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The ‘cognitive apprenticeship’ model and postgraduate research supervision : mind the gap. Dr Serena McCluskey 1 & Denise Ross, MCSP 1,2 1 IRCAHS, University of Huddersfield, 2 Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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The ‘cognitive apprenticeship’ model and postgraduate research supervision: mind the gap. Dr Serena McCluskey1 & Denise Ross, MCSP1,21IRCAHS, University of Huddersfield, 2Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Cognitive apprenticeship is a learning theory applied to the process of teaching novices a set of required skills, proposing that these skills are taught by a master

What are the apprenticeship ‘gaps’ in research supervision?



“It was an unexpected culture shock to be an experienced, autonomous clinician at the same time as being a naïve, inexperienced researcher”

“It was a considerable challenge to learn how to balance the differing demands of my clinical caseload and my academic deadlines”

“Learning to be a good apprentice, has given me greater insight into the qualities needed to be a good supervisor”

“Being an established researcher does not automatically mean you can easily convey complex research design issues in supervision practice”

“A successful supervisory relationship requires a constant evaluation of my own understanding of research methods”

“Being a good supervisor means also being a good apprentice”