racist
  • Has a lot of kids
  • Hunts
  • Spends most of his money on liquor
  • illiterate
mayella ewell
  • Garden-red geraniums
  • Tries to be presentable, doesn’t like her lifestyle, makes due with what she has
  • Doesn’t have friends
  • 19 years old
  • Acts like a mother to siblings
  • Not used to respect, thinks Atticus is mocking her when he says “mam”….
mr braxton underwood
Mr. Braxton Underwood
  • Runs the Maycomb paper
  • Back up for Atticus at the jail, guarding Tom Robinson
boo radley
Boo Radley
  • Gave scout the blanket
  • Isolated from society
  • In a gang
  • Radleys become less interesting to Jem& Scout