anmf asnengr can usa initiative on earthquake preparedness and disaster relief in nepal n.
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Elephants Will Shake Head Catfish will move Gods will walk with heavy foot Are we ready? PowerPoint Presentation
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Elephants Will Shake Head Catfish will move Gods will walk with heavy foot Are we ready?

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Elephants Will Shake Head Catfish will move Gods will walk with heavy foot Are we ready? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ANMF/ASNEngr/CAN-USA Initiative on Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Relief in Nepal‏. Elephants Will Shake Head Catfish will move Gods will walk with heavy foot Are we ready?. Prab udhda Dahal CAN-USA. Overview. CAN-USA and Disaster Preparedness Preparedness in Two Realms

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anmf asnengr can usa initiative on earthquake preparedness and disaster relief in nepal
ANMF/ASNEngr/CAN-USA Initiative on Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Relief in Nepal‏

Elephants Will Shake HeadCatfish will moveGods will walk with heavy footAre we ready?



  • CAN-USA and Disaster Preparedness
  • Preparedness in Two Realms
    • Telecommunication
      • Importance following disaster
      • Current Status
      • Moving forward
    • Geographic Information
      • Importance
      • Applications
      • Current Status
disaster inevitable
Disaster Inevitable
  • An 8.0 earthquake is expected to destroy KTM in the future
  • This quake occurs ~every 75 years and it has been ~76 years since the last one
  • KTM's Devastation will impact all of Nepal
    • Admin/Resource heavily centralized
    • Seat of Government
    • Industry
    • Single International Airport
can usa s history with disaster preparedness issues
CAN-USA's History with Disaster Preparedness Issues
    • CAN-USA has been raising awareness of the expected 8.0 earthquake in KTM
    • In July 2008 an entire module of our inaugural Technology Development Conference was dedicated to disaster telecommunications networks with a focus on the after-effects of the expected quake
  • Participants:
    • City of San Francisco
    • Bay Area Red Cross
    • CAN-USA
can usa and disaster preparedness
CAN-USA and Disaster Preparedness
  • Many projections made in 2008 for KTM have tragically come to pass in Haiti
    • Please Read : Disaster Telecommunication Networks in Nepal An Assessment with Special Reference to Kathmandu Valley
  • Since then we have consistently tried to raise awareness of this issue to this very day
  • The devastation that will visit Nepal Requires the unified responsible efforts across multiple disciplines, everyone must be involved
unity to preparedness
Unity to Preparedness
  • I cannot put enough emphasis on the need for collaboration between agencies
  • Joint Effort by
    • CAN-USA
    • ASNEngr
    • ANMF
    • Other Professional Associations need to step forward
why are telecommunication networks important
Why are Telecommunication Networks Important?
  •  They save lives
  •  Allow First Responders to be Quickly and Optimally Deployed
  • Allow Survivors to Inform Rescuers of their Location
  • The Central Nervous System of any Search & Rescue or Resupply effort
  • Initially Valuable time was lost in Haiti due to telecommunication failures.
current telecom status in nepal
Current Telecom Status in Nepal
  • Nepal Relies principally on Commercial Telecommunication
  • Copper Wire Telephony 500,000
  • Cellular GSM 450,000
  • Wireless Local Loop 60,000
  •  Most Rural and Remote Nepal do not have Telecomm Services
why are disaster telecommunication networks necessary
Why are Disaster Telecommunication networks necessary?
  • Commercial Communication Relies on power grid and standing cell phone towers
  • The Vulnerability to copper and cellular telephony in KTM to damage during a disaster is high
  • First Responders need Redundant Systems not just a single service provider
  • First Responders need:
    • Broadcast as well as two way communication
    • Data transfer as well as voice
    • Need to limit access to sensitive information
what is the state of nepal s disaster telecommunication network
What is the state of Nepal's Disaster Telecommunication Network?
  • Nobody knows exactly
  • The police have a system but have a troubled history with the civilian population
  • It is not clear whether this system is adequate to serve Nepal as a whole
  • Nepal Red Cross Preparedness
    • 30 Walkie Talkies and one satellite phone for entire country, Absolutely Horrible
      • Audit performed by S.P. Ojha Oct10, 2007
  • Do KTM's major hospitals have the ability to access the outside world when commercial   telecommunication goes down?
    • Unclear
    • Are doctors trained to operate the communication equipment
status of telecom network
Status of Telecom Network
  • Does Tribhuvan Int'l airport have redundant communication systems to cope with the expected air traffic during an emergency?
    • Unknown
  • What Contingency plans do Nepal Telecomm, Mero Mobile have for disaster preparadnes and quick reconstruction?
    • Unclear
  • Which Government Agency is responsible for planning/maintaining a robust Disaster Telecommunication network for the country?
    • Unclear whether such an agency exists.
the goal
  • By asking these questions now and helping to identify areas for improvement, it is our goal to help Nepal develop a better disaster telecommunication network for the time  it needs it.
telecommunications is everybody s concern
Telecommunications is everybody's concern
  • Doctors
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • First Responders
  • Engineers
  • Average Person
  • You do not need to be a telecommunications expert to ask or find answers to any of these questions!! 

The most asked questionfollowing a Disaster

  • WHERE?????
  • Where is the damage
  • Where are likely survivors/needy people
  • Where should the rescue effort focus
management phases

GIS in Disaster Preparedness

Management Phases*

Source: Russ Johnson. GIS Technology for Disasters and Emergency Management, ESRI

role of gis
Role of GIS
  • Most emergency management data are spatial in nature
  • Logical collection, organization and display of information
  • Information sharing among multiple entities
  • Eliminates guesswork
gis application pre disaster
GIS Application:Pre-Disaster
  • % Literacy as an indicator or Disaster Threat (Red is more)
  • Identifying threat zones and creating threat index:
    • Potentially High, Medium or Low impact areas within a given geographic boundary
    • (Jilla, Nagarpalika, Wada etc)
gis application post disaster
GIS Application:Post-Disaster
  • Intervention Route:
    • Howwill Ambulance/Fire reach affected area?
    • How will Med Supply/Food reach affected people?

Road System

schools in kathmandu

GIS Application:Post-Disaster

Schools in Kathmandu
  • Identifying location of critical infrastructures:
    • Population Centers such as Schools, Supermarkets
    • Hospitals/Temporary Medical Facility
    • Food/Water distribution centers
    • Police/Security centers

GIS Application:Post-Disaster

  • Disaster Survey and Communication
    • Low Altitude – Hi Resolution aerial photos
    • Geo-referenced
gis status
GIS Status
  • There appears to be some work done
  • Cross-agency maps, data and application sharing is important
  • The panel and subcommittees hope to achieve this
some key questions to ponder upon
Some key questions to ponder upon
  • Can Nepal govern itself following the quake: Geo-Political
  •  When the quake happens how do we send resources and expertise?
  • Who do we offer them to?
  • What can we do right now to prepare?
  • What should I do to help my family prepare?

Please Join these Organizations to Help in Endeavors like this and several others

    • ASNEngr
    • ANMF
    • CAN-USA
  • Questions