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How To Use This Presentation. This presentation is intended to support you in starting dialogue with your stakeholders, community members, clients or colleagues. Feel free to add or delete slides according to your needs. A blank slide template is provided for you on slide (2).

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How To Use This Presentation

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how to use this presentation
How To Use This Presentation
  • This presentation is intended to support you in starting dialogue with your stakeholders, community members, clients or colleagues.
  • Feel free to add or delete slides according to your needs. A blank slide template is provided for you on slide (2).
  • There are speaking notes below each slide that you can use to support your presentation or offer additional context.
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Community Conversation



Date, 2013

vision for social policy in alberta
Vision for Social Policy in Alberta

In Alberta, everyone contributes to making our communities inclusive and welcoming. Everyone has opportunities to fulfill their potential and to benefit from our thrivingsocial, economic, and cultural life.

poverty reduction strategy overview
Poverty Reduction Strategy Overview
  • 2 Goals:
  • To develop a strategy that addresses:
    • The elimination of child poverty in Alberta in 5 years
    • The reduction of overall poverty in Alberta in 10 years
poverty defined
Poverty, Defined

Our working definition of poverty:

“The exclusion or lack of resources, resiliency, capabilities, and choices necessary for the enjoyment of an adequate standard of life”

This definition moves beyond income to include concepts of quality of life, social inclusion, access to supports and services, and ability to accumulate and maintain assets.

why ecd matters
Why ECD Matters

ECD sets the course for a child’s future. It determines:

  • Academic performance
  • Physical/mental health
  • Behaviour
  • Relationships with others
  • General wellbeing
alberta approach to ecd
Alberta Approach to ECD

In Alberta, all children have a healthy start, safe and healthy environments, nurturing and supportive relationships and opportunities to learn accessed through a connected system of community supports and services.





discussion question principles
Discussion Question: Principles

What principles could be included in a children’s charter?

discussion question roles
Discussion Question: Roles

What role do government, communities, individuals and families have in supporting these principles?

discussion question child poverty
Discussion Question: Child Poverty

Given the life we want for our children, how does poverty and poverty reduction factor in?





discussion question framing
Discussion Question: Framing

How does poverty affect you in your community?

What contributes most to poverty in your community/region?

discussion question poverty reduction
Discussion Question: Poverty Reduction

What are the most important approaches to reduce poverty? How can we remove barriers, improve inclusion, and enable everyone to participate more fully in their community?

discussion question roles responsibilities
Discussion Question: Roles & Responsibilities

What can community groups, businesses and individuals do to help prevent, reduce, and alleviate poverty in Alberta?





discussion question best practices
Discussion Question: Best Practices

What are some of the early childhood programs and services in your community that are working well?

discussion question accessibility
Discussion Question: Accessibility
  • What would make it easier for everyone to get the information they need – and access the right services?
discussion question resources
Discussion Question: Resources
  • What else would help you be the best parent you could be?
  • As a service provider what else do you think is important in helping parents be the best they can be?
roles responsibilities
Roles & Responsibilities
  • In addition to your recommendations to government, what can communities, businesses, and individuals do to further the Together We Raise Tomorrow agenda?
wrap up next steps
Wrap-Up & Next Steps
  • All input for Together We Raise Tomorrow will be consolidated into a draft Children’s Charter, Early Childhood Development Strategy, and Poverty Reduction Strategy.
  • Please check back at for updates!