welcome york aq summer 2009 n.
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WELCOME York AQ Summer 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME York AQ Summer 2009

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WELCOME York AQ Summer 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME York AQ Summer 2009. Librarianship Part 1 "Great Beginnings”. Agenda. Welcome & Introductions Getting Acquainted Course Requirements and Outline Teacher Inquiry – Evelyn Wilson Foundation Documents Information Studies K-12 Role of the teacher-librarian Housekeeping.

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WELCOME York AQ Summer 2009

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welcome york aq summer 2009

WELCOMEYork AQSummer 2009

Librarianship Part 1

"Great Beginnings”


Welcome & Introductions

Getting Acquainted

Course Requirements and Outline

Teacher Inquiry – Evelyn Wilson

Foundation Documents

Information Studies K-12

Role of the teacher-librarian


on the index card provided record
On the index card provided, record:

Name and Image

Why you are taking Librarianship this summer

Something you are looking forward to

sharing with others
Sharing with others
  • Find a partner
    • introduce yourself and card information
  • Introduce your partner to whole group
    • name
    • current position
    • one thing about the person
  • Start time/End time
  • Food
  • Communication
  • Resources
2008 summer york aq wiki
2008 Summer York AQ Wiki
  • http://2008yorksummeraq.wikispaces.com/
ontario college of teachers
Ontario College of Teachers
  • Ethical Standards
    • Care
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Integrity
ontario college of teachers1
Ontario College of Teachers
  • Standards of Practice
    • Commitment to Students and Student Learning
    • Professional Knowledge
    • Professional Practice
    • Leadership in Learning Communities
    • Ongoing Professional Learning
foundation documents
Foundation Documents
  • Partners in Action
  • Information Literacy and Equitable Access
  • Achieving Information Literacy : Standards for School Library Programs in Canada
  • School Library Manifesto
  • Together for Learning: Transforming School Libraries in Ontario (pages 6 – 11)

Jigsaw activity

course evaluation
Course Evaluation
  • Book Share – Literature
  • Technology Assignment
  • Group work
    • Information Literacy Lesson
  • Participation and Professional Growth
  • Teacher Inquiry
book share
Book Share
  • Choose a picture book, novel, non-fiction, or graphic novel
  • Include:
    • Grade Level
    • Theme
    • Curriculum Connection
    • Excerpt
    • Post Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN and brief annotation on wiki

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role of the teacher librarian
Role of the teacher-librarian


  • Jot down, one per sticky note, different aspects of the role of the teacher-librarian
  • Place stickies on chart paper
  • With your group, sort the stickies under three main headings
  • What are the headings you have created?
role of the teacher librarian1
Role of the teacher-librarian
  • Program and Instruction
  • Resource Management
  • Leadership

Do we need to alter our charts?

program and instruction
Program and Instruction
  • implement Ministry and Board policies
  • collaborate with classroom teachers on cross curricular programming
  • teach research process
  • integrate ICT across the curriculum
  • build reading literacy
resource management
Resource Management
  • select and promote quality learning materials
  • budget for and purchase resources
  • provide equitable access to technologies
  • maintain library systems, records, and procedures
  • network with board and community information sources
  • collaborate for school-wide learning
  • share expertise
  • continue professional learning
  • promote research about libraries and learning
  • advocate for equitable access to resources and technology

Reading Literacy


Information Technology

Information Literacy

Four Cornerstones



  • Parallel Teaching - Isolated Response:
  • Response to specific requests
  • Often resource-based
  • May involve direct teaching of a research skill
  • Partial collaboration:
  • Some planning between teacher & teacher-librarian
  • Teacher-librarian may offer suggestions or additions to planned activity
  • Instruction can be delivered jointly or separately
  • Full collaboration:
  • Collaboration is deliberate and integrated
  • Design, delivery and assessment is shared

Research indicates test scores rise in both elementary and middle schools as teacher-librarian and teachers work together (Keith Curry Lance - the Second Colorado Study, April 2000)


Information Technology

  • ICT embedded through instruction and practice of:
  • accessing information from our catalogues, databases, the Internet
  • communicating via email (TEL for students), blogs, wikis
  • using electronic tools (software) for critical thinking, organizing, and sorting information
  • presenting information in electronic formats, including media

"Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event."Heidi-Hayes Jacobs, Educational Consultant


Information Literacy

School libraries provide a consistent research process from primary to secondary levels through the OSLA Four Stages of Research

“New” literacies (media, cultural, digital) must become part of our program and practice

Teaching research skills can help students find answers for themselves.

International Reading Association, 2007


Reading Literacy

The ability to read, coupled with a love for reading, is the greatest gift we can give our students

The right book, at the right time, for the right student

EQAO, OSSLT are realities – as teachers we must ensure literacy skill development for all students

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.          Dr. Seuss

exit card
Exit Card
  • Please fill in the Student Information Form
go to computers
Go to Computers
  • Log in information:
    • User ID ace02.268
    • Password ace02
    • Domain: classroom


Check your email

information studies k 12
Information Studies K-12
  • What is Information Literacy? Pp.3&4
  • How have school libraries changed over the last 30 years? Pp. 5&6
  • Who are the players in the school learning community? Pp.7&8
  • How can the school library program enhance learning through technology? Pp.10-12