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Centura Oil Inc. THE CENJET 90 A New Environmentally Cost Friendly Well Completion and Production Enhancement Technology for Today. Cenjet 90. A Better Way. -Completion. -Production Enhancement. Conventional Fraccing. A SMALL FOOTPRINT. THE CUTTING EDGE.

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Centura Oil Inc.


A New Environmentally Cost Friendly Well Completion and Production Enhancement Technology for Today

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A Better Way


-Production Enhancement

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  • Analysis

  • The inserts in this brochure contain some very pertinent information. Referring to the two glossy well data graphs titled Customer provided data sheet -SJ 30-6 #463S and #450S , please note the red line representing production using the scale on the left side of the graph.

  • Cenjet 90’s “High Pressure Water Jet Cutting Technology” is abbreviated HPWJCT. This denotes when the well was reworked on the timeline at the bottom of the page.

  • The blue line indicates casing pressure as measured inside the well using the scale on the right side of the graph.

  • The black line is the reservoir pressure in the coal formation also using the scale on the right.

  • Results

  • 1. The production curve shows a steep decline from the wells initial completion in 2004 and an impressive increase after HPWCT.

  • 2. This increase in production occurs as the reservoir pressure continues to rapidly decline. This is a significant fact; normally one would expect production to be negatively impacted by a drop in formation pressure.

  • 3. The casing pressure is noteworthy as well; the inverse correlation between production and casing pressure can usually be explained by wellhead issues. For example, if a compressor or a water pump malfunctions, production declines and the well builds up casing pressure, this is evident on the graph. However, after HPWCT, the wells exhibit both an increase in casing pressure and production.

  • The two inserts titled SJ 30-6 #450S and SJ 30-6 #463S illustrate the wells performance from completion to present. The results are very impressive considering the depleted state of the reservoir and its continuing decline.

  • Conclusion

  • The Cenjet 90 stimulation increases gas production and the wells have sustained this up kick for over two years to date. This establishes new reserves which increases both the life and value of the well. This technology has proven to be beneficial in rehabilitating underperforming wells. Therefore, the process should have similar results when used for initial completion.