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Lessons Learned. After I cleaned up my office. Business Leader vs. Old Style Sales Guy. Shoots from the hip Is always running a fire drill for himself and others Allows emotion to dominate his message Acts as a lone wolf Takes center stage in every meeting

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lessons learned

Lessons Learned

After I cleaned up my office

business leader vs old style sales guy
Business Leader vs. Old Style Sales Guy

Shoots from the hip

Is always running a fire drill for himself and others

Allows emotion to dominate his message

Acts as a lone wolf

Takes center stage in every meeting

Looks to win and move on.

Specializes in a quick fix or deal

Isn’t interested in others, just getting his task completed

Comedian who is surprisingly successful

Sees process as an obstacle to be circumvented.

Develops a Strategic Plan

Acts ahead of deadlines and gives staff time to do the same

Uses emotion to convey a message

Communicates with staff to convey strategy and their expected contributions

Creates a win-win environment - no individual scorecard mentality

Understands before focusing on being understood

Successful leader who happens to be fun to spend time with

Thinks and Acts Globally

Develops and uses accepted business processes

me vs we management style
Me vs. We Management Style


Take sole ownership

Obsessed about quality

No one can do it as well as me bottle neck

Frustrated by slow progress and weak implementation


Observe vs. take charge



Listen more –talk less

Create space for others to step in ownership opportunity

coaching for performance
Coaching for Performance
  • Set the stage: “I have a concern about…..”
    • The expectations and the impact that current performance is having and better performance can have, on the organization
  • Help me understand what’s happening?
    • Curious not contentious
  • Ask them to help identify the deficiency
  • Once a task is defined:
    • How are you going to do this?
    • What does it look like when finished?
    • What obstacles can you imaging getting in the way?
    • What are you going to measure? How?
maintaining the pace of progress
Maintaining the Pace of Progress
  • Establish clear goals
    • Include interdependencies
  • Goals don’t change because performance is sub-par
  • Believe in the team and demonstrate that belief.
  • Managers must own their portfolio; don’t allow them to put the monkey on my back.
  • Measure regularly; praise or reprimand as appropriate.
  • Remain open minded to new ideas.
  • Close the loop and recycle
areas of concern what might go wrong
Areas of Concern – What might go wrong
  • Relationship style masks business acumen
    • Norgren Story
  • Still too many fire drills – of my own doing. Why?
    • Procrastination or time pressure rush?
  • Need to manage up better. What skills are missing/underused?
  • Am I a motivator? What steps will make me better?