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Pharmacy is not less important than medicine PowerPoint Presentation
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Pharmacy is not less important than medicine

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Pharmacy is not less important than medicine
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Pharmacy is not less important than medicine

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  1. Pharmacy is not less important than medicine

  2. Is a pharmacist equal to doctor?

  3. We all agree the importance of pharmacist in our society and our lives • So.. after diagnosis by the doctors. Here pharmacist job takes its place in treatment and following up conditions until recovery and provide all information for drugs

  4. So We can say : pharmacists are as important as the doctor, just in a slightly different way.

  5. What’s the community’s point of view for pharmacist? Are they just a shopkeeper? What’s the doctor’s view for pharmacist?

  6. Why there is tension relationship between doctors and pharmacist? Who’s better? Doctors or pharmacist?

  7. Doctor’s view about pharmacists

  8. Do pharmacists have the right to prescribe an alternative drugs with same active ingredient ?

  9. Pharmacist Just a Shopkeeper with a good knowlegde of what they are selling...

  10. Pharmacist know more about medications while doctors diagnose

  11. • 0:40 – 1:32

  12. Role of Pharmacist

  13. hospital pharmacy Physicians and pharmacists should work together to establish common approaches to the choice of medicines to be used, and advising the physician and other health care professionals should be developed in community care as well as in hospitals.

  14. Community pharmacy provision of advice and information to patients and the on the use of medicines and unwanted side effects and should monitor such unwanted effects.

  15. Industrial pharmacy The industry should employ properly trained pharmacists in the area of drug marketing and promotion in order to maintain high professional standards, in accordance with ethical criteria, in the promotion of drugs and medical devices.

  16. Clinical Research and drug design

  17. References: NCPA-Pfizer Digest, 2007 Medical Devices Manual edited by John Adcock, Sarah Sorrel and John Watts Clinical Research Manual edited by David Luscombe and Peter D Stonier

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